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  1. New dmf victim checking in 8500 mile failure Guy walked in service department at the same time with 21 at4 suv whose pushrod was bent to all hell, dealer in Florida changed it and lifter job but app sent him alerts a week later so he pulled up to our dealer to show documents and codes, didn’t sign up for this kinda failure, in 3rd year of a platform
  2. Seems so unfortunately, I was thinking the same thing Really hoped this would have been resolved by 21 model year but apparently not.... been at dealer since Monday, and they say it will be back to me tomarrow afternoon hopefully, but didn’t give any specifics as to what will be performed other than saying they will know more when they tearing it down....I don’t even like the sound of that honestly
  3. Good to hear, never had a Situation like this this early in owning a vehicle
  4. 2021 Elevation 8500 miles..... started riding really bad and throwing esc codes amongst others.... towed to dealer..... dealer says it’s lifter issue that was reported allot in the 19-20 models beyond pissed....this is rediculous. anyone else experience this issue, and can it cause any long term reliability issues down the line?
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