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  1. Gave up on trying to get the USB ports to work in the center console. I filled the holes with a piece of ABS plastic cut to fit and then used JBWeld Plastic adhesive to glue it in and fill the gaps to make it smooth. Finished up by wrapping it with the same vinyl I used on the side trim of the center console.
  2. These were pulled when the truck was new and replaced with Chrome. Factory paint and original GM handles. $225 shipped.
  3. When I purchased my truck used I went over it with a fine tooth comb washing, waxing, removing dirt, etc. I went over every square inch of the truck, even pulled the seats and cleaned. When I was washing the rocker panels I noticed a 4" section that seemed soft on the passenger side. It had some deflection when you pushed on it hard, more than the same spot on the other side. I took it in a week after I bought it to have my list of things I found wrong fixed(alignment, rough idle, that spot). They said that there was no issue with the rocker and that it was normal. Same thing with the rough idle, no codes found so it is normal. They did do an alignment and that took care of the pulling to the left. Fast forward now that winter is over, there is now cracks in the paint and visible rust on that exact spot on the rocker panel. Pushing on it and it gives completely. I think the paint is the only thing holding it together and it obviously rusted out from the inside. I installed aftermarket steps after they finished their work and said there was no issue. They bolt into pre existing holes in the rocker, no new holes were drilled and they use the factory mounting points. Before I take it in to get them to fix the rust, do I need to take the steps off? I don't want them to blame the steps for this issue or charge me for taking them off, which they will have to do to repair the rocker. Anyone had rocker rust warranty done and had steps?
  4. If you want new you can order from GM. Otherwise @pgamboa sells them along with a harness to hook it up as well. Mine was used and I picked it up from Craigslist from a guy parting out a wrecked truck. I actually bought two, the first one I found was Brown/Cocoa and I used that until I found a grey/black one. I'm selling the brown one on Facebook Marketplace.
  5. I just finished replacing the jump seat with a center console in my 2016 WT with floor shift 4wd. I also installed a leather wrapped steering wheel to replace the factory WT wheel. I reused the WT trim on the steering wheel to keep the factory WT look. I also wrapped the wood trim on the center console with matte black vinyl so that it matched as well. Both the wheel and the center console lid are grey/white stitching with black leather. I think it all blends in really well. I decided to trim the stock 4x4 cover because I didn't like the holes in the flooring and wanted them covered up. If i ever replace the floor I will take that trim piece out as well. I used an oscillating multi tool to cut the spot for the floor shift to come through. The stock shift knob is way to big to fit, grabbed a thin one off Amazon and drilled the opening to fit the shaft size. The only thing I have to finish is getting the front USB ports to work, or I'm going to fill the holes in the front panel with epoxy and vinyl wrap it. Ignore the mess, it is a work truck and it is the middle of winter in WI. Too cold to clean it out.
  6. I spent a few hours troubleshooting today. I still cannot get the front hub to work. Either my hub is bad, or the IO3 doesn't support using the hub. The front hub doesn't work by itself but if I swap it out for the USB/3.5mm module it works with the same data and power coming in. I did try both the passenger and driver USB ports on the hub just in case I was doing it backwards. I verified I have 12V power and a good ground, which I knew since the other module works in its place. Not sure if I should bite the bullet and order another front USB hub and try again. I'd really like to know for certain that there is someone who has them both working with an IO3.
  7. Interesting. I thought the GM cables were just normal USB cables with a special connector end on them. What makes them not work?
  8. @pgamboa Any ideas? Has anyone tried using your harness with an IO3?
  9. I took a long trip last weekend that burned up a full tank of gas. I reset the MPG calculator before I left and the actual was less than 1mpg off of the cluster. I'm leaning towards the remote start being the culprit and that it isn't counting the gas used when remote started, just while driving. The only other thing to try and figure out is if it is counting when you are stopped at a stoplight or not. If it just ignores all gas used when you aren't moving that isn't going to be accurate for city driving.
  10. Did you do it the same as I did? It isn't looking good for being able to get it to work. I tried every combination of cables and couldn't get the hub to work. I tried 2 different USB with 3.5mm jacks and they both work in either place, but as soon as I try and add a hub it stops working.
  11. Who is the dealer? Kudos to them. I am amazed that they offered and are willing to do that. Whoever they are, they are a class act and deserve some recognition. Most dealers would tell you to go pound sand and would put up a huge fight.
  12. Is your 4wd a floor shifter? If it is, that is why they don't have a part number. Otherwise, this VIN is from a 2018 3500HD with a center console: VIN 1GC4K0EY7JF244270 The parts department should be able to look up the center console parts from that one.
  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to use a front USB Hub with an IO3 radio? I've been fighting trying to get this to work all week and I'm getting nowhere. I had the junk yard I bought my console from cut the body harness side of all the wiring so I have all the stock connectors. I soldered in the extra accessory power outlet connector and the power for the USB hub to the original accessory power outlet wire. I took my harness out of the jump seat and that is what I am using. I separated the USB connector out from the loom and ran it to the front of the console. Plugged it into the USB hub along with the 12V power. I then ran a black to grey USB cable from the front hub to the hub under the armrest along with the cable from the jump seat that provides the 3.5mm audio to that and power. What I get is that none of the USB ports work. The 3.5mm jack works, but none of the USB ports provide any power. If I take the USB/3.5mm module and use it in the front instead of the hub it works perfectly. If I use the hub by itself it doesn't work. I think I either have a bad front USB hub or the IO3 doesn't support the hub. Anyone else tackled this?
  14. Did you buy it from a dealer? I'd be going right back to them for selling a car that isn't road worthy. My next stop would be here to file a complaint: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/enforcement/filing-complaint-auto-industry-division And my last stop would be to a lawyer.
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