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  1. Glad to hear you finally got it resolved with the dealership. Hopefully you never need to visit them again.
  2. Quick update. After some back and forth with my dealership I was able to convince them to do the repair even though they insisted it wasn't possible because I had the GM suspension lift added to the truck and this TSB "was not authorized for Trail Boss models and models with GM suspension lift". Thanks to this forum I was able to show them that the stub shaft is the repair for the TSB and unrelated to the CV axle replacement for the GM suspension lift. They quickly understood, ordered the part, and one week later it came in for installation in same day of service. I then tested it out by making a 3,000 mile roundtrip visit to Colorado. Ambient temperatures over 60°. Can say that so far there isn't any noise. Hopefully it stays that way.
  3. Thank you for the pics!! This makes sense from a materials perspective as the "jingle jingle" noise definitely sounds similar to a metal on metal contact. Change to a dissimilar material like polycarbonate and it eliminates the resonance. I just wonder why it is only the DRV side as I would think the PGR side stub shaft would have similar material and design. There must be a dimensional difference or an angle difference from side to side. Either way, I have shared these pics with my dealership as we wait for part arrival. Hopefully they can get me in soon so I can have a noise free summer.
  4. Thank you for the confirmation. Dealer agreed to investigate it more deeply to insure the parts are compatible. Want me to bring the truck in to confirm so we'll see what they find out.
  5. Any follow-up yet? Inquiring minds want to know I had the GM factory suspension lift installed and the noise went away completely but now after a few thousand miles it seems to have come back. Its not as loud as previous, but definitely the same noise and goes away shifting from 2WD to Auto AWD. I shared the new bulletin with my dealer and they said they can't do the repair because the bulletin is a CV axle swap which was already done with the GM factory suspension lift. I explained that the bulletin fix should be the stubshaft in the differential but they are saying that the work instruction and part number are for the CV shaft or "F Shaft" replacement, not the stubshaft, which I believe the stubshaft is the highlighted parts below:
  6. I am familiar with TSB #PIP5653K but can't find anything newer than the July 14 2021 (attached) posting that states no repair at this time. I had found that earlier versions of the PIP recommended differential component replacements but that repair proved to be temporary as the noise would come back. Do you have a copy of the PIP that is newer than July-2021 GM PIP5653K_3 model year history of no resolution.pdf
  7. 10-4 on all of above. AJMBLAZER helped to clarify some items as the terms I was using weren't correlating. My bad. Also thank you for the differential diagram as it definitely helps to better understand the inner CV joint mating components. Regarding the difference in the Trail Boss axles, the only evidence I have of differences is from this forum. Like you I've seen that the axle length is different. On a separate forum that was specific to the GM Factory Suspension Lift it was mentioned by a member that the inner CV Joint housing (maybe outer ring?) was also a different diameter. I don't have evidence if that is accurate. Regarding the actual noise source then, has it been root-caused to the stub shaft mating to the cross-pin? Because if it is then some members commented that a differential swap didn't fix the issue. I imagine the stub shaft would be replaced with a differential swap, but maybe its possible that its reused in the swap. Also, it would be dang frustrating if a fix is out there and GM Engineering still isn't authorizing it. Do you have the jingle-jingle noise also and have resolved it with a stub shaft replacement? For now (the past 5 days) the issue seems to be gone with the cv axle swap. Hopefully it stays that way. By the way, I've attached a link to a video of the noise I have (don't have time to compress to post). The dealer had confirmed this as the jingle-jingle noise, but I would like to hear your thoughts on if it is similar to others experiences. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gZeLBcXCUWGS5rYw5
  8. Understood now. Your meaning is the mating part of that joint by located within the differential assembly. That rockauto link has some interesting detail there and honestly, I hadn't thought to reference them as well for this issue. Based on the image, it looks like there is a different stub shaft based on the front supplier axle code. The SU5 supplied axle is okay to order just the stub shaft but the SU4 supplied axle requires you to order the half shafts along with the stub shaft. So it seems there is definitely a design difference between SU4 and SU5 axles. According the rockauto description, the SU4 has a larger lead in chamfer. I really hope the stub shaft repair on your truck is the fix and that GM Engineering can get off their ass to approve this repair at the dealerships. Good luck and thank you for the good explanation.
  9. When you say stub shaft do you mean the outer ring axle (or roller housing) at the inner cv joint? The "short" or "stub" axle mating to the front differential in the attached image. If so then that makes sense because that is the component that fit loosely on my truck. My dealer won't attempt a repair though because of the GM bulletin.
  10. Right, the axle shaft as a component of the inner CV joint of the front axle assembly. All I know is that on my truck the noise comes from the driver's side axle assembly. With truck on the ground the passenger side inner CV joint is tight (almost no movement). However, the driver side inner CV joint has movement and makes definite metal on metal sound. Again the passenger side doesn't have this at all. After the GM suspension lift with new front axle assemblies was installed the driver side is now tight without metal on metal contact noise. So, seemingly corrected so far. If I had to guess, I would say there is a tolerance stack up on certain axle assemblies married to certain front differentials that causes a poor fit. So the inner cv joint is "loose" and floats around in 2WD but is engaged in AWD so the noise goes away. Does that sound plausible?
  11. Share your information sources. Per GM regional brand quality the SU4 axle is made by American Axle and the SU5 is made by GM (most likely subbed out to the former Delphi plant now run by Nexteer). Country of origin isn't known and to be quite honest doesn't matter as same manufacturing processes are used around the world. Haven't seen anyone share yet which axles go on the Trail Boss or if a Trail Boss has the same issue. It is relevant because the factory lift on the Trail Boss is same as GM factory lift that is sold as aftermarket accessory for non Trail Boss models. It comes with a different diameter cv axle to compensate for the increased angle at the differential. I had the dealer install the lift with the new cv axles and so far the noise is gone. GM Engineering won't authorize repairs of replacing SU4 axles nor differentials as that doesn't fix the issue. But it seems a different axle part number (oe- different axle design) may fix the issue. So in that perspective it is relevant to know if the Trail Boss axle is yet a different part number with corresponding RPO code.
  12. Good to hear Philo! I cannot say that mine has corrected itself as the noise seemed to lessen or even go away with the winter temps. When it gets warm though (mid 40s and higher) the noise comes back. At this point I'm going to do the GM Suspension Lift Kit as it replaces the front CV axles. If the issue goes away completely then I know 100% it was the SU4 axle.
  13. I've heard this issue described as a metal on metal "ringing", "jingling", and "chirping". Lots of good information in there and may be related to your comment that GM Engineering knows about the issue and "is working on a fix". My truck makes the noise and so does my dealership's Service Manager's truck. Latest news from him talking to the GM Regional service manager is that there was some discussion in meetings about it awhile back and now it is silent. Service is being told not to fix it as GM Engineering is working on a fix. They have produced three model years' worth of vehicles with this issue and it is believed to be still in production on the 2022s.
  14. Good looking ride! What bumper is that? Its rare to see one that blends in so well with the front end geometrical shapes.
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