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  1. It’s like a whole new truck since putting this in!
  2. Randy at seating solutions has come up with a 2 piece design for the custom trailboss to raise the drivers seat. Excellent product, easy to install and he will answer any question you have. +1 (770) 401-9307 is his number his name is randy. Tell him I sent you over and he will help you out. My truck is the first kit with the “2nd design” of this product and is just what I needed.
  3. I’m not intending to argue either! Just help. All I was doing was correcting you so everyone got the correct information regardless of the OP title, you said all 2019 T1 trucks are DFM, which is false. Hope that cleared it up
  4. Swap was real smooth! This pdf 100% helped big time!
  5. Yeah never go by the dash. They “say” it’s glitches but o swear they do it on purpose for people who don’t even check themselves! Thieves
  6. All the post is talking about is the 2019 1500 AFM disable
  7. Can’t tell if you’re saying you have the 2” level in the front along with the 2” factory lift or not
  8. Would the 2” motofab level clear the tire from the control arm that he was hitting?
  9. I have the 2” motofab level in and I’m trying to figure out the biggest 35x12.50r18 I can run.
  10. They fit after the 1/4” spacer or still no. And do you have any leveling kit?
  11. Yeah but this thread is about 1500 afm and is L82. Don’t want to confuse anyone by saying afm is legacy
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