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  1. GM had an issue with bad condensers from approx. 2015 to 2018.
  2. This is an FYI for anyone having trouble with the range and performance of the key fob. I was having problems with my 2020 Tahoe's door locks. The door handle button would often fail to work especially in the summer heat. Also, the remote start wouldn't work unless I was right next to the car. Dealership found a TSB for bad antenna modules. They replaced the module and everything works great.
  3. I didn't notice the soft paint on our Tahoe. But I found a ton of trash in the paint. One spot looked like a grain of cooked rice painted over. I also found smaller trash in our Blazer.
  4. Apparently you have an all wheel drive, not a 4 wheel drive. It would be more cost effective to sell it and buy a 4 wheel drive. Not only does the entire drive train needs to be replaced, but it has to be wired into the BCM. Good Luck Jerry
  5. Between the labor strike last year and the virus, GM didn't make many 2020 Tahoes.
  6. The dull reality to your issue is there is NO fix. My 2017 Denali had the valve body replaced and fluid changed to synthetic. Nothing helped. Your only option is to join the class action lawsuit and try to lemon law it. Sorry but there is no good news. GM knew they had a loser and kept installing them anyway. Sort of like the ignition switch scandal. Look here
  7. Just bought a 2020 Tahoe Premier with the 10 speed. It is so much better than the 8 speed. There is no comparison. Ford has been using it for several years and have not received complaints.
  8. 2017 Denali with 8 speed. Don't buy an 8 speed my friend. I have 35K miles and it constantly slams into first as it slows down. It also acts up while "tipping" the throttle gradually.
  9. I have always had luck calling GM Customer support. They have been helpful for me. Also, I have a friend whose Equinox is burning oil. GM Customer Service took ownership of his problem and is currently helping.
  10. GM no longer sells GMPP extended warranties. They use Ally with the same coverage. The dealership offered Allstate; but I wanted what was closer to GMPP. Ally was a little more money than Allstate. However, Ally had more mileage/time choices and it is instantly usable at all GM dealerships, when some are not that universal.. I used to buy extended warranties for my motorhomes. I found the best ones were called exclusionary. They list what is. NOT covered rather than confusing the buy with a list what IS covered, which is extremely confusing. California will not allow exclusionary polic
  11. You might try pricing a warranty exceeding 100k miles. My guess is it will a 3rd party one that is very expensive and full of exceptions.
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