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  1. Starting problem

    On the 2007 to 2010 Silverado's and Sierra's I have run into a lot of battery cable problems. The best way to check it is to do a loaded voltage drop test on the wires. I would do a voltage drop test on the wire from the battery to the starter first and go from there.
  2. Adding cruise control?

    Np. I don't know if you looked at that switch, but it looks factory at least. They make some that are wireless and all. But personally that's the way I would go.
  3. That's normal fit. Now. Goto the very back of the torsion bar and push it up and down. See if there is any play there. A lot of time you have problems with the torsion bar link bushings. That's where a lot of noise comes from when they are shot. Goto where you see these mounts and lift and pull down on them If there is play replace them. They have knock out pins so you will need to buy nuts and bolts too. https://amzn.to/2H8Qb10
  4. Shock Confusion

    Sure. With some fabrication. I just got off the phone with a Fox dealer. (Carolina custom trucks - 843-664-2414) And he said they don't make them for the avalanche 1500's He said the only thing they show are the sky jacker for the avalanche. Here they are. https://amzn.to/2qEq2go
  5. Adding cruise control?

    You can't just add the switch. Wouldn't that be nice though? Here is what I would recommend. It's a Rostra cruise control switch. Looks OEM. WORKS PERFECTLY! These are the ones we install at our dealership. Painless installation. https://amzn.to/2H7VpWN
  6. The reason it doesn't work is a programming issue / circuitry inside of the cluster. The best fix for this would be to purchase a 2500 cluster.
  7. Led Headlight questions

    Wire a capacitor into it and it should stop some if not all of the flickering. Just put one of these in line. https://amzn.to/2HIU4ai
  8. No turn signal and no break light

    Gotta trace the wire if it keeps blowing the fuse. Disconnect the wire for the distribution block and see if it keeps blowing. That will tell you what part of the harness it is in. Also make sure the distribution block is not corroded.
  9. What about attaching them to a little heat sink?
  10. Is it in the Auto position? It could be going in and out as needed. If you have extended warranty I would recommend taking it to a dealer and asking them to left it and check the system.
  11. Eh... That's kinda a tricky question. Yes and no. In theory if there were no weight then yes... But if the truck is leaning then it is going to add extra weight to that wheel area (shock spring ect) and is going to cause it to be lower. In theory... Yes unless your ride height is off.
  12. Manual Shift no worky

    The wires normally break inside the handle near the button. Here is how you test it. Disconnect the orange wire and using a voltage meter goto the Ohms setting and touch (don't cramp them into) the terminals on the switch side. Toggle the + and Minus button and you should see the resistance value change higher then lower. If it does not, you have a bad shifter switch.
  13. Steering wheel control interface for radios from 2016 and older from Alpine, JVC, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony Valor, OEM, Boyo, Dual, Visteon, Advent, and Blaupunkt Radios. Controls functions such as volume, mode and track. Radios must be equipped with a wired remote control input.
  14. Do you have LED lights for your turn signals?

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