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  1. Now this is what I’m talking about!! I like that.
  2. I bought the Du-Ha for my old truck, LOVED it. Then had a kid and another and the Du-Ha was useless unless I wanted to take the car seats out and redo them for something easy. So for now, i'll skip that haha
  3. man... I was certain someone would have chimed in with the best bag that fits like a glove under that seat
  4. Looking for a perfect sized bag that will fit nicely under my back seat, anyone have a good suggestion? Backpack or duffle style is good I have an emergency bag I like to carry on road trips, which is a tactical style backpack. Fits great in my wife’s SUV, but the Silverado backseat sits pretty low, so I’ve got to really push it under the seat, but doesn’t fit very far at all. I'm thinking a low profile duffle bag, but no luck finding one.
  5. 2018 Z71, front is stock height, rear is dropped about 2” to level it. (backwards from most who “level” it) I went up one tire size on the Factory 20” wheels to 275-60-20 Cooper Discoverer ATP. with the radio off, I can hear a slight rub when turning in reverse, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.
  6. On my 5.3, 6-speed, 3:42 geared K2, I did a bunch of research on towing a 6k lb trailer and came to 2 conclusions. #1- use a good weight distribution hitch #2- put a set of $300 air bags on the back then all is good to go...
  7. I have BlackVue brand cameras and it has a power cutoff control module of sorts. With the truck off, it records any motion until the truck battery reaches 12.0 volts exactly. Then it stops sending power to the camera so it does not drain the battery. It works pretty good and it caught the guy who broke in. I've timed it and from shutting it off, I get about 6 to 7 hours before the battery hits 12.0 and then the cameras won't work. Obviously the weaker the battery gets the shorter this time will be. It has an option to add a small secondary battery just for the camera, I've just never done it as i'm never at a store over 6 hours and when at home and work its under the view of different cameras.
  8. Great stuff!!! I'm going to look at that more! Right now, i'm leaning towards Castrol Edge, but I really want to look closer. I might actually take a look at Amsoil as well.
  9. Just browsing some threads on another site for my old car and found this document where this guy has sent off a bunch of different brand 5/20 oils to get tested. Thought it was interesting. I've always been a Mobil 1 guy, but maybe I might have to dig deeper. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gEMTa3YOBIYBTYiaEhQLfooPohN_l645z1DaWRuFzC0/edit#gid=1618148264 More of his doc's here....https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19w_Zq8Fh7X7gx_YG_6NJHOvMIyk2hXvE
  10. Gotcha! Well bummer, I was hoping you were gonna say you bought that 2018 version that wouldn't work on your 2019 and you'd sell it to me haha
  11. I'm confused. Did you buy the one from this thread from the original poster above?
  12. My coopers are made in the USA. Main reason I went with them over the Taiwan Falkens.
  13. Is it not the same one pictured at the very top? I like the idea of it being online versus programming so it doesn’t show up on the dealership computer for warranty. or is it both?!
  14. set of $300 bags in the back and a good weight distribution hitch and I think you'd be plenty set. We were looking at a 6,000-6,500 lb setup (loaded) very hard and in all my research the above would have been just fine That is exactly what I had planned for my little baby 5.3, so your 6.2 should be just fine!
  15. Mine looks real similar but it’s blue. I think it was like $15 online. Works for what it needs to!
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