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  1. Do you guys have the contact info for GM to ask them about reimbursement/ lemon law? My trail boss was built during the time period that was affected but I don’t have any issues yet but I want to be ready just in case.
  2. I took my 21 trail boos to the dealer this weekend and they couldn’t find the problem. My radio is ressetting almost every time I turn the truck off now and resetting while I’m driving. I want them to replace it at this point now.
  3. The radio station stays where I left it. But it’s just the sound settings that reset everytime.
  4. I just bought my 2021 LT trail boss about a week ago and on day 2 I noticed that after I adjusted the bass, treble and mid fade under “sound” while on the music screen, it would reset to 0 across all three options after I would turn the truck off and get back in the next time. Here and there it keeps my settings but almost every time it resets and I have to go back in and adjust the sound levels... the dealer said they have never heard of this but will check it out. Has this happen to anyone else??? It’s a small problem but it’s getting really annoying. Also I don’t have the Bose sound system, it’s the standard 8” screen infotainment 3 unit with the standard speakers .
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