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  1. Had the one on my wife's old 14 removed and had the one on her 17 removed as soon as we got it. A local muffler shop charged me $60 on each of them. The exhaust has a little more of a throaty rumble and she noticed no difference in sound when the AFM kicks in. Even with the valve pinned open it is a pretty big restriction in the exhaust pipe.
  2. That happened on my wife's old 2014 and I put a bolt, washers and nut on it and never had anymore issues with it. Plan to do the same on her 17 if it does it.
  3. I had the one on my wife's 17 cut out and a piece of pipe put in it's place. Don't have to worry about it anymore plus it gave the exhaust a little better tone.
  4. I had the flapper valve removed on my wife's 17 the first week we got it. The sound is a deeper tone that she is happy with. If you look at that valve in the pipe even in the open position it is still a big restriction in the system.
  5. I had meant to post back over the weekend that my wife's radio had gone back to doing the same thing as before. I guess it is good to find out they are aware of it. At least the one in my 17 3500 is working as it should.
  6. I had a muffler shop do it. They cut the flapper valve out and put in a piece of pipe. I kept the valve but will probably throw it away at some point. Like I said in my earlier post, it is a big restriction in the system. They charged me $70 to do it.
  7. So far the procedure I did on my wife's radio back on the 13th is still working. She starts it and it comes up on the radio screen instead of the home screen like it was prior to that. I guess it just worked on her radio and not others. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. aczr2k, I seem to have fixed the issue on my wife's truck by blind luck I guess. When I was messing with her radio and turned the truck on it went to the home screen like always. At the bottom right of the screen there was an up arrow icon, I pushed that and it brought up the info line across the bottom of the screen. I then pushed the audio button which brought up the radio with the line across the bottom. I then turned the truck off and when I restarted the truck it went straight to the radio like my 17 3500 does. She just told me she has started it 4 different times to day and every time it has come up on the radio screen instead of the home screen. I find it hard to believe that fixed it but stranger things have happened. We will see if it continues to work.
  9. We traded my wife's 14 in on a 17 about a month ago. On the 14 I had the flapper valve removed after we had owned a while and within a week of picking up her 17 I drove it one day and had the valve removed on it. We both think the exhaust tone is a little deeper and have had no other issues with it. To me it was just a big restriction in the stock exhaust.
  10. aczr2k, I was about to make a post about this same issue today on my wife's 17. It does the same thing as you are describing but my 17 3500 comes up on the audio screen each time I start the truck. Her 14 would be on the audio screen when started. I have yet to figure this out so hopefully someone here will be able to help both of us.
  11. We pick up her new 17 next week after some accessories are installed at a local custom shop. With all the discounts on the remaining 17's and making good money from her 14 it was kind of a no brainier. We bought my 17 3500 DRW from the same dealer a month ago and we are dealing with one of the owners and it was a painless deal. I guess the AC system is still an issue from what I have seen posted here but for $1600 we bought a 6yr/125k GM Platinum extended warranty so hopefully we are covered . I will try and report back what she thinks of it compared to the 14 after she has driven it a couple of weeks. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Thanks for all the info. It appears after some looking around here this morning that the AC systems may still have some issues and before we would pick the new one up I would make sure all the recalls have been done.
  13. My wife has a 2014 Chevy 1500 CC 5.3L and we are looking at getting her a 2017 since I can make a good deal on one right now. Has there been any improvements to the 2017 models since 2014? Mainly have the AC issues been fixed? Do the new ones still have the erratic shifting like her 2014 does? Her 2014 has been a good truck other than some recalls and her complaining about the way it shifts. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I have a set on my dually pulling a 17k 5th wheel with a 4k pin weight. They work really well when pulling the trailer and have no effect when empty. If we were to pull anything heavy with my wife's 1500 I would install them on it.
  15. I have been looking at getting a Range AFM Disabler for my wife's truck since she hates the constant in and out of v4. She likes driving it in M5 but just can't remember every time to do it. I to would like to make sure before I order one that it does not have to be re-seated after each time the truck is turned off. I can't imagine having to do that as it would be a real PITA and she will not go for that. Not going to tune it and lose the warranty at this point.
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