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  1. i bought one of the china vcx nano for gm, you will need some computer experience to get it working, but when you do they work fine
  2. my 2014 has bubbling on both rockers and the box wheel wells, and my truck was sprayed with rust proofing.
  3. do the oem led headlights light up the road better , are you satisfied with the light output. the reason i ask is because i am looking at a 2021 silverado rst with led headlights and just wondering are they really good
  4. it depends on what you use your truck for, if it a grocery getter or do you work the truck. i put heavy weight in the box and tow a lot and trust me when you do this the bilsteins are not over rated
  5. yes GM is addressing the issue, but i have a 2014 chev with 5.3 and 6 speed with over 150k miles. i know my tranny is on borrowed time and would like to get a new truck but right now the newer trucks are probably no more reliable than what i have. and yes it is covered by warranty but your new truck might sit for weeks waiting for parts
  6. looks like an aftermarket tracking device antenna, did you buy the truck used
  7. after you disconnect the battery does the temp gauge work
  8. you need to fix the the miss fire code on cylinder 7 first, pull the spark plug and check it. do a compression test on cylinder 7 and make sure it has good compression
  9. feed a wire through the spring and apply the ebrake, tighten the wire so the spring cannot expand, put a small screw driver under the ebarke lever and release the ebrake.
  10. when it is green can it communicate with onstar, if not you have an antenna problem
  11. on our 2021 we had to buy the whole thing, dealer said you cant buy separate parts.
  12. that many codes makes me believe that a wiring harness has got damaged or something did not get plugged back in correctly
  13. if you know anyone with an ac sniffer get them put it in one of your dash vents, that will tell if it is the evaporator. your leak could also be the compressor seal behind the clutch which can leak and not show any dye coming out of it
  14. yes our 2021 dually does this all the time , we pull a trailer that is 102 inches wide and every time the trailer hits a dip in the road and leans to the right on come the warning
  15. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/4-inch-to-8-inch-upgrade-io4/ the best and safest way to go
  16. our 2021 3500 gmc has done this 3 times this winter driving down the road, it sucks when you want to use your wipers and cant. the only solution is to install heated wiper blades. i installed these https://crystalclearblades.com/products/automatic-heated-wiper-blade-system-1?year=2020&make=G M C&model=SIERRA 3500
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