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  1. Just picked up at4x and was wondering if there's anything different with the refresh amp vs older models. I'm planning on installing aftermarket subwoofer from old truck and I have the anc delete cable and harness that plugs into Bose amp for signal. I believe it says 2014 and up but just want to make sure before I remove rear seat. I had a 2018 Silverado with Bose but the new truck has more speakers. 12 in the new one. I only count 11. Is there a sub in console like the 2018?
  2. Hello everyone, Need help. 2nd day I owned new truck, heads-up display started to become glitchy and would shut off then come back on. It would have colored vertical lines all over the place then half of the speed would show then shut off. Then it would come back on for a while then shut off. Any ideas? I have an email out to dealer but waiting for response. Too me it seems it could be as simple as a loose connections somewhere. I can't find anything on this truck since it's so new. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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