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  1. 2009 Chevy tahoe headlight/DRL issue

    My experience is whenever there is a weird electrical problem, it's usually a bad ground. Good luck.
  2. Try calling GM Customer Service. Dealers are terrible with explaining features. It's not that hard to do. I also noted that the owner's manual doesn't cover this feature. My 2017 has 3 seat buttons. The third button sets the position of the driver's seat when the car is turned off.
  3. Paint falling off a brand new truck

    GM has taken care of me over the years. They replaced the grille on my 2008 Yukon when it was 1 year old and replaced a delaminating steering wheel on my 2011 Denali. They are now replacing a door trim part that is failing on my 2017 Denali. All of these occurred without argument.
  4. The biggest advantage to driving my Denali is the incredible turning radius. I can park my large Denali easier than my wife's Equinox.
  5. Could it be a bad ground?
  6. My Denali has the 8 speed. It's horrible. Harsh up and down shifting especially in stop and go traffic. Don't buy one. The 10 speed GM/Ford is supposed to be much better.
  7. I switched to a Yukon because bottles of water and soft drinks would often exploded from the heat when transporting them in the bed of our pick up when traveling to Lake Havasu AZ in the summer.
  8. Truck Jerks when I brake

    That certainly is not my experience. When gradually braking for a red light it does slow down significantly when downshifting to the point I have to lift way off the brake and creates an uncomfortable ride. Also, when I manually shifted to the lowest gear in heavy stop and go traffic, it would not shift and stay in first gear. Second gear is as low as it will go. The harsh upshift and downshift continued.
  9. Truck Jerks when I brake

    The Ford/GM 10 speed trans is a much better transmission. I have had my 2017 Yukon Denali in to a very good dealer twice. They found an obscure computer program and reflashed the computer. It had to go through a whole new learning period. As time went on I'm right back to where I was before. There are times when I make a slow left turn without stopping and slowly accelerate up a short street that has a steep incline. As I feather the throttle up the hill, it slams into first gear so hard our heads hit the headrest. Once, while driving in a busy parking lot, as traffic started moving, the trans shifted unexpectedly into 2nd causing the truck to lurch forward. I could have easily hit the car ahead if I didn't hit the brakes quickly. Also, I often drive on a highway with a 55mph limit and several signal lights. When a signal far ahead turns red I slowly decelerate. As I get to the light the trans drops harshly into first causing me to let off the brake and making the stop real sloppy.
  10. Truck Jerks when I brake

    It's not the brakes. It is the crappy 8 speed transmission. Mine does the same thing. I was recently stuck in stop and go heavy traffic. The transmission jerked when I took off and jerked when slowing down. If you don't come to a complete stop and slowly accelerate, it can slam my head into the headrest. Unfortunately, there is nothing your (or I) can do about it.
  11. I have a 2017 Denali and have had since new. I noticed that lately the HVAC blower fan cycles on and off while the truck is turned off, just after driving it. Does anyone know why this is happening. I've noticed that the amp meter is charging more and not dropping down like it used to when the truck is new. I was wondering if the battery is circling the drain and not providing enough amperage. I also noted that after the truck was parked for a couple of weeks, the compass settings on the Navi changed. Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I had the same procedure. They flashed the ECM and erased the learning matrix. I found it to be marginally better. I personally would shy away from anything after market. I wouldn't want GM to not cover the warranty. Thanks
  13. I have it on my 2017 Denali. I ordered mine because I couldn't find anything but black interior. I love the adaptive cruise and would never buy a car without adaptive cruise again.
  14. Temperature sensor

    I asked the GMC dealer the same question. According to them, the temperature sensor won't register until the truck travels at least 45-50mph for a few minutes. I've verified this explanation several times while we're in Lake Havasu, AZ.
  15. Hard shifting 8 speed trans

    I did a quick search and couldn't find anyone with my problem. The 8 speed trans in my 2017 Denali is increasingly shifting hard into first gear. Occasionally it will shift hard while slowly coming to a stop at a signal during normal around town driving. The other day I made a left turn slowly onto a street with an incline. When I applied a light amount of power, it shifted so hard into first that my head hit the head rest. When mentioning hard shifting to the dealer, they say that it is the nature of the beast. I sold my 2011 Denali to my son. I am really missing the 6 speed trans. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix? Thanks everyone Jerry

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