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  1. I emailed them after reading this post to show interest and this is what I got back.
  2. I feel the same thing. They are very hard and stick into my butt. I'm a bigger kinda guy but still they shouldn't be that noticeably. I had a 2018 Acadia with them and I never felt them at all
  3. So wouldn't that mean somebody can only charge a device with the usb port as long as the lights are turned on? Or I'm just not understanding
  4. If it's colder than -5 celsius it will not shut off
  5. The fob works the same as the tap feature on some credit cards or gate pass cards if you get what I mean. So it don't require any power, so I would like to think if it was wet or even smashed up a bit it will still work. Only Time will tell. Haha
  6. Anybody in the cold Canadian climates have this issue yet?
  7. I had a message on my dash stating that the inner tailgate was open. Even though it was closed I was unable to open my main tailgate because the bcm thinks the smaller gate is opened. Then I bring it to the dealer after 2 days not working and as soon as they push the button, it worked. It has happened to me again since and I just keep opening and closing the inner tailgate til the main one starts responding. It might have to do with cold winter temperatures but still cant find it yet. Need to figure out how the computer knows that the gate it closed or open.
  8. Power programmer

    I asked black bear performance and they said they are still waiting to see if they can but they don't think so, unfortunately. Hopefully that's not the case.
  9. I find them really easy to take off and put on. Seconds really. There was two velcro on the corner of each cover that was coming off maybe due to our cold and wet weather. But I glued them back on and haven't had a hitch yet.
  10. No not yet. Not sure what I want to do yet.
  11. Installed morimoto fog lights.
  12. It's definitely a preference thing. I'm sure I'll get sick of taking them off. But I figure led fogs will be enough for driving in my little town. I took a gamble ordering them cuz I had no idea what they would look like. I personally like the black against the blue.
  13. Give you an idea what headlight covers look like on these trucks. I like

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