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  1. Nice. You have any pictures with it on and from diff angles?
  2. Rough Country AT4 4” lift with the lifted struts (not a spacer lift). Nitto Recon Grappler 35x12.5x22 Rough Country s95 wheels 22x10 -25
  3. Looks great, congrats. I was in the market but ended up lifting my truck so I’d have a reason to hold on to it for another year. Maybe once they refresh the HDs….. Any plans to mod? I’m assuming suspension is still the same so should be plenty of options out there.
  4. Lift went on today. Rides really well. Was hailing when I left the shop so didn’t get a chance to take some better pics.
  5. Upfitter switches installed. Not bad at all. I didn’t replace the whole bolster because I didn’t want to take the dash apart. So I just cut into the existing bolster and snapped the switches in. Easy enough. Unfortunately while doing the battery panel fuse kit I blew the inline fuse for my sub amp. Not sure how because I had the negative disconnected and only moved the terminal ring once. Oh well. My driveways is pretty angled, the sidewalk is flat, so the light looks to be shining lower than it actually is. I’ll mess with the angles later this week- after I get the 4” lift put on it’ll already make a big difference there.
  6. Replaced the front bumper fascia with one from an AT4 Duramax (mine is 6.2). Has a roughly 24”x3” opening in it. So I put a 20” lightbar in that spot. Ran all my wiring for my GM upfitter switch and I’ll cut the knee bolster panel tomorrow to wrap it all up. Ran the wiring for the lightbar today too but since I don’t have hot on my switches yet I haven’t tested yet.
  7. Installed black AT4 badges and fender vents. Smoked out the front amber corners. Made the windows nice and dark for this upcoming Texas summer. Ordered the GM upfitter switch kit, should arrive next week so looking forward to installing it. Got a 20” dual row light bar I will be installing in the bumper, have a front valence/ cover from a Duramax AT4 on order which has the opening already there so I don’t have to try and cut into the the stock bumper. 4” lift goes on next week as well along with black 22x10 on 35” Nitto Recon grappler, been waiting almost a month to get this put on so I’m excited.
  8. Do you have pictures of how you did it?
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