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  1. My multi pro tail gage quit working at about 5000 miles. The warning says that the inner tailgate is not closed, when it is actually closed. That prevents the main tailgate from dropping. The inner tailgater works, but none of the three methods of opening the main tailgate works. I took it back to the dealer, and he said the left side "piston" was sticking and he freed it up and it started working. The next day, after a few cycles, it quit again. The dealer now says that the inner tailgate hinge/piston needs replacing. But when he tried to order one, none was available, and he is now engaged in a nationwide search to find one. I think that must mean that there are a lot of these things that have required replacement. I have a Leer cap on the truck, and it really is frustrating to have a load of items on the truck, head over into the mountains, and when you get there, you cannot get to the items without body contortions to try to crawl through the opening with only the inner tailgate open. Even worse is the ribbing I take from my Ford buddies about that fancy new tailgate that is not working. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? By the way, I thought the tailgate was a gimmick when I bought the truck, but I have found it to be very useful, and I now love it....when it works. And, there is apparently no manual override. The people who designed this tailgate without a manual override were apparently educated well beyond their basic intelligence level.
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