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  1. This is definitely what you want to use. if you try to tap into the trailer wiring harness for 12v and grd, the ecu thinks you have a trailer hooked up and puts you in trailer mode. I put a marine panel in my bed to give me a 12v cigarette plug, dual usb port and switch to turn on the additional bed lighting and had to run a power line all the way to the battery to power it.
  2. System fully installed. I did keep switch 1 on the on position. Was getting a vibration from the sub that i traced to the mounting bolt for the lug nut bag. This was fixed with a separate bolt and washer to secure the sub separately of the large wingnut assembly . Mounted the bass knob in my console with in easy reach of my hand.
  3. Here is a question for the audio enthusiast, since we are tapping off the Bose sub line level output for the Kicker amp, wouldn't that signal already have a crossover from the BOSE amp? The OEM setup is tapping a full spectrum signal for the right front speaker and would need a crossover to use the signal for a sub
  4. I have foot well lights that come on when lights come on. The secret was tapping into the license plate light circuit. I forgot what pin off the BCM I used but you can do a search here for it.
  5. With my 21 SLT X31, we were calling her the galloping ghost. After 2 months we installed a set of Bilsteins 5160 and chucked the Ranchos. Pretty sure the Airlift bags did not help the bounce either. WOW, what a difference!! Night and day between the 2. Probably overkill for my needs, but it looks cool too! Now to wait for the national back order for the front 6112
  6. Man, that's a relief!! I notice the colors were the same as the speaker colors and had me really scratching my head. i plan on mounting the bass knob in my center console. Just remove the guts from the housing, make a hole and mount the pot. Think I will run the wire along the driver side channels by the doors and coming back to my center console from under the radio/climate controls
  7. Did half the install today. Ran all the wires except the ones from the battery to the cab and the speaker wire from the center console to the door jam. I have a spare connector by where the 2 connectors for the amp and speaker are. Anyone else seen this?
  8. Well I finally pulled the string and ordered it and the bass knob for my 21 Sierra SLT. Plan on installing the system this weekend with this setup.
  9. Great help! Do you have the Bose ANC microphones in your truck. They are located in the headliner by the sun visors on the passenger and driver side. LLj customs makes a ANC bypass harness for it. https://lljcustoms.com/store/ols/products/2014-2019-gmgmc-bose-anc-bypass
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