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  1. Auto 4x4

    I drove mine 2400 miles round trip to Florida and back (From Texas) averaging about 85 on the highway most of the trip and then another 3000 miles after that, all in Auto. Mainly because I didnt realize that auto acts more like an AWD system than a 4WD. Now I leave it in 2WD if its clear out. But if its below 32 or a chance of rain, I put it in AWD so i don't have to worry about it.
  2. WTB 2016-2018 Silverado front bumper trim BLACK

    Ended up taking the chrome piece off and painting it with Krylon bedliner paint. If you paint it on thick, it smooths out pretty well and doesnt have as much texture as my real bed liner. I love it, looks great! Glad I finally did it.
  3. I was under the impression the 4WD trucks only got the 6 speed. I didnt know you could get the 8 speed. But then again, I was just picking a truck off the dealer lot and not looking at the higher end trucks, so i'm assuming my price range was the less expensive 6 speed. Sales guy said 4WD gets the 6 and you can get an 8 in 2WD. Maybe he just meant MY price point haha
  4. I have 6,000 and 5 months in with my 2018 Z71. Maybe i'm just not as picky, but I love mine. Did a 2400 mile trip to Florida right after I bought it and I thought it drove great on the highway. Being 4WD, I only have the 6 speed though, so I can't say anything about the 8 speed. For the first 5k, I thought it was a little clunky once in a while when going from a dead stop and turning in some parking lots. Later found out it was the AWD part of the system (which I had no idea it had, I thought it was just 2WD and if it detected it needed the fronts they would engage. Turns out the fronts are always engaged some in "auto" ) So once I switched that to 2WD, its never happened again. But after playing in the rain with the AWD and 2WD, I gotta say I LOVE the AWD, but now if the roads are clear i'll just keep it in 2WD. My biggest beef is how the damn A/C compressor kicks on with remote start if its above 49 degrees outside. I usually roll around with the temp all the way cold, but compressor off (so i'm just getting the outside air temp blowing in on a 60 degree day. But if I remote start it, the compressor kicks on and inside the truck will be like 33 degrees when I get in.
  5. Diff lock

    Open diff in a straight line with hard acceleration or rain/snow and only thing moving is that right rear tire, left rear is just sitting and waiting around haha At least that was how my 02 acted with an open diff. I HATED driving that truck in any icy weather with the open diff. I can't say much about how reliable the TrueTrac is though, I only had it in for about 3 years before I sold the truck. but in those 3 years, it was rock solid! My new truck has the G80, so i'll roll with that, but with the AWD system i'm not too worried about it.
  6. Diff lock

    I disagree... I never had an issue straight line, both tires always spun together. And coming from my open diff, I promise I noticed haha. It would turn with no clicks or pops or issues at all, but as soon as you punched it, both tires would spin together. (Truck had no traction control system) Only issue was how easy it was for the truck to get sideways in the rain versus just sitting there with the RR tire just spinning. But I was that idiot who slung the ass end of the truck around every corner when it was raining just because it was so easy to do with the TrueTrac. I'm a TrueTrac fan for sure!
  7. Diff lock

    Are the G80 units made by Eaton? I installed an Eaton Detroit TrueTrac in my '02 Silverado and it worked GREAT! I LOVED that diff! No more 1 wheel spin on rainy days or especially pulling out of a parking lot onto a busy road when concrete wasn't completely dry or clean. TrueTrac is a work of pure art in my book!
  8. I have zero regrets in buying my 18 back at the end of May. 2018 Z71, $36,450 after fees and rebates, plus tax. LOVE my truck! Im sure the 19s will grow on me, but side by side I feel the 14-18 body looks way better. But the more I see them the more I’ll like them. I hate chrome though, so any version with chrome looks like crap in my mind :-)
  9. I bought mine at the end of May with 5.5%, 10k down and credit score of 840. They tried lowering it to 4.5% if I’d buy the extended warranty. My plan was to refi through a credit union that had 1.99%. But by the time I waited the 30 days to refi it went up to 2.7%. But still, 2.7 beat their 5.5
  10. Best pic I have right now. Lowered rear 2” to get it level. Looks much much better now.
  11. WTB 2016-2018 Silverado front bumper trim BLACK

    NICE looking truck! I might just have to go that route.
  12. WTB 2016-2018 Silverado front bumper trim BLACK

    I was under the impression the piece my buddy sold was just the little mustache, but he said it was the entire section. I'm guessing i'll have to take mine off and just paint it unless I can find one to swap locally.
  13. WTB 2016-2018 Silverado front bumper trim BLACK

    I'm in Dallas, TX. I'm guessing since its the entire front piece shipping would be pricey. I don't know why GM wouldnt have just made the main piece the same with a pop in black or chrome piece.
  14. ISO: 2016 Silverado 1500 Front Bumper Skid Plate

    Every parts site I look at has it seperate, no matter what model truck. But I can’t find a pic of a black one by itself.

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