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  1. I haven't found it warm enough inside the truck when it's only in the 60's. Maybe we can get one of the handheld tuners to allow adjustments.
  2. Remote start is great, but I think 60 degrees is too cool for full air. Probably should have bumped that up to 70. I've got the Custom trim so no adjusting for me.
  3. Makes sense. I've heard of the "Chevy lean", guess I never really noticed it. Thanks!
  4. So I noticed a slight rear sag on my Trailboss. Left rear sits about 1/2 inch lower than the right. Anyone else have this issue? BTW, I don't do any towing.
  5. If you took it back with continued complaints, I'd say it's on them. I'd want to know why the nuts keep coming loose. That would be a bigger concern to me.
  6. 35x12.5x17 Falken MTs on Fuel Blocks with a -12 offset. Stock Trailboss suspension. Removed the front mud flaps and brackets. No forward rub, only a slight at full lock in reverse.
  7. Fuel Block 17x9 -12 offset with Falken Wildpeak MTs 35x12.5 all on the stock Trailboss suspension. Had to remove the front mud flap brackets and zip tie the liner back but that was expected. No rubbing going forward, just a slight rub at full lock in reverse. Got this setup about 2 years earlier than expected. Found the set of 5 tires and rims, brand new, for about the price of 3 on Facebook. Had to jump at that deal.
  8. I've used this site a few times. Lots of good stuff. https://www.gmcompanystore.com/
  9. I've got that for my crew cab. Completely covers the seat and cleans up easily. Has probably prevented more damage from my 9yo than my hound so far.
  10. I went this route. Looks good and a simple install. I will say that there is increased noise from 2500 rpm up. Doesn't sound great in my opinion, but I'm rarely in that rpm range so eh, no big deal. I went more for the looks and to make cleaning the engine bay easier.
  11. I'm gonna be running the same setup soon. What hub rings did you use?
  12. I've got the Weathertech. Works just fine.
  13. My dad, 61, got his first shot on 3/9. Tested positive for Covid-19 on 3/26. Gotta still be careful after that first dose. He's doing better, but it hit him like a bad flu. First shot probably helped minimize what it could have been.
  14. I'm with you on this point. I do mostly city driving so I'll take all 8 going 24/7.
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