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  1. Yes sir. They have a good rep around here. No I do not. Not sure what I would take pictures of.
  2. I paid $225 to have the front and rear shocks installed and an alignment.
  3. My wife rode in my truck yesterday for the first time since I had the 5100's installed and within two miles she said your truck rides much better than it use to. Now she wants them on her truck.
  4. I had a set of 5100's installed on my 19 GMC X31 this morning. Now the truck rides and drives like it should have from the factory. The "float" I had is gone. As the rest have said, just a better ride all around. I had mine installed at a local shop I use and they charged $225 to install the shocks and struts and did an alignment on it. Very happy with it now.
  5. Had the one on my wife's old 14 removed and had the one on her 17 removed as soon as we got it. A local muffler shop charged me $60 on each of them. The exhaust has a little more of a throaty rumble and she noticed no difference in sound when the AFM kicks in. Even with the valve pinned open it is a pretty big restriction in the exhaust pipe.
  6. That happened on my wife's old 2014 and I put a bolt, washers and nut on it and never had anymore issues with it. Plan to do the same on her 17 if it does it.
  7. I had the one on my wife's 17 cut out and a piece of pipe put in it's place. Don't have to worry about it anymore plus it gave the exhaust a little better tone.
  8. I had the flapper valve removed on my wife's 17 the first week we got it. The sound is a deeper tone that she is happy with. If you look at that valve in the pipe even in the open position it is still a big restriction in the system.
  9. I had meant to post back over the weekend that my wife's radio had gone back to doing the same thing as before. I guess it is good to find out they are aware of it. At least the one in my 17 3500 is working as it should.
  10. I had a muffler shop do it. They cut the flapper valve out and put in a piece of pipe. I kept the valve but will probably throw it away at some point. Like I said in my earlier post, it is a big restriction in the system. They charged me $70 to do it.
  11. So far the procedure I did on my wife's radio back on the 13th is still working. She starts it and it comes up on the radio screen instead of the home screen like it was prior to that. I guess it just worked on her radio and not others. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. aczr2k, I seem to have fixed the issue on my wife's truck by blind luck I guess. When I was messing with her radio and turned the truck on it went to the home screen like always. At the bottom right of the screen there was an up arrow icon, I pushed that and it brought up the info line across the bottom of the screen. I then pushed the audio button which brought up the radio with the line across the bottom. I then turned the truck off and when I restarted the truck it went straight to the radio like my 17 3500 does. She just told me she has started it 4 different times to day and every time it has come up on the radio screen instead of the home screen. I find it hard to believe that fixed it but stranger things have happened. We will see if it continues to work.
  13. We traded my wife's 14 in on a 17 about a month ago. On the 14 I had the flapper valve removed after we had owned a while and within a week of picking up her 17 I drove it one day and had the valve removed on it. We both think the exhaust tone is a little deeper and have had no other issues with it. To me it was just a big restriction in the stock exhaust.
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