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  1. I'm sorry, we must be on different pages... I'm talking about how motortrend consulted with lawyers and determined that, "federally", towing over capacity is illegal. Or rather... only if you're caught and end up in court. I'll trust mototrend before some random person on a forum.
  2. Here's what motortrend has to say on the matter.. https://www.motortrend.com/features/1703-tow-ratings-and-the-law-discussing-limits-of-trailer-size/
  3. Ported l86 intake manifold. Not quite done yet though; looking at opening the bottom of the snout so it's 87mm.
  4. Those towing specs are wrong, K2 6.2 trucks never came with 3.73's. Search for your year/model's user manual to get the correct guide.
  5. I'm in Calgary. I might try and sell them locally first. Not sure what I want for them, brand new is 3 grand usd; I also had them ceramic coated.
  6. Gmt900 is the generation of trucks before k2's (2014-2019). What year is your truck, what engine do you have? Search Google for a calculator that will identify your gear ratio; taking your 35's into account.
  7. I think those towing specs are for the gmt900 generation. No, running 35's will change your overall gear ratio. You probably want to go with 4.10's or 4.56's.
  8. They're 1 7/8, with race cats. Fits l83 and l86. I'm in Canada. With headers it makes the engine sound like a sewing machine. You hear the valve train, injectors, everything... plus exhaust noise was excessive. It was fun for a bit but eventually it wears on you. Butt dyno can't tell a difference.
  9. I have a set of kooks ill sell you. I got sick of the noise so I took them off
  10. These manifolds aren't expensive, and you'd have to be trying pretty hard to screw it up.
  11. Drill a hole/tap at the back of the manifold for the brake booster. This is common practice for camaro owners looking to run an lt2 intake manifold. https://www.camaro6.com/forums/showthread.php?t=579354&page=6 https://gwatneyperformance.com/product/gpi-brake-booster-ptc-fitting-for-lt2-manifold-modification/
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