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  1. Follow Up: I took my truck to Firestone, since I was out of the GM 36k B2B Warranty, and paid $60 to have my tires balanced. Turns out 3 of them were pretty far out of balance. Since yesterday, It rides a lot smoother in the "Chevy Shake" speed range of 70-80mph. I have a long road trip coming up this Friday and will report after I get back. Hopefully I am lucky that was it.
  2. When I bought my truck, I bought new rims and tires for around $1400 and sold my stock rims and tires on offerup for $800, so it only cost me $600 for the upgrade.
  3. You sir, got lucky. There are countless threads on here where people have changed one or more of their tires, rims, rear suspension, drive shafts and still have the issue. I said screw it, and took it in this morning for a tire balance and they said 3 of them were way out of balance. I'll start there and see if it helps.
  4. No, it's pretty consistent across most of the threads.
  5. The consensus seems to be between 70 and 80 mph. Mine is at 70mph to about 75-76. Going to initiate my extended warranty through my CU since the dealer told me I was 150 miles over the bumper to bumper. They must know they make crap otherwise they would have the Hyundai or Kia warranty of 10 years 100,000 and stand behind their product.
  6. It sux that you have to fork out $800 to fix a problem that they are A: Aware of (based on the fact the settled with 1 truck owner for $13 and let him keep the vehicle, and one other owner they bought the truck back) and B: should be covered by the BTB warranty. Turns out, I took mine in last Friday morning only to have them tell me I was 150 miles over the warranty(36K they said could go to 39k and I was at 40,500) and would need $140 diagnostic. I also know the process and order of operations I would have to go through just to get to the point where they would finally either tell me "it's normal" or Lemon Law it. Is it worth it to stick it to them, or just trade it in for a different maker.
  7. So is this bulliten NOT the fix? https://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/DownloadPdf?id=198437 Would like to know before I schedule a service. on my 2016 Silverado LT Crew Thannks!
  8. Now the neck is loose when I try to fill up. Is this seriously the only thing holding this on?Anyone else have this issue and if so, how id you fix it? EDIT:2016 LT Crew Cab
  9. That's what I experienced as well. It was quit on startup, but as I drove throughout the day, it got louder. That's the opposite of what I have been reading on here when it comes to the DI.
  10. It is louder on the driver side as far as I can tell. I had an oil change done on Sat. and it seems to have quieted down. I am off all next week and will take it down to the dealer to check out.
  11. I have a 2016 Silverado LT. I took a video of this noise in October 2017 And again last night. This doesn't seem to me like a DI issue. I have to take it in for an oil change next week and will have them look at it then.
  12. Yeah, but I noticed it which is why I recorded it in the first place.
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