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  1. Is your hitch still in the receiver? I know on both my 09 and 12 it would see it and think there was something behind me. My 20 doesn’t but it may be in respect to the location of the sensors and the size of the hitch.
  2. It’s only for ‘21. My dealer said GM wouldn’t let them install V155 so they installed another that didn’t work. About a week later they contacted me wanting to install TSB 21-NA-145. I haven’t been back as they are 500 miles round trip (near our beach house) and the local dealer wants to charge to install. if you get 145 installed and it works, let me know.
  3. V155 was supposed to correct Apple CarPlay issues. I have a ‘20 that CarPlay hasn’t been reliable since new. Chevy will not install the update for me so CarPlay is hit or miss for me.
  4. At least yours is in hidden places. I have a spot on the drivers door above the mirror without paint. Don’t worry. GM knows about it. About 2 weeks after I got my truck I got an email from the VP of Quality Control asking about several issues. Poor paint was one, so they know. Bad thing is they don’t do anything about it. Also asked about phone connection issues, CarPlay and Bluetooth. I have those issues as well and they haven’t been able to fix. Nor do they seem to care. I have driven nothing but GM trucks since the 70s. Think this one will be the last.
  5. While I don’t think I have had an issue with mine not coming on, they do come on later than I would like. Both my 09 and 12 came on what I thought was early, but the 20 seems real late. I may have had your issue as I have turned them on myself a time or two. What is so strange is they come on in my garage before I get halfway in. I agree there are way to many software issues going on.
  6. I semi have the same issue. Sometimes CarPlay will connect, other times not. When it doesn’t most of the time Bluetooth will not either. I haven’t had any luck with the dealer, but there are a couple of service bulletins for software upgrades related to Bluetooth and CarPlay. Maybe that might help.
  7. Did the dealer do the V155 under warranty? I have a 20 that will not connect consistently to CarPlay or Bluetooth. I know V155 is supposed to be for 21s but I asked about the update and was told it would be $145. I contacted GM and they confirmed. Another dealer tried another update that didn’t make any changes and has since told me about TSB 21-NA-145. Anyone know anything about that one?
  8. Software update V155 is supposed to fix over 100 known infotainment issues. It is only available at the dealer and supposedly only works on 2021 models. By the way, GM wants to charge you $140 for this “fix”. Even though it is under warranty.
  9. No. He is saying it will display on the infotainment screen (radio). Only factory nav or OnStar so between the gauges.
  10. Ordered some 63E’s from Amazon before I did Rock Auto. When the arrived the were 63’s not 63E. Plus they were in open cartons with Chinese writing on them. Boxed them up and sent them back.
  11. Bought 6 from Rock Auto about a month ago after I couldn’t get them from Auto Zone.
  12. Did this correct the problem and does it connect most/all of the time? I plan on having the software updated and argue about the cost. I will see what happens.
  13. I am not asking them to give me the update that will come out in 2055 for the iPhone 27.5 that will allow me to talk to my great grand kids on Mars for free, all I want is for my phone to connect like they told me it would when they sold it to me. GM knew there were issues or they would have never contacted me asking if I had issues with connecting. Then 4 months later issue a bug fix that “fixes” the issue. I understand that electronics can be hit or miss sometimes, I have to unplug the cable box and let it reset occasionally, but I would be mad if I had to do that 50% of the time I turned the TV on.
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