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  1. So since you wouldn't answer my email, how come there is no exhaust showing on you website for a Crew cab standard box (6.5ft). I mostly see these trucks with a longer box than the short one. Thanks
  2. Yea. That what I was thinking. I made a comment on there website saying "aren't the trail boss and at4 suspension the same." And they responded with "not exactly". I don't think they have a clue.
  3. So can someone explain to me the difference between the trail boss suspension and the at4 suspension. I thought they were exactly the same but according to rough country they are not. Just curious.
  4. Brighter red emblems. Also reflective. Might black out the chrome trim later.
  5. I emailed them after reading this post to show interest and this is what I got back.
  6. I feel the same thing. They are very hard and stick into my butt. I'm a bigger kinda guy but still they shouldn't be that noticeably. I had a 2018 Acadia with them and I never felt them at all
  7. So wouldn't that mean somebody can only charge a device with the usb port as long as the lights are turned on? Or I'm just not understanding
  8. The fob works the same as the tap feature on some credit cards or gate pass cards if you get what I mean. So it don't require any power, so I would like to think if it was wet or even smashed up a bit it will still work. Only Time will tell. Haha
  9. Anybody in the cold Canadian climates have this issue yet?
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