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  1. 2017 Denali with 8 speed. Don't buy an 8 speed my friend. I have 35K miles and it constantly slams into first as it slows down. It also acts up while "tipping" the throttle gradually.
  2. I have always had luck calling GM Customer support. They have been helpful for me. Also, I have a friend whose Equinox is burning oil. GM Customer Service took ownership of his problem and is currently helping.
  3. GM no longer sells GMPP extended warranties. They use Ally with the same coverage. The dealership offered Allstate; but I wanted what was closer to GMPP. Ally was a little more money than Allstate. However, Ally had more mileage/time choices and it is instantly usable at all GM dealerships, when some are not that universal.. I used to buy extended warranties for my motorhomes. I found the best ones were called exclusionary. They list what is. NOT covered rather than confusing the buy with a list what IS covered, which is extremely confusing. California will not allow exclusionary policies.
  4. You might try pricing a warranty exceeding 100k miles. My guess is it will a 3rd party one that is very expensive and full of exceptions.
  5. We buy extended warrantees on all our new GM cars. Some may say it's a waste. However, cars are so complicated with such sophisticated electronic systems, any electronic failure will be very expensive.
  6. I've found that this helps keep the ECM memory when disconnecting power in vehicles.
  7. In my experience when weird thing occur electrically, it's usually a bad ground. GM vehicles do have ground issues as they age. Good luck.
  8. We just took delivery of a 2020 Blazer Premium 2WD. So far the infotainment system far outpaces the other 2 row SUV's we looked at. Ford Edge drove nicely but the rotary transmission selector and the inability to downshift while going down hill was a deal breaker. Also, we opted for a naturally aspirated V6 vs the turbo 4 cylinders in most offerings.
  9. I occasionally get a message with an orange background that shows hands on a steering wheel reminding me to keep my hands on the wheel. I have no idea why it does it. I'm not pretending to drive a Tesla!
  10. Take a look at Scotty Kilmer's video Although somewhat simplistic, he tells you how to check for a bad master cylinder vs and bad brake booster. Good luck.
  11. My 8 speed transmission acts up whether it's hot or cold. Basically the shift patter between 1 and 2 is defective. At low speed and feathering the throttle (e.g looking for a parking spot) the trans will suddenly upshift into 2nd. propelling the truck faster. My fear is that it could cause an accident. It will do the same thing when "tipping" the throttle after slowing and gradually increasing speed. The trans will violently downshift into first, throwing my head into the headrest. GM has replaced the trans fluid with synthetic and replaced the valve body. Nothing has worked so far. It seems to be getting worse with age. I have 32k miles on the truck.
  12. I tow a 24' pontoon boat that ends up being 28' on the trailer. It weighs about 6k lbs. I have found it much easier to back the boat with the shorter wheelbase.
  13. I just got my 2017 Denali with the 8 speed trans back from the dealer. They changed the valve body and installed synthetic ATF. I hadn't been experiencing the shudder (torque converter) but the 1-2 shifts both up and down were enough to piss off the Pope. I'll let you know how it does after a put a few miles on it. BTW, I had to do a full court press with the dealer (who I've bought several cars from) to get them to do anything. The service advisor said other customers were satisfied with the fix. We'll see. I wonder if the new C8 8-speed will have similar problems. Good luck to all of you.
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