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  1. LS/SLE Trims?

    Agree regarding safety. The thing with safety is it’s not just about me. Most of us here like to think we’re good drivers, and we probably are, but we can’t say the same for everyone else on the road. Here in NJ we get a lot of maniacs coming over the border from NY and I want as many safety devices as possible between them and me.
  2. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    No, it does not. I think it’s because of the power folding mechanism.
  3. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    I couldn’t tell you, but I haven’t heard any complaints. I don’t think it really changes the on-road ride much, the best way to find out is take a test drive. From what I know the biggest factor for ride quality is rim size. One other thing to keep in mind with Suburbans is not all of them come with 2-speed transfer cases. That requires the Max Tow package which is a $500 option. I wouldn’t buy one without it.
  4. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    Suburban has a front air dam spoiler that can and should be easily removed if you plan on doing anything beyond driving on a dirt road, the approach angle is terrible with it on. Otherwise the ride depends on your suspension type and of course wheel size and tires. The Premier trim and Yukon Denali get the Magnetic suspension which is different than the lower trim levels. Likewise wheel size makes a big difference. In my experience with 20” wheels and Mag Ride on terrible New Jersey roads, the ride is fantastic. However, I’ve heard the optional (and common) 22s can make it a lot rougher. I can’t speak for the suspension setup on lower trims. Silverado of course has many different configurations that change specs, especially the Z71 package. Unfortunately for the Suburban, Z71 isn’t available on Premier trim (only LT) , but it can be had on LTZ Silverados.
  5. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    Both are good options. If you're going to be carrying dirty bikes/equipment, a truck with a shell might make more sense because you can hose out the bed, although you can always put a tarp down in a Suburban. Both are great daily drivers, and I don't think you really lose any creature comforts between the two. As for GMC, it's your choice. The differences are cosmetic.
  6. Light colored interiors, 2nd row bench seats, and adaptive cruise are all hard to find on dealer lots, so if any of those interest you, be sure to order them.
  7. Definitely see if you can find info on the particular vehicle for the particular fleet. Big difference between a livery vehicle and a rental or corporate fleet.
  8. LS/SLE Trims?

    I believe the take rate on the Premier and Denalis is something like 60%. Dealers were complaining they weren’t being allocated enough a little while back.
  9. Just curious to see if anyone actually buys Tahoes/Suburbans in LS trims or SLE for the GMC counterparts. It seems like rental and other fleets and even the Secret Service opt for at least the LT/SLT. It's really not a huge price increase and has a ton of features, so what's even the point of keeping the LS/SLE around? Also who wants to pay $50,000 for a vehicle with cloth seats? I feel like with the GMT400s and GMT800s you'd see a fair number of them, but with the GMT900 and K2XX they make up a much smaller percentage of the landscape.
  10. Don't forget the protein supplements! But seriously, I'm about as far from that profile as it gets, and the look of this is growing on me,
  11. I don't know if it's the dealers dictating color combination orders or what's going on, but it's seriously tough to find a Cocoa interior. Which is a shame, because it's gorgeous and will age far better than the black. IMO black is fine for a sleek sports car like a 911, but a larger vehicle with a big interior should be light colored.
  12. Here in NJ our roads look like something you'd find in Baghdad. I have the 20s on my Suburban and it's a much better ride than 22s going over the IED craters.
  13. Ditching MRC options

    Switching 22"s for 20"s is a noticeable difference. I have 20"s with stock tires and the ride is pretty great, and that's in NJ where the roads are like Baghdad. I also have a Subaru Outback and you definitely feel bumps a lot more in that, even with 17"s.
  14. I think they might be a little looser with it in Canada. Here in the US they typically make it an either/or proposition. Get X "extra" percent off sticker (ie bonus cash) or 0% financing. The theory is the customer pays the same money, just in a roundabout way. However, most credit unions give 1-3% interest loans, so one can take the bonus cash and finance through the CU.
  15. Have you tried Toyota's? I was pretty impressed with the system in the Land Cruiser.

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