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  1. This is what avs replied with. I know alot of people getting them tinted themself.
  2. I totally apologize. I am just getting the impression that everybody thinks that I am looking for covers for the Silverado but that isn't the case which is frustrating when I specified the sierra. Didn't mean to lash out at you. Just want to make myself clear. I am really hoping RyanbabZ71 can get me that picture so I'll know if they exist or not. Thank you for the help.
  3. Those are for the Silverado. My argument is for the 2019 GMC sierra. According to RyanbabZ71 he has seen them on an AT4, which is a GMC sierra. I have not been able to find them online for the 2019 GMC sierra. According to avs they do not make them yet for the 2019 GMC sierra. I would really love to get them for my 2019 GMC sierra. I already know that they make them for the 2019 Silverado. But again I am look for the taillight covers for the "2019 GMC Sierra". Thank you. .......did I mention 2019 GMC sierra yet.....
  4. I just checked and still can not find them for the new body style gmc Sierra's. I've email avs 3 times and they've told me not at this moment but keep checking back. I emailed again, just waiting on a response.
  5. Cool. Thank you very much. Their not showing on the web site. Maybe I'll inquire about them
  6. He must have them tinted because I can't find anyone who makes them. Lund makes them for the Silverado and the sierra limited. But not the new body style
  7. I would love for you to be right about this. But side by side comparison, they do not look one but alike. Totally different shape.
  8. Do you have the blind spot indicators in you mirrors. If so does this affect it, because that's where the sensors are for them ?
  9. Anybody have this happen yet. Blueish tint on front and rear cam. Also I get a colorful spot behind the truck icon on the 360 cam
  10. At4 HD are not lifted like the half tons. Just the at4 badging.
  11. I had this happen to me in the first few weeks of owning it and during cold weather. I ended up having to slam the inner gate a little harder and then everything worked. I then proceeded to open and close the inner gate several times to try and maybe free the new latches up a bit. It seemed to help kinda happened once more. So then I sprayed all latches with graphite lube and it hasn't failed me since. Even in freezing temps works every time.
  12. So since you wouldn't answer my email, how come there is no exhaust showing on you website for a Crew cab standard box (6.5ft). I mostly see these trucks with a longer box than the short one. Thanks
  13. Yea. That what I was thinking. I made a comment on there website saying "aren't the trail boss and at4 suspension the same." And they responded with "not exactly". I don't think they have a clue.
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