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  1. I’d ask this question on like the hptuners forums maybe? Those guys are tuning these new trucks already.
  2. Thanks again for the info. That’s interesting stuff to me. Just wish this would help GM fix this valve spring issue still like to hear if it’s narrowed to vin or make of truck like USA or Mexico.
  3. Thanks for the info I didn’t think Ford did. I just know they did plant relocation and internal changes like layoffs and outsourced work from what I read.
  4. What’s the price diff to go the 10 speed vs 8? GM from what I’ve read has the 8 speed dialed in way better then my 2015 was but easiest way to go might be 10 speed if you want to be sure. 10 speed in my truck has been spot on under normal driving has alil shift issue after you get on throttle and let off but that might be the way there programmed not sure. My 8 speed after a flush to new fluid and I hptuned the slip tables it was spot on as well though too.
  5. I’ve been a GM guy since I was a kid so I fall into that category. The bailout happened one way or another for all the big 3 I believe. Ford didn’t take money but there was a lot that happen behind the scenes I think. GM has been an American icon for many yrs sad to see certain issues arise. Just my 2 cents not trying to push my opinion.
  6. That’s worse case. Get a new motor just to bad you have to wait. Hard to believe like I said GM is still having these problems. My 2015 ltz 6.2 broke a spring too. Now I have a 2020 and was hoping this was a thing of the past.
  7. Depending on yr I believe there was a service bulletin to have a diff fluid added to help. But I don’t believe z71 option or not would matter to the issues.
  8. My 2020 trail boss does same thing be nice to have options to relocate.
  9. Is that what you mean looks like all USA on mine?
  10. I’m curious to know if it’s a certain build truck that’s breaking these springs too? Mines a 7/20 LZ build no issues yet.
  11. How do you find out where your motor was built?
  12. Yea I hope they do for you. Think with the low miles that your had to have this issue they would do it for you no prob.
  13. Scary part about is my 2015 Silverado Ltz 6.2 broke one at 59,000 miles. Was really hoping GM fixed this issue yrs ago.
  14. Be nice to read more in depth info on this. Like you mentioned maybe just a bad batch of valve springs. Maybe it could be traced back to vin #’s. My truck has 2700 miles been pretty solid few small issues like small back shifting issue and lifter tick that has seemed to disappear. Thanks
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