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  1. Interesting. So they can afford a $40-60k truck, but can't afford a few gallons of gas?
  2. Do people really not fill up the tank? I don't know how many people run it the entire way full ---> empty, but it seems pretty common to fill at 1/4 tank. So maybe they just don't let it get down all the way?
  3. I never got why GM never fitted bigger gas tanks on the trucks. Suburbans (and all the competitors) have 30+ gal tanks available.
  4. Even though new cars have gotten exponentially more reliable in the last 10-20 years, batteries are still pretty much the same as ever. They have not made similar increases in quality.
  5. I'd say wait until 2021 MYs hit the lots because of the mid-cycle refresh.
  6. From my experience there's a lot of die-hard GM/Ford guys who would never drive the other brand. However, both of those groups are willing to consider Ram. It's sort of a neutral third party that's still a big beefy American truck. I've also noticed the new Ram seems to be the most popular with first time truck buyers, which considering the tremendous brand loyalty with trucks is a smart move by FCA.
  7. Have you tried replacing the battery? It'd be helpful to see if the problem is with the vehicle/electrical system or the battery itself.
  8. I just wish they'd change the AT4's interior color palate. Black/orange is kind of weird.
  9. 2018+. 15-17 have the abysmal 8-speed trans. 15s in particular have terrible reliability. A brand new one would be the best bet as all of the bugs have been worked out of the platform by now.
  10. All vehicles with the 5.3 have a 6-speed. Pre-2018 vehicles with the 6.2 have the 8-speed.
  11. Stay away from the 8-speed trans. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the same minor issues you would on any other used vehicle.
  12. Look up the lemon law process in your state. If the dealer wants to extend goodwill, maybe they'll let you swap it out without going through the process.
  13. Exactly this. No point paying full MSRP for a mass production vehicle. Be patient!
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