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  1. Awesome man thank you! They look like the tires sit pretty close to flush with your fender flares, is that right?
  2. Hey guys first time poster, long time follower here! As the title says I need some help with pictures of -12mm offset wheels. I have a stock ‘16 Sierra Z71 and am wanting to finally swap my stock 20s for some 17x9 wheels with 285/70/17 duratracs. From my research I am confident the tires will fit without a level. Eventually I’ll get bilstein 5100s, but not for now! What I am curious about is how the -12 would look in regard to my fenders. I am wanting to sit as flush to the fender as possible or maybe even a little outside, but not much. The wheels I am getting only come in +12mm (5.5” backspace) and -12mm (4.5” backspace) so I am not sure. I am leaning towards +12 to be safe (I do not want to stick out a ton) but I do not know. I cannot find any pictures of -12 or +12 wheels online. Thanks for any help!
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