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  1. BCM reflash for LEDs

    Thats true! You could set a bunch of other things up while they got it. If they could have made my A/C settings while using remote start, look at last used settings, I would have done it for sure!
  2. Rhino Lined Power Running Boards

    I’ve got 1 more bottle of spray to do. Gotta make it count, as on the 3rd bottle I got some good runs from going too thick
  3. BCM reflash for LEDs

    Oh I don’t know. My buddy is the one Into all that. Sounds like he just needs to get the data lines though
  4. Rhino Lined Power Running Boards

    If I were to do it over, I’d probably just grind the crap out of the chrome and leave those chrome strips on there, coat over them. But... I sanded my front mustaches chrome and did rattle can bed liner spray and about a month later noticed some bubbles. So tore all that rattle can bed liner spray off, to find you can actually peal the chrome off the mustache, so I took it down to plastic. Should stick now.
  5. Rhino Lined Power Running Boards

    I’m actually doing it today. Tore the chrome off, filled the gaps with bondo and coating with raptor bed liner spray. Ive done my first coat, just waiting to do second coat now. This is them primed... (ignore my messy ass garage)
  6. BCM reflash for LEDs

    Good luck finding a way. Ive got a spare BCM and a buddy who likes hacking chips, we are planning on playing around one day with it. But from what he tells me, he would have to make a change and then put it in the truck and see what changed, which means testing everything. And then make another change and test it. Were talking hours and hours and hours of changing 1’s and 0’s and testing everything until you find the difference. And then repeat over and over. Probably why WAMs charges $350. Probably spent 5,000 hours testing every little thing the BCM controls
  7. BCM reflash for LEDs

    Resistors are just a crummy way to do it in my opinion. But in the end, that’s what I’m using.
  8. BCM reflash for LEDs

    Whites automotive $350 I think. I tried like 3 different dealers, only 1 said they would and then in the end they said they couldn’t. He said they have on 2500’s and up, but won’t on 1500’s. I hate the resistor idea myself, but that’s what I ended up putting in.
  9. 2018 Leveling Kit with Stock Wheels

    Interesting! I might just have to try the bigger tires and leave the front alone. I do have 4WD, so not sure how that will play into it. Currently, I have the rear lowered about 2" to level it out and I'm happy with the way it sits now. but i'd love some 275/60-20 tires that are aggressive looking.
  10. 2018 Leveling Kit with Stock Wheels

    Do you know if you have silver (aluminum) upper controls arms? or are they black (stamped steel)? Mid 2016 is when they switched and apparently the silver ones are better for any type of tire size increase
  11. New To the forum!

    Welcome. What level kit you running? No rubbing?
  12. 2018 Leveling Kit with Stock Wheels

    Just just to clarify, because I’m in the same boat as OP. You put 275/60-20 on a completely stock truck? what year truck? This would be ideal for me haha.
  13. Plasti dip sucks. Crap peels right off and scratches too easy. Unless you like doing it over every year. (Speaking from personal experience)

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