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  1. After seeing the 2021 Carhartt edition Silverado 2500, I loved the look of the gold pinstriping. I’ve been debating doing the same gold pinstriping on my Silverado 1500 TB and made a little rendering of it. Let me know your guys thoughts on whether I should do it or not.
  2. Thank you! 20” SCA Black widow rims on 33” ridge grapplers
  3. They are the GM factory ones. Here is a pic of mine that came with my truck. They will run you about $900 installed from the dealer.
  4. The Quality Is great! The vinyl feels thick and durable. Just make sure to take your time during install and watch the install video of the “large/medium” decal on their website (video is of him putting 4x4 sticker on the bed panel of a ford i think) I did exactly what he did in the video. I also taped off the area before peeling the old trail boss sticker off to ensure proper placement, however, the vinyl sticker from ROE is a hair bigger so you only need to tape the upper side horizontally and the side closest to the back of the truck vertically. NOTE* when taking off the old TB sticker, it left a lot of residue. I used automotive goo gone to remove this and had to give a good scrubbing, then proceeded to spray the mixture of one drop of dawn soap and water from a spray bottle and gave it a good cleaning before applying the decal.
  5. Added a black trail boss logo from ROE graphics to eliminate the red. Came out great! They have them in a bunch of different color options
  6. Thank you! It’s just a Stock trail boss lift. Believe it or not, I actually bought the truck used from the dealer with 300 miles and it came with the SCA black widow wheels and trail grapplers, running boards and AVS window shades. I know it has spacers, but I’m not sure what size. The tires line up perfectly with the fender flares though. Only thing I’ve done to it is the flares, the antenna and a bunch of plasti dip work haha.
  7. I agree they shouldn’t be used on public roads, but would be great for driving in the woods, just like a light bar is for off road use only.
  8. 13” off road antenna, rough country fender flares, and plasti-dip gold and black
  9. I can second this. I plasti dipped my trail boss LT exhaust tips black at about 1,000 miles. I now have 7,500 miles on the truck and absolutely no bubbling or peeling.
  10. How much did he charge for that? Been wanting to do the same thing, but there is no way I’m putting my headlights in an oven myself lol
  11. That’s what I plan to do in the future, that would be awesome! My wife wanted to finish out, add a kitchen, bathroom and make the upstairs a bedroom and rent it out To make some extra $, but I convinced her that I needed it as a workshop/storage area for my millwork/casework career
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