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  1. Well folks, I gotta thank you all for the wise council on many sides of the debate. I took a plunge and traded my old Cummins for a GMC Sierra 6.6 gasser, I have not yet taken delivery but it is a crew cab 8 footer and the price was perfect. I will enjoy/suffer with my decision for a few years now and some of you will likely get to say ‘told you so’ . I live up north in Alberta and I guess I won’t need my Espar heater anymore. I got it in white, in Fort Mac that is the equivalent of camo for trucks as every second one is Contractor white, if I do something stupid, I’ll be harder to nail...
  2. Thank you for your wisdom on this subject, I appreciate the collective knowledge that this forum offers, I have a little time before I need to replace my truck and the opinions of the group are most helpful!
  3. I am new to the forum and am considering a custom trim Chev with a 6.6 gas of course, I like the simplicity of gas. My question is I tow a gooseneck converted 9000lb fiver, will the gas engine be enough for decent towing? I sometimes head into the mountains. I like simple trucks, would a WT with a diesel serve me better?
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