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  1. On my 2009 and 2012 5.3 I used K&N filters with the 1” nut because I had a hard time getting anything on the filter as there wasn’t much room. On my 20 I have gone back to the AC Delco filter and use a cup wrench. I do have something similar to the 3 jaw for a backup. I have in the past driven a screwdriver into the filter and twisted it off, but you better hope it comes off or you are towing it to someone that can.
  2. I installed the Husky version. Rough Country has one but they were on back order when I checked. Like that I can wipe the plastic down. The fiber ones aren’t as easy to clean. At least for me. I am sure you will get different opinions. looks better with something covering the wheel well.
  3. Costco runs Mobil 1 on sale here for $27 for a case of 6. Sale hits about every 2 months.
  4. My kids are old enough to let themselves out (they are adults). But I did lock my son-in-law in with the child lock. I have the message turned off as I have no small kids to forget.
  5. Grumpy, at least my guess was right on. Yours not so much. If you were observant, you would have read what I said, not what you wanted to hear. I never said I would buy with add ons. I have notes in this string that my last 3 trucks were purchased 125+ miles from home to avoid that. I also said I ordered a 1980 K10 in 1979. That was before many on this board were born. Oh, and about the “gray”, I have a head full of it. For the past 20+ years. People can ask whatever they want and people can pay whatever they want. It is up to both. Oh, and some with gray don’t worry what
  6. Grumpy, not sure why you are questioning if I am “gray”, I sure don’t question if you are “Grumpy”. I just said a dealer can charge whatever they want. If they want to double MSRP they can. May not sell too many but you don’t have to buy. Depends on how bad you want it.
  7. I know the dealer never owns free and clear, but they are between the buyer and the manufacturer. Most of us can’t buy directly from GM. Supply and demand are what drive prices on everything. Look at the stock market. Anything that is for sale is only worth what some is willing to pay. If someone is willing to pay for add ons, dealers will put them on to increase bottom line or not discount as much. If their competitors don’t and they don’t sell, they change. Right now with the supply and demand, many do not have too. I am sure when you sell your truck you will want every dollar you can get.
  8. The dirt on the first door falls on the second door then in the tank when they are opened. That is the way gravity works.
  9. I sure would like to know the part number. I hate not having one. Can’t believe GM would build an “off road” truck without one. I put a cap from a spray paint can over mine to help keep dirt out.
  10. The point is the dealer owns the vehicle. They can add anything they want and charge any price they want. Depends on how bad they want to sell. Just like Chevrolet can stick any option in a package and you can’t deleted it. The question is do you want it bad enough to buy it that way and at that price. Same thing when it is yours you can add flames if you want. Some might like, others may not when you get ready to sell. . My 09 and 12 had movable pedals. Wouldn’t give a nickel for them but had to pay for them as part of a package I wanted. Back when I ordered my 1980 K10 Silverado y
  11. Depends on how bad you need one.
  12. Dealer add-ons that they will not remove are not uncommon. Just depends on how bad you want the truck. If not you, the next person will come in and pay for them. Especially in this tight market. Person that owns 3 of the 4 new car lots in my town plus 4 more in a 15 mile radius adds $799 paint/interior protection on every vehicle. They will not even order one for you without it. To beat it all, they only warranty the protection for 12 months. If you want to buy from him, you take it. And considering he is one of the largest Chevrolet dealers in the state, a lot of people do. (Not me,
  13. Have you held that button down about 3-4 seconds?
  14. The maximum payload on a truck comes from a regular cab 2 wheel drive. By the time you get to an AT4, with 4 wheel drive, bigger engine and crew cab, you have added a lot of weight which takes away from carrying capacity.
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