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  1. at that mileage mine isnt even on the dipstick, 2020 using mobile 1
  2. i had this feature in my 2014 and it worked so well, on my 2020 it does not work worth a s&&t. i have tried all setting and it does not change the volume with road speed
  3. he stated it is for a truck that has the i06 bose system, if you do then it will work
  4. you will need to contact chris at whites automotive services, he will be able to tell you if it is possible for front camera
  5. i never seen a drop on the ground either. they had to remove my fans to actually find the leak. it took them 3 weeks to get a rad and i just kept topping it up, but still never seen coolant on the ground
  6. my 2020 had this problem, it was the rad leaking, took the dealership 2 days to find it. they agreed they could smell it just couldnt find it
  7. there a post on this some where , there is a micro switch in the steering column that can cause this problem
  8. there is a video in youtube about this problem which is caused by a ground strap on the passenger side of the truck
  9. here is the wiring diagram, it looks like you have a power problem not a ground issue. trace the wiring to find the voltage drop trailer wiring.pdf
  10. i have tried them all, duracraps ko2 toyo and the trailrunner that came on the truck. i call them duracrap because they are, at 50 percent tread these tires are dangerous in the winter. bought the ko2 and loved the tire until they were at 50 % and they became very loud but still great traction. then i bought the toyo at3 and it is a good tire but tread life wasnt great and had to be replaced with in a year. i put 40k miles on in a year so tires get expensive. my truck came with the trailrunners and they are ok but at 30k miles they wont make it through a canadian winter. so next i am going to try the bfg trail terrain, it is a step down from the ko2 but gets really good reviews
  11. used the block heater on our 2020 3500 a lot and no issues
  12. i cut mine in half and put a heavy duty hinge on one side and a slide latch on the other because it is to long for the bed
  13. any shock is got to be better than what comes stock on the RST, first mod i did on my RST was to change the shocks. i just had a ride in a new trail boss with the rancho shocks and thought it rode quite well considering it has duratracs
  14. got these codes yesterday on my 2020 rst, i have a subscription with gm software, could you tell me where to look for version number to know if the update has been done
  15. that sux, fortunately it does not look like any structural damage should be an easy fix if parts are available
  16. i would check to make sure the pvc system is working properly
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