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  1. No. I actually ran the same tire size with 2.5" level w/no issues, but I did zip tie the fender liners back.
  2. For reference here's my truck with the Zone 4.5" lift set around 5" with 275/65R20s. I'm looking to step up to either 285/65R20s or maybe even 35x12.50R20s -- but seems as though some people are able to fit the latter depending on the UCA type they have (??) cec6345c-8b59-47bc-8eee-cc56c861efa9.jfif
  3. Hmmm ya that definitely looks correct. Could it be somehow that your suspension is binding up? I see in the pic your suspension should be at full droop (assuming there is no jack under the LCA in pic) but it looks as though your UCA is not hitting the droop stop...? I looked at my spring p/n and its the exact same as yours. For reference here's where I'm at with a 275/65R20 tire with Bilstein 6112s + 1/4 spacer (.5" lift & stock aluminum UCAs): 24" from fender to center hub. 39.75" from fender to ground.
  4. Post up some pictures of how many of the snap ring grooves are showing on your shocks. That should let us know what height you are set at.
  5. The only thing that rubbed was the carpet liner which I tied back with some zipties. My truck came with the aluminum control arms and have not noticed any issues. To be honest I didn't notice a big difference lugging around more rotating weight, either but should probably mention I have a blackbear tune as well. I ended up w/the BFGs mostly due to the fact they were the lightest AT tire I could find in that size, plus 4WP had a special during xmas a few years go, so it was a no-brainer. Attaching some pix for reference.
  6. I kept the spacer because I did not want to drop down in height from the 2.5" level I had on their previously, mostly because I was running 275/65/R20 BFG KO2s on the stock 20s and didn't want to risk rubbing. Truck is a 2015 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 (w/the garbage ranchos). I noticed the biggest difference going over large bumps and cornering, but it was not a drastic change. Nor was it like riding on a cloud as I've seen some people describe the 5100 swap as. I was expecting more to tell you the truth. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions let me know and I'll try and answer.
  7. FWIW, I'm running the 6112's on the highest setting along with a .5" top spacer for roughly 2.35" lift. The guy above is talking about the 5100s, but he has captured my sentiments about the 6112 shocks exactly. I came from running a 2.5" spacer/level kit. If anyone has any questions let me know.
  8. @Neumonic Any idea which spring compressor you used? The coil diameter on the 6112's springs are frigging massive. I didn't feel comfortable with the way the hooks fit over the coils using the standard MacPherson style spring compressor that the parts store rents. Pic of what I'm talking about attached.
  9. So no one has installed the Bilstein 6112's yet? Lets hear some reviews if yes..
  10. Does anyone offer a "pre-assembly" for the bilstein shocks? Meaning if I wanted them setup at X height they would setup them up in house and ship them to me ready for direct install? That way I wouldn't have to mess with combining the stock stop hats / spring compressor / reassembly etc... ?
  11. https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/blog/b8-6112-for-silverado-now/
  12. I managed to fix this after tinkering around with it for more than 5 mins. I verified date/time and everything was correct. I ended up factory resetting the radio under the settings and that did the trick! I thought for sure that would have been done when the unit was programmed, but apparently not. Anyway I'm up and going now. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Hope this helps someone in the future.
  13. Just got my 2.5 HMI and Radio back from Chis White Auto - installed everything along with the USB plug and now I'm getting this error. Anyone have any ideas? This is on a 2015 GMC Sierra SLT.
  14. Has anyone sent HMI and/or radio modules into dokus for programming? I have some 2017 modules in hand. When I asked him about this, he said he would do it, but his normal process was for you to ship in the modules 1st and THEN he sends you a paypal request for payment (to unlock/program the modules) ... I wondered if anyone had success in doing that, as it seemed sort of sketchy that he wanted the modules sent to him w/no paypal payment prior (as I'd have no recourse of action if he decided to just keep them). Does he have a vetted business that someone can confirm?
  15. The p/n do 's exist according to the bilstein website: https://cart.bilsteinus.com/Portals/0/BILSTEINOff-RoadCatalog-2018-WEB.pdf
  16. It's looking promising for the 6112's according to this as well: https://cart.bilsteinus.com/Portals/0/BILSTEINOff-RoadCatalog-2018-WEB.pdf p/n: 47-273702
  17. 2.5" level in front on 275/65r20 BFG KO2s (had to ziptie fender liners back and now its 0 rub). I believe in these pix I have stock block in rear but I've since put a 2" block in place of factory 1.25" block.
  18. If you are talking to me the measurements are correct. Pics may be a bit deceiving but it has about 1" of rake.
  19. I ended up with the 275/65-R20 KO2s - got a deal from 4wheel parts I could not pass up. With the 2.5" front leveling kit the fenders measure 39.5" front and 40.5" in rear w/stock block. Before and after:
  20. Looks like a busted upper ball joint. Tough to tell from the pics, as I can't ID that upper control arm- but I wonder if it was one of those 3.5" stretched / level-lift kits?
  21. Got some tires installed today: BFG KO2 275/65-R20 (on 2.5" leveling kit). Fenders measure 40.5" in rear (stock block) and 39.5" in front - In case anyone is wondering.
  22. I would have them check the axles being out of round as well. The wheels/tires could be perfectly balanced but if you have the same issues shown in the vid, you would get the shake you are mentioning.
  23. Thanks guys, keep 'em coming! @Johnv76 How are you liking that setup? Any chance you could post up some fender measurements?
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