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  1. IRS on the GM Triplets

    Problem is now with every truck basically being a CCSB, they're redundant. Back in the 2000s when most trucks were extended cab they made sense.
  2. Ram has the pretty perfect ZF 8-speed. It's hard to beat the Hemi/ZF8 combo.
  3. Bargain Beast - New V8 Camaro Costs Just $34,995

    With the C8 roll out just around the corner, dealers are putting regular (non ZR1/Z06) C7 Corvettes out for $50-55k US with 0% for 72mo. That's a screaming deal.
  4. Crazy they didn't offer it in 2019. Idiotic.
  5. Is it a true SB (5.5' bed)?
  6. Good Deal or Not So Good?

    There's a great dealership called John Jones Chevrolet in Southern Indiana where you should be able to get at least $10k of MRSP. They're fantastic to work with. Shouldn't be too terribly far from you. I just did a quick search of their inventory online and in fact they have three vehicles in stock, each with $10k off MSRP. 1 2 3
  7. The biggest problem I see with this is one would be stopping every 50 miles to pee.
  8. Just wondering if anyone had any long-term updates on AFM disablers such as Range Technology. I'm considering putting one on my Suburban when the warranty is up and would like to know how they're fairing on the K2 trucks. Most threads are just people who are thinking about getting them of have had one for a very short period of time. However, a bit of time has passed now so we should be able to see some longer term feedback.
  9. Problem is Toyota trucks/SUVs just feel so OLD. They're all straight out of 2007. Rumor is the Tundra, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser are getting an update for 2021, but who knows.
  10. Just bought a 2017 GMC

    Check the rubber seal on the shark fin antenna. They can break down and leak. There's a TSB out for them, so might be a good idea to have it changed out preventative. The updated design fixes the problem.
  11. Most of the known issues with the K2 platform seem to be with the 15-16s. 17-19 are generally pretty good. There is the infamous 'Chevy shake' to be aware of, the shark-fin antenna seals can go bad and potentially leak, and a few random issues with the Mylink system.
  12. 20% decline in MPG

    I'd check the air filters, tires, brakes, fuel lines, etc the usual suspects. Could also be due to winter gas.
  13. A couple things to note. If you want adaptive cruise control, VERIFY the vehicle actually has it. They all have the buttons, but not all have the actual system. Additionally, I'd highly recommend the Max Tow Package. This gives you a 2-speed transfer case, trailer brake, and 3.42 rear end. That is something to verify as well. If you're going with the 5.3, the 3.42 rear end really peps it up. Honestly, the 5.3/3.42 combo feels about 90% as powerful as a 6.2 in real world driving. Additionally, I don't know if cooled seats are available on SLTs, if that's something you're interested in.
  14. That and the LC’s third row is a joke. It’s worth getting the Lexus LX because you can get a third row delete. The Landie’s can’t easily be removed and doesn’t fold flat. Lexus also has a tan interior option.

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