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  1. Truck longevity

    That powertrain should last forever if properly maintained. Rust probably won't be an issue either in VA. I'd say your biggest concern would be a multitude of small issues popping up, especially electronic stuff.
  2. @Wiggums- Are you measuring in US Gal? Canadian gallons are not the same thing, I see BC in your location (British Columbia?).
  3. It's here, well sort of...

    What interior do you have?
  4. Congrats and smart move avoiding the 22s! Your spine will thank you. Is it a black interior?
  5. Yikes! I know we don't like to use the F-word much around here, but if you're in an area where rust/salt is that big of an issue, an aluminum body might not be the worst thing.
  6. Really? I've never seen it differentiated by segment. It's usually lumped together for both.
  7. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    Saw my first T1 in the wild this week. Granted, I don't exactly live in a truck-centric part of the country, but there still seems to be at least 1 K2/F-150/Ram on every block.
  8. GM vehicles are ALWAYS best in the last year or two of a generation.
  9. Escalade taillights on Yukon

    I've seen them on a few Yukons and Tahoe/Suburbans. First time I thought the factory screwed up or something.
  10. I'm really not someone to care so much about fuel economy, but Tundras and Sequoias get single digit MPG in town or towing, in US gal.
  11. The shaking issue is really individual vehicle specific.
  12. Most of the complaints here are with 2015s. First year teething issues for sure.

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