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  1. Mikeyk101, did you disconnect the positive or the negative first? Thanks Jim
  2. Would have been nice if auto makers would have upgraded to a 24 volt system in the past. Now with electric vehicles coming, this won't be an issue. Jim
  3. I know this is going to cause a commotion but I use a little anti seize compound on the mated surfaces of the aluminum wheel and the lug nut. I don`t put any on the threads. Jim
  4. This answer seems to say 63 ft/lbs. https://www.silveradosierra.com/exterior/installed-tow-hooks-new-mod-t2542.html#p20811 Jim
  5. On my 2017 Silverado it was a wiring harness issue. Warranty fixed it. Can't tell y'all what harness they replaced. Probably from the bulb back. Jim
  6. My 2014 had a somewhat same problem. The guy I sold it to said it was a broken wire where they went into the distributor. He found it by shacking them with the vehicle running. Jim
  7. On my 2017 Silverado the right turn signal was out. They replace the harness to the light under warranty. Said it was corroded somewhere. Jim
  8. My car had an exhaust leak that I could only smell when stopped. When driving the air coming through the rad would push the exhaust down the firewall and out so no smell. Exhaust when stopped would come up the firewall and seep into the intake vent for the heater. No smell on recirculate but this is a 2007 so recirculate shuts off outside air completely. Was somewhere by the manifold close to the engine as I could feel hot exhaust if I put my hand down there during a cool day. Not any nosier though. This was a 2.4 L 4 cylinder. Sold the car. In the old days we would put a potato up the exhaust and if the vehicle stalled then exhaust was sealed. It is funnier if you just put the potato up there and leave and start the car and rev it up. Just like a rocket blowing it out. ? Jim
  9. I have a 2017 4.3 4X4 and was wondering the same thing. Might have to pull a 5000 lb trailer. Do these trucks in the WT format have a transmission cooler? It has those louvers in the front that open and close but I can't see in there. No trailer towing towing package so I doubt it. Jim
  10. My 2017Silverado had the same thing. Upper passenger side had corrosion in it and didn't work. 35,500 miles and fixed under warranty. Bill said they replaced harness. Jim
  11. Good luck on the truck. See you maybe in the future. Jim CYWG
  12. Some have raised the idle a hundred rpm to get rid of the idle shudder. They said it worked. Jim CYWG
  13. On my 2017 Silverado WT the bowtie is 1 and 3/16's of an inch from the bottom of the plate around the handle to the top of the bowtie. The below link might help. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=88126 Jim CYWG
  14. Latest I have is the package will be there by the 16th. Jim
  15. Got it. Plane leaves here in a couple days. Not much traffic here in the middle of nowhere. Good luck. Jim
  16. Need your mailing address. Could be a week or two till it gets there. FEDEX. Jim
  17. It is fully assembled so there is nothing to do but look at it. Is that what you are looking for? It does move as I described above but you sometimes have to help it along. Jim
  18. I am looking to give away the rock crawler. Free postage and manual. I will pack it up as best as I can but no guarantees about what will happen when it gets there. Let me know. Jim
  19. Not sure if this is part of the ad problem or not. For the last 3 or 4 weeks or so the back button on my browser doesn't go back to the previous page. All other web sites I visit work perfect. Thanks Jim 2011 GMC Sierra & 2017 Silverado soon to be returned from lease.
  20. It was really weird. I assumed that the transmission fluid lines worked the same as the engine coolant lines. In at the top and out at the bottom. So I took the transmission line at the top of the rad off and put my bucket under it and started the truck. Well the fluid started shooting all over the engine. What a mess. lol Stopped the truck and figured out that it is reverse. In at the bottom and out at the top. Not sure why this is the way it is but the lines could only hook up one way. I figure it is because they don't want the transmission fluid to get too cool. Can anyone confirm the way the lines work in the 2011 5.3 - 6 speed? Not a big deal. Thanks Jim
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