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  1. Considering swapping out the stock tires on my '18 Z71 silverado 1500 for a set of Duratracs. Stock size (275/55-R20). Have heard a bit about road noise, but I have to think it's overblown since these are OE tires on so many vehicles now, including the new trailboss. I do occaisional off-roading but nothing nuts. Most driving is on pavement, so just want extra off-road capability, good looks, and decent road manners. Anybody running these? Would welcome any impressions from those with experience. I'm sure the noise/mpg/wear issues are real on bigger sizes, but not planning to go big so thinking these issues should be minimal. Also considering Falken Wildpeak AT3 and BFG KO2s. Don't know much about the Falkens, and I'm not sure I want the added weight of the KO2s for MPG. TIA
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