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  1. Could be a long shot, but if anyone in the Northeast PA area or close is interested; I’m looking to trade my AT4 18” wheels and tires for their AT4 20” wheels and tires.
  2. Mine does the same thing. sounds like a slipping belt almost. Definitely not normal on a brand new truck.
  3. I would honestly say it was 30-50% brighter. If you look back on posts about it, you will see me saying it’s wasn’t worth it and the only benefit was the color, but people said they get brighter over a few days and they were correct. I wouldn’t pay the full Price To buy them new TBH. I think they are worth it used, but I wouldn’t buy it for the full price. You can take that as in trying to sell them or you can take that as my feelings haha. I’m being 100% honest.
  4. Thank you! I also think you should buy the cluster haha
  5. Just picked it up Monday. Replacing the 2017 All Terrain pictured with it.
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