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  1. With how the switch feels, I'm pretty sure you could take it apart and physically modify it to remove the express feature. There are a few different ways it could be wired in my head, so each scenario would require a different wiring solution, but I bet you could make it so both positions act as "manual" only.
  2. Im with you. I have the WiFi and that’s it. $22 a month For unlimited is okay. I really want the remote app but for $15 a month, they can keep it. I almost did the 3 month free thing and figured why even bother, I’m NOT paying $15 a month after that, so no need to get used to it.
  3. I didn’t look at the DOT date code. But I’ll keep an eye out for others. If they are USA made now, I’ll give them a try for sure. But the tire shop better show me all 4 with USA stamp haha
  4. Falken makes some tires in the US, but can't find a list of which ones. But I put my eyeballs on a set of the AT3W that are under a year old (according to the owner) and they had Thailand on the side.
  5. So I did a TON of research... If your truck is all stock, no lift or level. You can run 275-60-20 with NO rub. If you level the front, it will then rub. Mine is all stock, no front level with 275-60-20 and NO rub at all. If you want to level the fronts, it will rub unless you get different upper control arms. So i ended up lowering the rear to help level it out. So rear is 1.5" lower and I have zero issues at all.
  6. They are made in Thailand. Stamped right on the side of the tire. Just looked at one.
  7. Big plus over Falkens for me.... Coopers are made in the USA. Falken are China or Taiwan. Originally I was going to order the Falkens, as they do look very nice. But when I found a USA tire that would fit the bill for my needs and cost about the same, I had to go that route.
  8. I just put on Cooper Discoverer ATP (Discount tire only, I think) So far, I really like them. I went up to 275/60-20, so about an inch taller than the stock size. The sidewall isnt very aggressive, but the treads are, especially when compared to factory tires. Overall, I really like them. I doubt i ever see snow, so can't compare to that. But dry conditions they are great and in wet i'd say they grip real close to the factory tires, but I feel like i've heard them chirp more when doing hard acceleration in the rain, where the stockers didnt. But that could be the crappy locking rear end GM uses. It seems to work when it wants to.
  9. Tell the service writer, to go get the tech and and take them both around the block and point it out. You notice it everyday because you are in it everyday. They are not, so they are deciphering what they think you are talking about. This might not be the case here, but i've had some come in with rattles and noises. I test drive it and I DO hear the crap in their cup holder or console making noise, but certainly that can't be their complaint, that is way too obvious that all those quarters in that open top cup holder are making noises over bumps. Past that I can't hear any issues. They bring it back with the same complaint. Finally go on a test drive with them and they point out the noise, which you immediately know is the $20 in quarters, dig the the change out and it is gone.... 1 guy wanted to know how I was going to fix it. uh... i'm not! Don't fill your F'n cup holder with loose change and complain about noises you rich entitled idiot! Again, probably not your issue. But regardless, a ride with the tech in the passenger seat is your best bet for any noise issues.
  10. Have you taken a test drive with a dealer tech in the car? Back when I was a tech for a different brand, I had to do that a few times. Techs HATE noise complaints! pay sucks and its a pain to chase, especially since they are going off of a written description and not truly knowing what they are listening for. So in general, noise complaints don't get real in depth review until its been back a couple times already. Just the nature of the "flag hour" world techs deal with. And the main reason I jumped ship!! My dash "pops" a bunch, but luckily I can just ignore it.
  11. I only have 1 on me most of the time. My personal truck would sometimes have 2 in it, but out of all my driving, only say 25% of it is in that truck. Mainly so if I was in my truck, lets say leaving work and I didnt have my daily carry (it was at home in the safe) and I needed to run some errands, I could grab my backup carry (compact 9mm) from the console and be good. I always keep a full size in the console as a "truck" gun. So in the event, both my carry guns were at home in the safe, I atleast had one in my truck. I don't like any of the console safes out there today, with all there is no fast access into the console. Which is why I built my own that basically locks the console down if the key is not in the ignition. As long as the key is in the ignition, console opens like normal with no other locks or dials or combos to fool with after opening the lid.
  12. Just curious, why did you leave it in your vehicle and not have it on you when you went into the store. I had one on me when I went into the store, my daily carry gun. They stole my backup carry gun that was in a holster sticking up a little in the console, so when you opened the lid, it stuck out. and they left my "truck" gun that was sitting right next to it, but not sticking up. I'm assuming they popped the lid up, saw one sticking up and grabbed it and ran after shuffling through the console contents for about 2 seconds.
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