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  1. They're both good trucks. Ram has adaptive cruise control, which GM does bother to offer, could make a difference on those long trips. At the same time, an independent front suspension might give you a smoother ride. Pros and cons.
  2. Sounds like a case of a bad filter. Maybe the tech over-tightened and cracked it.
  3. First of all, if you need a third row seat that can fit human beings comfortably and have some cargo space, go with a Suburban/Yukon XL. Secondly, I'd strongly recommend against a 2021 vehicle. Avoid first model years at all costs. With the previous (K2) generation, 2015s had pretty abysmal reliability. As for the Sequoia, I looked at them extensively before going with a Suburban, the Land Cruiser as well. The 5.7L V8 is a beast of an engine, but the rest of the vehicle is extremely dated. I also don't like the way they package the options. If you want vented seats, you have to get the Platinum, which forces an air suspension on you (yuck). The interior is just lackluster though, especially for the price point. Yes, they're very reliable, but not worth that awful interior IMO. I'd do a national search for a leftover 2020 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon if I were you, otherwise check out an Expedition/Max.
  4. Magneride is fine. It's been around for a long time and is licensed and used by a variety of brands (including Ferrari) without issue. I'd stay far far away from air suspension. It's the reason why used Land Rovers and Mercedes are so cheap. Ticking time bomb.
  5. You can order a decibel measuring device for $10-20 on Amazon or even download an app. Take both trucks for a test drive and measure.
  6. You're likely overthinking it on carbon buildup. Run top-tier gas, synthetic oil changes every 5k miles, disable AFM if you want, and you should be fine. Otherwise, keep an eye on leaks from the sharkfin antenna, TSB out for that. That's about it though, 2017 is a solid year.
  7. Especially true for extremely high volume vehicles too. If you figure there's 1 complaint per X number of vehicles, and of those Y go on a forum and post about it, there are simply going to be more here than on forums for much lower volume vehicles.
  8. It's under warranty, sounds like the dealer's problem to solve
  9. If you want hard paint buy German, otherwise everything else is about equally bad.
  10. Time to move up to a G-Glass if you ask me. The last body-on-frame V8 SUV with a column shifter. A Mercedes, who would have thought...
  11. Great color combo! It's really great to see something that's not coal bin black anymore.
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