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  1. Cst lift

    Looks great I got very similar truck except Chevy and the factory 22s which I want to keep...looks like you stayed with the factory uca? Also what did you end up doing in the rear just blocks? Or did you add a leaf?
  2. Cst lift

    Yea I’m talking about the build in the article quoted. Unless I’m messing something? looks like $2400 for the stage 2 $1850 for the front coils $699 for the control arms $1249 the piggyback rear shocks not even including the skid plate or the add a leafs they did...
  3. Cst lift

    Great read thanks for posting looks like that setup is over $5k just in parts alone. But gotta pay to do things right sometimes
  4. oem 22s on 285/55

    Looks great man do you have any fender measurements?
  5. Do share I’d be interested In having this
  6. Mictuning LED light strip.

    I used the 3m tape to stick them just under the rockers. I just simply cut the wires back 2 or 3 inches from the lights and then built my own harness in when I built my harness for the tri mode steps
  7. Mictuning LED light strip.

    Yepp small gauge wire but yes I have use the on my truck and wife’s Malibu through the dome light. Just cut out the switch will have a positive and neg
  8. The dash switch part # I used was 23180146. I don't know if you need this or not. I couldn't get mine to work until I installed then they worked no problem. The switch part number 23180146 however is a fully loaded switch. It has traction control hill braking cargo/bed lights, pedal mover, parking sensors, and lane keep, and the bars. I don't know if there is an option with ones that only you maybe looking for with an LT vs LTZ which I have. The nut/nutsert are available at autozone I believe 8mm but could be wrong. On the harness I made my own following phils diagrams wasn't the easiest wiring job I have every done but it is doable.
  9. Rough Country 3.5 Knuckle Lift Kit

    Looks good and this is a kit I am very interested in getting..what size tire did you go with? Did the 1/4 spacer keep all 4 tires in the same track or do the fronts stuck way out like you see with alot of the chevys? You say ride quality nothing out of the ordinary how does it compare to stock? Does your truck sag much when towing?
  10. Towing ATV ON 5x9 Trailer

    Personally I wouldn't mess with it for such a small load. But just play with it and see what your comfortable with.
  11. Uplifter switch panel

    Sold please remove
  12. Uplifter switch panel

    Yes still available
  13. Uplifter switch panel

    Yea I’m not sure if it would or wouldn’t. I will tell you this when I changed in the one with the tri steps, mine did just plug and play I didn’t have to add an additional wires to the switch or get an bcm programming. But not sure if hill assist would be same.
  14. Uplifter switch panel


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