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  1. "Look for burt or shorted o2 sensor wiring. Cats don't fail like that. And if it was clogged you would now it due to sluggish accel and bogging." Unfortunately, I am getting a sluggish/bogged acceleration. Clogged?
  2. Hey everyone ... I have a 2015 1500 with a V8/5.3. It's got 93,000 miles on it and after rebuilding the transmission at 90K (ugh), I'm now throwing a code for the catalytic converter. What kind of issues (upstream) lead to a catalytic converter failure? I just want to cover all my bases here. Additionally, anyone have any luck 'cleaning' a catalytic converter (if it's clogged) either by fuel additives (skeptical) or physically removing the converter and cleaning it? Thanks guys.
  3. Hey everyone, just looking to get a bit of advice. I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 that I bought new. Now has 148K kms on it (91K miles). 6 spd with 5.3L. Though research on this forum and YouTube I believe the torque converter is on its last legs. This truck hasn't towed or hauled massive loads ever; mostly used to haul camping gear, kids and skis around. So much for professional grade - haha. I plan to drive this thing as long as possible (at least for another 100K kms) any advice regarding further preventative maintenance while the transmission is pulled. I've read that using a 2500 HD TC is a good option - does anybody agree? Anything else I should replace while the mechanics are in there? Thanks everyone!
  4. Just made an appointment to get my AC fixed (2015 Sierra). AC went at 115K KM, I now have 127K KM. Assuming it's the condenser; is there a part number I should request to ensure I get the 're-engineered' condenser? Alternatively, any aftermarket condensers that are much better quality? I don't want this to happen again. Thanks guys.
  5. Just spent $28 on new bulbs to rule that out - not the bulbs. No dice. Any other things I'm missing?
  6. Hey everyone! I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 and the driver's side tail lamps/running lamps are not operational. Looking for ideas as to why. Lots of stuff breaking at 120000 KM ... sigh! Brake lights, turn signals, plate lamps, and reverse lights are ALL operational. I've checked the basic wiring around the lamp. The fuses are fine. The ground is clean and secure. The brake-filaments in the bulbs appear to be intact. No moisture in the lamp housing. Anything I'm missing? Probably! ? Thank you for your help/consideration.
  7. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra. 60,000 KM. It's never been in an accident. I've noticed that the rear tires on the passenger side stick-out further than on the driver's side - substantially ~0.75". Measurements off the frame confirm this. I've noticed this before, but I just put-on some BFG KO2s and it's definitely more pronounced. This can't be normal is it? So many idiosyncrasies with these trucks ... like the cock-eyed steering wheel. Thoughts? Thank you!
  8. Hint: Only the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia use the Imperial System. I'm in Canada 24 deg C or 75 F.
  9. Haha - yes super strange. Why would the software even let you do this ... it looks like $hit.
  10. Thanks Thereed! That worked. So strange that GM would even allow you to do that as it looks like $hit and serves no purpose. Regardless, I appreciate your help all fixed.
  11. Issue Solved. Hi Everyone, Has anyone ever seen this happen on their truck? I'm not a huge fan of the Intellilink system. It reminds me of using computers in 1989: it's frustratingly slow (5-7 secs to change songs when connected to an iPhone), inconsistent performance, the user interface is ugly/dated, and the huge screen really tells me nothing. My 2015 has 43,000 km on it and tonight the radio screen decided to do this. Seems to be the only screen (i.e. other screens/menus not affected). I started the vehicle 3 separate times and it did the same thing each time however on one occasion it went black on start-up, but eventually (after 3-4 minutes) decided to boot-up. I will disconnect the negative terminal and see if it resets. As my first domestic vehicle/GM product I have to say I love the truck, but as a company they cut corners and struggle with the details (the devil is in the details). The intellilink system in the 2014/2015s sucks - they must have known this in the lab - there's no need for this in today's world.
  12. Just thought I'd revive an old thread here. Is there anyway of knowing what software/firmware version your truck's infotainment system (i.e. Intellilink) has? Additionally, is there anyway of knowing what the current software/firmware version is? The intellilink on my 2015 is so SLOW. This is unacceptable in this day and age. With an iPhone 6S attached via BT or cable the delay between song changes is about 7 seconds - it's like using a cassette player in 1987. It's not like the iPhone is a rare phone, it's the most popular phone on earth. If I try to skip through a few songs (i.e. hit the FF button a few times), the whole system just shuts down and it could be 10 minutes before the music starts playing again ... if it does. Ridiculous. I'm sure others have experienced this - did you find a solution? The head unit/intellilink is really my only complaint about the truck, besides the two candles I have for headlights. Given the distinct advantages of computers and software (i.e. ease of updating), it's *extremely* frustrating that GM doesn't regularly update the vehicle software. Imagine if our cell phones and computers were never updated. Allowing customers to put the latest and greatest software/firmware on their existing vehicle (within a reasonable lifespan) would be a huge advantage of buying a GM product. I'm certainly not going to drop another $60K just to get Apple CarPlay or a more responsive head unit - so that's failed marketing logic. Honestly, at this point, I'd prefer a basic head unit as I see no advantage to having this large screen which really doesn't do anything useful (I do not have navigation) and is frustratingly SLOW.
  13. Just remember this little diagram, which I found later.
  14. I had installed them quickly, then went back and did just that - hilarious. What an amateur! Thanks for your reply. Big difference in light output. Now I want to swap-out taillights/brake lights.
  15. Just installed these Philips 921 LED reverse lamps and neither one works!? I pushed them all the way until they seated properly. Anyone have any ideas? Solved. Works just fine. Just the installer (me) doesn't work properly.
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