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  1. Mine does the same thing. sounds like a slipping belt almost. Definitely not normal on a brand new truck.
  2. I would honestly say it was 30-50% brighter. If you look back on posts about it, you will see me saying it’s wasn’t worth it and the only benefit was the color, but people said they get brighter over a few days and they were correct. I wouldn’t pay the full Price To buy them new TBH. I think they are worth it used, but I wouldn’t buy it for the full price. You can take that as in trying to sell them or you can take that as my feelings haha. I’m being 100% honest.
  3. Thank you! I also think you should buy the cluster haha
  4. Charger Sold. The rest still available.
  5. Just picked it up Monday. Replacing the 2017 All Terrain pictured with it.
  6. https://instagram.com/0fx2gv?igshid=2gvuqjjyj6qb https://www.0fx2gv.com/ See his Instagram profile for examples he makes bad ass stuff.
  7. Selling the truck, so I have several items for sale. Diablo Intune i2 - i2030 SOLD Used on my 2017 GMC Sierra - is unlocked and has tune ready to load. $250 shipped SOLD Morimoto XB D5S headlights 35 Watt 5500K color temp Replaces the factory 25watt HID on 2016-2019 Trucks Matches the factory LED fogs and DRL perfectly https://www.theretrofitsource.com/d5s-morimoto-xb-hid-B-D5S?quantity=1 $125 shipped GM 84526978 SOLD GM wireless charging upgrade package Plug and Play upgrade for your 2017 and older wireless charger to work with new and current smart phones $60 shipped SOLD GM 84385167 GMC Denali instrument cluster with HUD output Perfect condition Contact Coastal Flash or WAMS to have it programmed before plugging into your truck. $250 SHIPPED AirRaid 200-985 SOLD Modular Intake Tube $120 shipped SOLD Pictures attached, feel free to DM me with any questions!
  8. They still sell LED bulbs. They just legally say they are not headlights. They advise you it’s illegal and they can only be used as fogs or off-road applications. Click any bulb Size and the lights are still there form what I’ve seen.
  9. You didn’t have leaks with the 2.75” going into 3”?
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