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  1. I'm on the fence about repairing it. I've had PDR done in the past with good results however if it has to go to a body shop I there is not a decent one within 200 miles-even dealers
  2. That's the dimple just to the left of the light reflection. I checked the other side and didn't see any defects in the same spot. The other side of the ding is sandwiched between the inner and outer fender. At first I thought maybe a piece of gravel worked got kicked up and wedged in the fender but it's well beyond the tire opening
  3. I just picked up a 2022 1500LTD last week and noticed a small dimple on the rear fender that looks like a ding pushing outwards. Does anyone else have issues like this?. It's a few inches below the top of the bedrail
  4. I noticed three quarter size oil spots on my garage floor under the Tahoe. It took the dealer 5 hours to fix a oil filter that "wasn't sealing". Has anyone else had oil leak issues?. The vehicle is 6 months old with 2800 miles
  5. Has anyone else noticed their vehicle having soft paint?. I have a 2020 Tahoe and right off the lot under florescent light the hood had numerous scratches. I had them try and buff it out which only made it worse and left tiny pinholes. I had a PDR company thru a body shop fix a small door ding. Afterwards it left holograms in the paint and more scratches all over the Tahoe from handwashing. Now there's a rock chip on the fender and it's never left pavement.
  6. I've noticed two small dings on my driver side front fender that appear to be from the inside out. The truck has 1100 miles on it and has been garaged. Does anyone else have similar issues?
  7. The detail shop tried a D/A buffer with a light polishing compound on another scratch on the hood with the same results. Pitting and tiny scratches
  8. I've tried to take photos but the scratches and pitting do not show up that good. There are three Chevrolet dealers within 100 miles and none of them have a collision center. I talked to the largest and closest dealer and they use a small local body shop with not a very good reputation. So now it's either live with the paint issues or roll the dice and hope the body shop can repaint the hood to a better quality than it is now
  9. I have a Blue Velvet 2020 Tahoe and need some advice on the paint. In the daylight the vehicle looks great however my garage is illuminated by six 8ft fluorescent lights and there is numerous scratches visible on the hood that have been there since I brought it home. I tried to buff a couple of them lightly by hand with the Meguiars Scratch X and instantly noticed tiny scratches with small pits in the paint. I had a detail shop take a look at it and he tried buffing the hood in another spot with the same results. Tiny pits. He said he believes it's off-gassing caused by the clear coat being applied before the base coat was dry. Would it be worth taking in to have the hood repainted or just leave it as the results may be worse than than what it is now
  10. My neighbor is debating selling his Suburban and was considering the best way to get the most exposure for it. Like Ebay, Craigslist or taking it to the local Chevrolet dealership. It's a 2008 Suburban LT 2wd with 6,000 original miles on it. It has been parked inside and never left out even overnight. The truck is flawless although even the tires are original so they should be replaced due to age. It still has the original temporary registration from the Chevy dealer in the windshield
  11. I'm guessing GM paid the dealer to put it in their courtesy vehicle program and they never did. The date on the door sticker is 11/2019 and the warranty started ticking 11/19/2019. I just bought it 2 days ago with 4 miles on the odometer and no where on the paperwork does it say demo or courtesy vehicle. Just new vehicle
  12. I just bought a new 2020 Tahoe with 4 miles on it. When I signed up on Chevrolets website for the owners center it showed the warranties were already minus 7 months. I called GM and they said the warranty starts the day the vehicle arrives at the dealership. Has anyone else heard of this?
  13. I have a new 2020 Tahoe and yesterday noticed the rubber on the roof rail has a hairline split. Is it just cosmetic or can water enter the interior?
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