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  1. Looking to possibly sell my pulsar lt that’s in my 2020 trailboss custom 6.2. Works good just as it’s advertised just thinking of going the hptuners route. Open to offers I’ll ship it for a decent offer. Like new have box with receipt. Text 315276109zero if easier. Just looking for offers. Forgot to mention I even got the update cable I purchased separately.
  2. The flash gm offers is to align the trims after the intake tube and maf relocation. The readings are going to be diff with the setup. So this aligns everything again correct me if I’m wrong? Thanks
  3. I agree hptuners and changing the lockup of the torque converter was only way to fully solve the issue on my 2015. I understand this isn’t a option for everyone but it’s worth it in my opinion.
  4. My truck seems good. No clunk on decel my 2015 6.2 had it only way I could get rid of it was to hp tune the truck which I understand isn’t a option for you probably with warranty but my 2020 6.2 seems way better then my 2015.
  5. Sorry if this has been answered before. I’m thinking of updating my cluster to the high country cluster through WAMS on my 2020 trail boss custom. So I’m wondering if I could just add the controller to the right side of the steering wheel or would I need to buy a steering wheel that already has that controller on the right? Does my steering wheel have the wiring in it to hook up the controls anyone know? WAMS says the controller is needed to scroll through the new cluster. Thanks
  6. Same here it wasn’t so much the weird shifts with mine it just caused my tranny to shift odd on the first startup of the day. The biggest issue was with my truck a 20 6.2 10 speed tb custom that the range does not deactivate all the dfm modes it does disable dfm a majority of the time but at cruising speed and certain gears you could hear that dfm was not disabled in all circumstances. I have a muffler delete so you could def tell. I talked with range and sent it back and bought the pulsar lt which does indeed disable dfm. The range seems to work flawlessly on most setups besides the 6.2 10 sp
  7. Mines been rock solid so far. 7/2020 build I was hoping gm had this worked out by now too. It’s the vendors I think that are providing the part I’m thinking are subpar. I think ? I read or heard that gm replaces the whole bank on the side that broke.
  8. Yea that’s ok lol if your under warranty and don’t have a problem waiting at dealership for them to replace the spring or a new motor. Or better yet it does it when your just off warranty spring breaks valve drops into cylinder. Then you got big $ problems. Hope that doesn’t happen to anyone. Also I do agree with you it seemed older programming would upshift quicker when you let off to achieve better gas mileage and that would be annoying if it was to quickly too. So from what I’ve read just be happy with way my truck is and enjoy it because if updated could only make things worse possibly.
  9. Is that something they started on these newer T1’s or the 10 speeds? My 2015 6.2 8 speed didn’t do this.
  10. That’s wishful thinking I hope your right for both of us. I’ve posted before but my 2015 ltz 6.2 broke one at 59,000 miles sadly. This gen motor appears to be more prone to failures I guess maybe?
  11. Yup I’m def into what your saying your 100% right. It will give you a dead peddle almost farther in the throttle. Your right 6.2 feels fine stock but if you turn up the sensitivity check out like your 7-10 shift out watch your tach and listen see if it causes what seems to be alittle slip almost like 100-200rpm. I have a muffler delete on mine and you can feel and hear something is just alil off. Thinking maybe the tranny doesn’t agree with the sensitivity change or settings. Would like other input if other ppl notice this? Maybe I’m just to picky? Lol maybe a update will fix it hard saying.
  12. Yea I think it’s the throttle sensitivity or pedal commander in your case causing the issue. Mine when I play with the sensitivity it has flare ups shifting like your speaking of. When I run stock sensitivity it goes back to normal. Keep me posted plz on how you make out. Hopefully maybe the pulsar will have a update to fix the issues. Even though sounds like some work ok. Mines a 6.2 10 speed so maybe that’s the issue.
  13. I hear you there spot on to what I’m talking about mine doing. Up shifting to quick would be annoying but mine holds the gear for to long when I’m hard on the throttle. I wonder ? if gm has a update to help? One thing I don’t want is to update and go backwards lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too.
  14. What do you mean by over rev’s? Could be what I’m talking about that’s my issue as well.
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