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  1. Back when I was a tech (Benz) we had All these snake oil services too. All by BG brand I think. induction service, trans “flush”, power steering flush and I can’t recall the others. I thought they were all a joke, especially compared to do the service the regular way only way that induction service crap would work is if you did it every 1000 miles from Brand new. Doing it once a year won’t do jack! and don’t get me started on the bull shit trans “flush”
  2. I pay for unlimited internet, that’s it. I’d pay an extra $50 a year for the remote app, but that’s about it.
  3. Who does your oil changes? How many miles since last oil change? When did you check the dipstick last? How many miles on the truck?
  4. My or my wife’s new iPhones 11 (iOS 13) won’t work right. most of the time it won’t go from “projection” to CarPlay using a few different cables. old phone (iPhone X) never had a problem
  5. He's talking about the engine cooling fan under the hood. NOT the HVAC blower But I would assume its normal. Probably shuts off withing a couple minutes. Lots of cars do that in the hot months.
  6. I havent even seen sales numbers. But I HAVE talked to a bunch of truck fans and everyone says the same thing, "WTF was Chevy thinking" Okay not everyone, my boss actually likes the 2019's and said he would drive one (as he gets in his 2019 Dodge Ram....) My neighbor has a 2018 Silverado that has been sitting in his driveway since about a month after the new trucks started hitting the streets, he might drive it once a month. I asked why he bought a new truck to just sit and why he still drives his 2010 silverado everyday. He said he knew he would want a new truck in the next couple years and when he saw the 2019's he couldn't get over how ugly they were, so he bought an 18 so when he decided its time for a new truck, he has a good looking truck to get into. I thought he was joking at first, but he was dead serious. He said he didn't know how many years it would be before GM would get back to a good looking truck.
  7. Have the older tech remove the glass and tell the rookie to stay away.... paint work shouldn't be needed after glass removal/install.
  8. I accidentally posted in the 2019 forms and mentioned how ugly they were. Once I realized I was in the 2019 forum I felt like an ass and deleted it. out of respect for their purchases I will try to only talk shit on other forums and leave theirs be. haha Some people actually do like them. And really, at the end of the day as long as the guy who is making that payment every month likes his truck and is happy with it, then screw anyone elses opinion. I work with some hard core Ford fans (I like Fords too) but when I pulled up in a Chevy they gave me a hard time. But its a simple response really, I told them "if you don't make the payments, you can shut the **** up"
  9. I never have worked for a union, in general, from the stories of folks I know in unions (UPS and Lockhead) they are a way to keep shitty employees from getting fired permanently. Drunk UPS driver who was arrested on the clock... back at work Mechanic who slept on his tool box for 7 hours straight after clocking in... back at work Supervisor looking up porn and jerking it in his office mid-day... back at work Employee that didn't show or call for 10 days... back at work Worker on camera spending 5 hours of his shift in the break room in 1 day.... back at work I work a "city job" and most folks think city employees are lazy, and sometimes they are, but every time I talk to someone who has been in a union about the crazy union stuff they've seen, I think "damn, the city folks can't even touch that!"
  10. I heard a Chevy sales manager at a good sized dealer outside Dallas say he won't drive one home, he can't be seen in a truck that damn ugly. Laughed and said it might look bad, but a Dodge Ram 2500 might be in the employee parking lot soon. The new HD's make the 2019 1/2 tons look good, and that is a hard job to do!
  11. I have front and rear 1080 dashcams. They record on motion for up to 8 hours after parking. You could flip one around to get the interior and run a backup battery to make it last a long time. They are little so not very noticeable. But ultimately if they see it and take it with them, you are completely out. Where as those house cams could be on constant cloud backup.
  12. I'm not brand loyal at all, so I say enjoy it! I will say that Chrysler electronics have always scared me though. I have 2 buddies who bought 2019 Rams, so i'm curious to see how they hold up. (Both of those guys prefer GM, but hated the 2019's so gave the Ram a try) When my old silverado hit 15 years old I started saving for my next truck, at First it was my Tundra savings account, and then it was my F150 savings account and then I bought another Silverado haha
  13. I used to do alignments when I was at a dealer (Benz), its a very easy fix, but its even easier to prevent. When you put the car on the rack, you put a level on the steering wheel and LOCK the wheel in place. Most roads here in Texas have a crown for water run off, so you set the bubble slightly to one side (I can't recall which side, its been about 12 years since I did my last alignment) But note, depending on the crown of the road, the slight tilt in your steering wheel can be different. Anyhow, so after you do your test drive and if the wheel looks slightly off, you put the car back on the rack and depending on which way the wheel was angled towards, you would loosen your tie rod ends and pull one side in a little, like a 1/4 turn and do the opposite for the other side. the key is to make sure what ever you do to one side, you do the EXACT same to the other as far as turns in the thread on the tie rod end and make sure to lock it all back down. Once you do a few hundred its real easy to gauge how much to adjust for how far off the wheel is angled if any. I've seen your dime a dozen shops not even lock the steering wheel, much less put a level on it, thats just asking for issues.
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