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  1. Hello, I have a set of used Raptor brand running boards that should fit 2014-2018 Silverado/Sierra crew cab with standard bed. (Maybe other models/years) These are wheel to wheel, so you get the space in front of the back tire to reach into the truck bed. I bought these from RealTruck.com in June 2018, $340 new. I just decided to go a different route and took them off a few months ago. Located in Garland, TX. (Outside Dallas) asking $150, will not ship. Too bulky. pics in CL listing below https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/pts/d/garland-silverado-running-boards-wheel/7025111560.html Thank You! -Robert
  2. The little I can find, it all says 14-16. bummer.
  3. I would leave it in there and enjoy your road trip. Change it when you get back. actually I’d probably just leave it in there for a while and change the oil a little early.
  4. 23.7! How is that possible! I've never even seen 22 on a long highway trip.
  5. I’m really on the fence with this one. my truck is off just a little (1 tire size). I really would like it to be dead on, but afraid of that extra “tic” on the ECM in case warranty gets picky about something. Is it worth it? Is it not? I don’t know haha until then, Bump for the seller. If someone else buys it, my problem is solved for now.
  6. eBay guy named Rodney something has the wooden boxes and kicker setup. I bought my setup from him. Sounds pretty good to me, but I just wanted a little extra bump. Nothing crazy
  7. did you check the comments section. I think he had some links to the diagrams in there. but I can get it Monday and find the exact parts I ordered
  8. Right now I have 5 buttons -pedal adjustment -traction control -cargo / bed lights -parking sensors -hill descent is it possible to add a button for the running boards without adding anything else?
  9. I doubt I’m local, but I’d like to buy one just to tear into and see what I can do to add the steps button to mine. Hava i have the diagram and parts list on my work computer I think. I can get it Monday. But I found it on one of pgamboa’s posts here or his YouTube video comments
  10. I used his schematic and built the harness for mine. Work like a charm. if I didn’t have plenty of harness building experience, I would have bought his for sure. I have not done anything for inside controls though. They only operate now off the door triggers or by pressing the back button where they go all the way back
  11. I went with 1 size up (275/60-20) Cooper Discoverer ATP from Discount tire. Its all terrain but not nearly as heavy as the beefier tires out there, so better highway gas mileage. And a big plus is MADE IN THE USA, unlike the Wildpeak I was looking at prior. I've only got a couple thousand miles on them, but so far I really like them. Also, I should add ZERO rubbing with 275/60-20 on my 2018 Z71 with the front end 100% stock.
  12. Can you use this on multiple vehicles? Or does it “lock” to 1 at a time?
  13. I’m not going to lie, before I had this truck I thought anyone who lowers a 4x4 truck was crazy. but after buying my first 4x4 and seeing firsthand how awesome the AWD feature is in bad weather or even just light rain, I don’t care if your truck is 1mm or 8’ off the ground, I highly recommend the 4x4 just for the AWD feature. I do 99.8% concrete driving, but as long as my wallet allows, I’ll buy 4x4 with AWD feature every time from here on out. it’s more to break and more to maintain, but I’m my own mechanic
  14. thanks everyone!! it actually is a Texas edition. I just de-badged everything I could. guys at work have me a hard time for taking all the Z71 and Texas badges off.
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