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  1. What were the 2 fixes that were done on your truck? Was it just a reseal both times, or was the window replaced?
  2. I have to agree that the shipping prices are crazy high. I wanted the 2 plastic clips for the spoiler and they wanted $22 for shipping. That is not a size, weight issue, it's highway robbery
  3. Did you put in another slider or a solid glass? If another slider was it an after market or GM product?
  4. Can't thank you guys enough for the info. I read through all 223 pages (yes, every page) of the other rear window leaking thread. Some horror stories in there so I am going to attempt to do this myself when I get home (I work overseas). I have been looking to purchase the recommended Kent seam sealer online, but looks like you need a business license to order from them(could be wrong though). I registered on there site to see if they would sell it to me, still waiting on a reply. If they don't, any recommendations for what sealant to use. Thanks again. Shame we have to take care of this ourselves.
  5. Well were is the welcome party for the the leaking window club. I'm in now. 2019 Silverado LT Z71 Crew Cab. Build date 6/24/19, U.S. build. My big question is how do you buy the Kent seam sealer? Went to there website and looks like you need a business license to buy from them. I refuse to let the dealer work on it and would like to do this myself. Thanks for any help
  6. Any advice on how to remove the headliner in a 2019 Chevy Silverado crew cab. Need to seal my back glass and the rear spoiler.
  7. Thanks Silverado4x4. That's kind of what I was thinking. Appreciate the reply.
  8. Was wondering where the fuel filter is located on the 2019 Chevy Silverado 5.3L Crew Cab Z71? Thanks
  9. I have driven GM products for 17 years. Not looking for a debate on the removal of the transmission dipstick by GM. Just the procedure on how to actually check the fluid level on the 2019 new generation 5.3L, 8 speed, transmission. (i.e. the required transmission temp and perhaps a step by step on doing it) One question, if a sure cool thermostat bypass is installed can you just check it at normal operating temp? In other words, if the bypass is installed you shouldn't have to wait on a certain temperature for the transmission thermostat to open to check the fluid level? I'm looking to go to Amsoil trans fluid but need to know how to make sure the level is correct when I am done. Thanks for all help in advance
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