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  1. Picked it up yesterday. With a giant scratch on my tail gate!! They said in the end, they could not do it like they thought. Went from $175 to $300 to nothing. I’ll be adding resistors I guess.
  2. BG Products

    Back when I was a tech (European company) we had a bunch of BG stuff. Mainly for flushes. I felt like it was all snake oil. They had a transmission flush that was complete BS. It would flush the system backwards so it would “pull” everything out of the filter and you’d leave that filter in it and alone. 1 positive is it would flush all the fluids out. But personally I’d say just drop the pan, get what fluid you can and throw in a new filter on a regular basis and you’d be better off.
  3. Lots of lemons usually haha I wouldnt think twice about mixing the same brand with "extended mileage" or " fuel economy" or any of those BS packages they try to charge you an extra dollar for. Assuming its all the same type of oil (Mobil 1 synthetic in this case)
  4. I do my oil more often then necessary i'm sure. But I also take into account what oil analysis says. But definitely a Mobil 1 fan. Only thing I run for the most part. But mixing the additive packages like the OP said, won't do anything unless you run that oil down to nothing.
  5. It’s all just a slight deviation of additives.
  6. Very nice!!! I gotta remember this. Thanks
  7. What rebates we talking about? Got any more info?
  8. I hate plastidip. Stuff scrapes off way too easy. I'm going to buy a DIY bed liner spray kit, $110 on amazon (Raptor brand). Friend of mine has had good success with it.
  9. I do a partial drain and fill. About 1.5 pints every 60 to 90 days with Red Cross and Carter blood care. haha .... to be fair, i did say in my simple head. but even then, like I said, i just change my oil on a regular basis (based off of oil analysis testing) to ensure i'm not running around with too much fuel blow by in the crankcase. peace of mind with actual test results, cleaner oil, and circulated oil before putting it in gear, and its all good to me. But I should note, i'm in it for the long haul, my last truck was 16 years old and ran with no problems when I sold her. With any luck, my 2018 Silverado will be my sons truck through high school (he is 4 now). If i sold off my vehicles every 5-10 years, I might not be so anal about letting it warm up a bit before pulling off.
  10. heated seats can come on, there is a setting in the cluster for that. my tailgate locks with the fob, i'm not sure with the door switch. Sounds like something is not working right on yours.
  11. Way I see it... If you turned your heart off for 10 hours and all the blood drained down to your feet and legs, then someone woke you up and your heart started pumping blood again, would you be ready to run a marathon immediately? I know, this is a big difference, but concept is the same in my simple head. Plus the fact that I usually only drive a couple miles, if I didnt let my engine warm up for a 5 before I pulled off, it would never hit operating temps. Even then, sometimes in the winter it doesnt. I used to be a mechanic and I've seen what happens when someone does a lot of short trips and don't change their oil often enough. by idling more often (in open loop), I know the oil will get some extra fuel blow by, but I offset that by changing the oil more often than the oil indicator on the dash tells me to and adjusting by oil analysis results.
  12. On of the guys at work, will have his clutch released in 1st gear pulling off before his start solenoid has time to go back into its resting position. Drove it like that for a few years... finally one day he said he thinks he blew his motor, mechanic said all his crank bearings are shot. I said, Hmmm... can't imagine why haha
  13. Ive used remote start on everything I’ve owned for 99% of every start for at least 10 years now. I always let my motor run a few minutes before I pull off. Give it time to warm up the oil a little and circulate it well.
  14. I was quoted $300 from 2 different shops to bed liner spray my running boards. I bought a set of the tri-mode running boards and really just want the chrome strip on the sides covered up.

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