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  1. The good news is the warranty on them was extended to 60k miles, and the issue was resolved after MY 2017. The bad news is it cost owners something like $1000-1500 out of warranty.
  2. 18-20 have pretty much all of the bugs worked out. The infotainment system was updated for 2018, so it's a lot less buggy. Otherwise, the 8-speed trans is one to avoid if you consider a Yukon Denali. The shark fin antennas can be defective needing replacement, which is common with the K2 trucks/SUVs and minor. There are also instances of failing rear A/C condensers, but that seems mostly relegated to MY 15-16.
  3. FYI 2015s have by far the most issues out of any MY. Would advise to avoid them.
  4. If you're going used, look at a Premier, there isn't too much difference in price used
  5. If you want the 6.2/10sp, 3.42 rear, and 2-speed transfer case you can't have the Z71 (+X31) and non-Z71 LTZs are hard to find.
  6. Anytime ANY new truck design is revealed, 90% of the comments are "that's so ugly"
  7. If you had a buyback, why did you get another 8-speed?
  8. Isn't the point of going camping to be off the grid? The signal is stronger than a cellphone, but if you're somewhere truly mountainous/rural the connection speed will likely be quite slow.
  9. You can do this and then refinance through a credit union for a low rate (typically 2-4%) which usually equates to less than $1000 in interest over the life of the loan.
  10. I'm guessing most of your current mileage is highway, so the truck should still be in pretty good shape. They will easily last 200k with regular servicing, probably 300k if you're doing 90%+ highway miles. The bottom line is a new truck is going to cost you more money, even at 0% interest. Since you spend a lot of time in the vehicle, if there are specific features (seat comfort, ACC, etc) that will make your life more comfortable on the road, then a trade may be worth it. Otherwise, if it's strictly a financial decision, I'd advise waiting until the current truck is paid off.
  11. Love the bull bar, but does it have adaptive cruise control? To my knowledge they aren't compatible with the sensors.
  12. Welcome! 2019s are going 0% for 84mo, whereas 2020s are going 0% for 60mo. The issue with 2019s is you're limited to what's leftover on dealer lots at this point so if there are specific options you're looking for, it may be difficult to find. The other thing to keep in mind is rebates and financing offers are not usually stackable. Sometimes you may come out ahead taking a big rebate and financing at low interest through a credit union. If you get a rate like 2% it equates to roughly $500-1000 in interest over the life of the loan (depending on amount financed). That being said, I don't know what rebates are offered right now. The price you were offered sounds pretty standard, but of course without knowing the specific vehicle's options we can't be sure. A good source for pricing info is AskCarSales on Reddit.
  13. Is the door open or closed? Carplay will stop if you close the door.
  14. Not 100%, but more than a reasonable doubt. The 8-speed was flawed from the beginning as it was sort of thrown together as a stop-gap until the 10-speed co-developed with Ford was ready.
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