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  1. This. Blind brand loyalty is a dying concept. Switching forces innovation. What incentive does GM or any other company have to improve their products if they know people will blindly buy them no matter what? Do people think Mary Barra is going to show up at the doorstep with a trophy or something?
  2. The AT4 is more of an FX4 competitor than it is a Raptor competitor, GM really doesn't have a true rival to the Raptor/TRX sadly. The AT4 is a great truck in it's own right, but just not really in the same league.
  3. Lincoln is just about the last brand left making plush seats. The "Perfect Position" seats on Black Label vehicles are pretty spectacular. Also, as mediocre of a truck the Titan is, Nissan's Zero Gravity seats are pretty sweet.
  4. I don't think it's a manner of GM having less tech, it's just poorly packaged compared to the competition.
  5. There was just something about the K2s, they had a really classic "Chevy Truck Feel", reminded me a lot of the GMT400s and 800s. I really liked the K2 interiors too, best truck interior on the market until the 2019 Ram came out. The cocoa/dune option was beautiful, and the interiors just felt more open and spacious, even if material quality was roughly the same as the T1. T1 interiors are just too dark. Like sitting in a coal bin, even with the lightest color option. That and the design just makes them feel smaller than they are.
  6. Almost no one drives at WOT ever. Every single day I'm stuck behind some clown merging onto a 65mph (realistically 80mph) highway at 45mph.
  7. Pay absolutely no attention to Vroom's "deadline". With the way manufacturing is going right now, it'll only go up. The worst thing you can do is feel pressured. If you do want to entertain the idea of trading, I'd wait to shop until the MY 2022 trucks come out with refreshed interiors.
  8. Buying the first model year of a new generation is always a no for me.
  9. Buying the first model year of a new generation is always a no for me.
  10. The current 4.3 (2014) is completely different from the older one (1985), they only share a common displacement.
  11. Ram and the new F-150 are game changers. GM is behind the curve in terms of interiors and innovation. Mechanically solid trucks, but don't have as much "wow" factor. A big part of it IMO is the asinine packaging. Ford and Ram let you spec the trucks a lot more a la carte. With GM things are overly bundled into sometimes weirdly incompatible bundles. Then there are just some head scratchers like offering 3 different transmissions and 2 versions of the 5.3L engine.
  12. I never got this. Someone can afford a $70k vehicle, but not an extra $0.25 a gallon?
  13. Dealers and sleazy add-ons are a tale as old as time
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