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  1. I lowered my rear with a lowering shackle. Think it was right at 2”. Zero difference in ride. It’s a Z71 so a little rougher than usual anyhow though. I couldnt stand how goofy it looked from the factory with the rear so tall. At some point I’m going to put the factory rear shackle back in, throw the 5100 shocks on it to raise the front almost 2” and get an off-road tire setup. But nothing crazy as I’ll never take it in the mud unless I’m just in the wrong place when it rains. I drove a 2019 Sierra 4x4 and maybe it was in my head, but that felt like a harsh/bouncy ride.
  2. Any idea how good of a deal?
  3. Mobil 1 Truck & SUV

    I haven’t seen it. But I’ll look for it when the next oil change roles around. I’m a big Mobil 1 fan, so I’ll use it for sure.
  4. Z71 Decals

    Luckily I took these before I took mine off. Just in case I wanted to put the black ones on down the road. (2018 Z71 crew cab)
  5. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    Thats good to know!! Thanks!
  6. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    we’re trying to figure out what we are going to get. Going to an RV show in Dallas this weekend to poke around. I have a 2018 crew cab Z71 with 5.3L, 3.42 gears and 6 speed without max tow package. We’re currently looking at a 29’ with a slide out that’s 5300 dry and 7700 GVWR. I’d greatly prefer something that is lighter dry but it’s all a give and take deal. Im positive on getting a weight distribution hitch, sway bar for the camper and putting airbags on the truck. I feel like we’d be okay if I do that. And get a camper that has the smooth curved front for breaking the wind better than the angled corrugated sheet metal versions.
  7. Man, I was hoping someone would chime in and say they had it done on their 1500....
  8. So they’ll modify the BCM if it’s a 2500 for the bulb out detection, but on a 1500 they will not? They will only update firmware (which would keep the bulb out detection?)
  9. Eaton TrueTrac would be my choice. GREAT, I mean GREAT Differential. Had one on my old truck and like it much better than whatever G80 code on my new truck is.
  10. I’m pretty sure most GM trucks do NOT include G80 standard. I think it’s included “standard” in all 4WD or vehicles with a towing package.
  11. Not the answer I was looking for haha. Still under warranty so I don’t want to modify the BCM outside of GM. As I’m sure they can see that and throw a flag.
  12. Hello all. Has anyone had the dealer update their BCM on a 1500 to remove the bulb out detection system that causes the hyperflash? I was told they could on 2500 and 3500 but couldn’t on a 1500. I found this online which states the same I think (if I’m reading it right) https://gm.oemdtc.com/4610/07-08-42-006m-information-on-available-bcm-calibrations-to-restore-bulb-outage-detection-on-vehicles-produced-by-a-second-stage-manufacturer-upfitter-turn-signals-flash-fast-after-factory-box-remo But, I feel like I’ve seen where others had this done on a 1500, but coming up short in searching it. So any details would help! Im trying to put LED tail lights on my 2018 Silverado LT and really don’t want to add a bunch of resistors as I eventually want LED all the way around. Thank You! -Robert
  13. Still making these? I’d like to get one if possible! Thank you
  14. GMC Tri fold running boards

    If if everything works out, I’m meeting him next weekend to pick them up. I love the way these operate, so I’ll just have the chrome sprayed with durable black bed liner spray and be good to go!! Can’t wait! thanks again Papa T!

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