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  1. I have the autodim rear view and driverside already from factory. I'm curious if because I have the autodim mirrors if they would have already pinned the body side harness for the towing mirrors.
  2. Hi Phil, I have a brand new 2018 silverado Lt z71 with dl8 mirrors and I have auto darkening on the driver side. What would I need in terms of a harness if any for this upgrade. I am interested in adding in power folding to the truck. I looked at other posts but no one mentioned the auto darkening so I wanted to make sure before I do anything. Thanks
  3. Thanks I looked into the parts needed to make my own and found that when you convert to canadian dollars, pay for shipping and import fees it's cheaper to buy the factory harness fron gm and cut the ends off to wire in some strip lights.
  4. Awesome thanks for your help. I read somewhere that you could buy just the harness so I called my dealer and they gave me part number 23327843 for just the harness at a cost of 46.80 Canadian.
  5. Sweet thanks, do you remember the name of the place that you bought the connector like from? Or a picture of it?
  6. Good evening, I'm interested in adding in some bed lights and wanted to use the existing factory connector located under the truck near the spare tire. Has anyone found a factory connector and used this to wire in some led light strips? My goal is to use the existing cargo light button located inside the truck. I have included a picture of the dummy plug that GM installed. Thanks
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