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  1. If you adjust for inflation they've never really been all that cheap
  2. Third this. Those warranty companies will use any excuse to deny coverage. They will also exclude certain components in the fine print.
  3. GM is a company with probably the best engineering division in the world completely hamstrung by out-of-touch management who make decisions by focus group and have weird internal rules.
  4. The Raptor has outsold the Corvette every year since 2009. Yet, it's still profitable for GM to build those on a bespoke chassis in their own assembly plant, probably sharing the least with the rest of the fleet out of anything. So, you'd figure tweaking a platform they sell almost 1M a year to be a bit better off road and sharing a ton of parts with that same vehicle shouldn't break the bank. I'm not saying the ZR2 is a bad truck. It looks great and is a solid competitor to the Tremor, Rebel, and TRD Pro. However, it's still not at the level of the Raptor or TRX. There is room in the market for a ZR8 or whatever you want to call a top end halo truck with an LS7. It would get people into the show rooms, if price was a bit out of their budget, they'd go home with a ZR2 or Trail Boss. That's how halo vehicles work.
  5. Other automakers operate the exact same way, yet they still manage to launch with better interiors
  6. I’m still not over dropping Cocoa/Dune interiors. If I wanted to be ensconced in all black, I’d become a mortician. This new interior upgrade looks great, I just question whey they weren’t launched with it. GM management never misses a beat to miss a beat.
  7. Nice to see the interiors are finally back to 2018 levels of quality
  8. I've been saying this for years, GM is missing a major chance to print money with an LS7 powered Raptor fighter.
  9. The problem I see is with no power upgrade, on a modified suspension with big tires, it's going to be a hard sell. The 6.2 is a fantastic engine, but it's no match for TRX or upcoming Raptor R V8, especially with the modifications.
  10. To my knowledge, that's going to be more of a Tremor/Rebel/TRD Pro competitor than a Raptor/TRX competitor
  11. With the market as it is now, dumping it isn't the worst idea. You're most likely out of the time frame for Lemon Law. I'd plug the vehicle info into Carmax, Carvana, and Vroom just to see what numbers get spit back out.
  12. People who want the most off-road capable 1500 are buying Raptors (mostly) and TRXs. GM has no answer for that level of off-road performance unfortunately.
  13. The hitch cover shouldn't affect anything, it's just a piece of plastic. The sensors themselves can be a bit fickle in terms of getting exactly the right angle and motion. You have to move your foot in and out very quickly, not hold it. Took me a long time to get it down.
  14. I don't know where you're getting your legal advice, but as a former Alabamian I can tell you there absolutely ARE Lemon Laws in Alabama as there are in all 50 states.
  15. Might it have been a good idea to really go over the truck before making the purchase?
  16. The truth is there really isn't enough long term test data to know.
  17. Someone in a focus group probably banged their head on it
  18. This. Blind brand loyalty is a dying concept. Switching forces innovation. What incentive does GM or any other company have to improve their products if they know people will blindly buy them no matter what? Do people think Mary Barra is going to show up at the doorstep with a trophy or something?
  19. The AT4 is more of an FX4 competitor than it is a Raptor competitor, GM really doesn't have a true rival to the Raptor/TRX sadly. The AT4 is a great truck in it's own right, but just not really in the same league.
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