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  1. I don’t need to prove anything to anybody and I like staying informed your just sharing your failures here thats all.
  2. Your thoughts on OP are wrong and OP knows what he wants to get into and OP don’t have race buddy’s or need to tell them that when OP can get it and the truck is not a daily driver at all moves around about once a month I’ve been actually upgrading the truck for 2 yrs now and focused on other things for the truck not just HP. I never stated one thing I was trying to do or talked about my build list or what’s else the truck going to have or direction it’s going. Honestly in my shoes it’s just better for me to buy something ready cause I don’t have the time and Iam new to swap not new to performance parts and if I don’t have time why would I get into upgrade after upgrade after upgrade to build up the engine if I don’t have time now I won’t have the time later just to repeat to reach the same thing am trying to do now. Just looking for advice.
  3. I actually have this build option with the engine with the transmission to go with 4L75E-R and drive system kit, I also got a custom drive shaft upgraded installed with upgraded rear. I know it has efi carb from what I saw but that manifold needs to change to low pro and have it face forward with the intake my aftermarket hood only gained 2 inch rise from the stock but I ain’t trying do mods to my hood to make the top side fit in the truck. Seems good all NA power but I bit heavy but since I have carbon fiber hood, fenders, and bedside it should do some type of reduction this kit seems good it’s just a project truck also so the whole NA power is a big thumbs up. And yea am new to this type of things but I do have a good idea of what I want from the engine and transmission 1000 seems good I obviously know if I go greater hp I need more and more upgrades but I have a lot of things already bought but if I don’t have to add power adders to get there seem great
  4. It’s Nelson racing engines the company I’ve been talking to. But yes there is the option to upgrade parts to the truck engine to reach to 1000 hp and the option to swap to a LT4 with some upgrades . I was just trying to make everything a less hassle from what it is as much as I could in already built ready engine & tran system. So am still looking for good options
  5. The terminator max is the Holley system and will control everything including the up to date truck system and settings. From what the meeting LS between them and i have discussed but any information is good information. Since they are telling me everything is included that just left me with fitment questions wasn’t sure if I was going to need anything extra
  6. This is to get an idea of what am taking about better it’s not a used LS 427 all is included to connect to the 17 Silverado
  7. What’s parts will be needed that ive might have missed for the swap or has anybody done this type of swap? I will be getting a LS 427 1500 to 2000 hp deciding witch package to go with and it comes with full engine and transmission everything from wires efi kit, wires. The Whole works from motor to transmission I will just be adding headers, exhaust line , upgraded drive shaft, rear diff. The thing I’m stuck on is this so called swap in and out plug and play since am going from LT to LS 427 anybody have experience on what I might need for it to fitment issues ? New transmission crossmembers ? Motor mounts I just want to make sure there’s is nothing missing or I might be over looking prior purchasing. I understand if it was old to new but am here going from LT to LS on the truck project truck I must say. Anything helps those who have experience. Thank you
  8. Update heavy duty socket 24 mm with 1200 lbs torque Milwaukee impact wrench worked. Honestly it had a lot of loctite factory glue and I believe the socket made it work it’s so dam heavy too of all the things you can try only this combination worked for me but mission accomplished thanks every one for the advice.
  9. How long do you have to heat the bolt if I go for heating it and also do y’all think the bolt is reversed threaded and have to turn to the right the bolt torwards driver side ?
  10. It’s getting replaced with a bolt since am adding a new pulley in front from Procharger. They have giving me a new longer sized bolt for both pulleys.
  11. Thanks never seen those products with my google search from hell and back if those tools are hitting high loosen torque values like it says then they are hitting higher than the impact am about to pick up 1500 lbs. I sprayed brake cleaner last night herd rumors that it breaks the red devils loctite. I’ve never ran into anything this tight before it’s really kicking my ass right now and am doing all this just to install the MF supercharger ! And come to find out it has a extra pulley I had to add on top of the HM BLR pulley this is holding up all other left over installation to get the truck back and running. But any information helps me guys thank you
  12. 600 lb impact wrench ( Failed ) 1000 lb impact wrench ( Failed ) next attempting 1500 lb impact wrench gun tomorrow - breaker bar with 3 ft pipe ( Failed ) someone told me about a heavy duty crank sockets so am throwing that in the mix with the 1500 lb impact wrench gun tomorrow today was a failure of try’s. We’ll see if 1500lbs can remove that bolt with that dam loctite!
  13. Do the harmonic balancers have rubber seals ? I thought bout heating up but then someone mentioned to me if it had rubber seals?
  14. Looking for any 2017 Silverados who have stage 2 Procharger kit with air-to-air intercooler installation setup examples pictures i have the vertical intercooler also but there installation pictures are not pixel clear if anybody out there who can show me some samples. thank you,
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