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  1. very interested in this as well
  2. this was over the weekend. Detailed it, installed the vinyl overlays on the front, then did the back. Not sure if i got the wrong set of rear overlays in my package but they just didnt work well. Had already pulled the Sierra off so went ahead and pulled the GMC off as well. Looks much cleaner but damn was that a pain in the ass to clean up. Got the system installed- 2x JL 10s with 1000w amp and a LLJ harness and jesus does this thing slam!amp gain at barely a quarter and the Bose head unit has bass usually around -2. Used an old box i had and did some fabbing to it, waiting on some matching carpet to come in so i can wrap it and make it look nice in the truck. Gyms are closed nothing to do and i am working from my home office daily so just blowing money and time on the truck. I was going to order the carbonpro at4 decals but noticed they arent black? I found some all black decals but now i am on the fence as i like the red accent and the chrome does not look all that bad. Are there any at4 badges out there that have the chrome trim but letters are black? not sure if i want to go through the vinyl thing again Got an email saying my new blacked out oil and gas license plates are in- but my county tax office is closed for another couple weeks.... on a side note- my brother came up last week and he has a new Ram 2500. He didnt want to tune it so he got the pedal commander and raves about it. Anyone here have any experience with those or thoughts?
  3. Hey my dad lives right of 80 in Haughton and hits the car shows all over Shreveport in his 69 Chevelle SS. You have any issues with light displacement after tinting the headlights? Looking to do mine here in Texas (my buddy had his Stingray done front to rear including windshield) but a bit concerned about legality. The LED's on this truck are insanely bright though...
  4. Got my truck back from GMC today after taking it in for water pooling up on my driver side mat after every slight bit of rain, slight right pull to the right on the steering, loose door panel driver side rear, and a sweet 4x3'" of missed black paint that my detailer who was going to ceramic coat my truck pointed out to me on the inside of tailgate where the speakers go. So while she was gone I spent some time ordering parts- gotta spend money to stimulate this economy. LLJ custom harness for my 1000W amp and 2 10" JL's- ran all the cabling tonight for power, installed amp, ran ground- will pull rear seats tomorrow to plug in LLJ harness and hopefully get it banging. Installed black front GMC and removed the rear GMC- there was just too much on the tailgate. I'll prob end up removing the AT4 from the tailgate since the sierra is removed as well. I'll add some more pics tomorrow. Today was finally a nice day after almost 3 weeks of torrential downpours here in Fort Worth. Also added the LED license plate lights to my truck and the wife's Yukon.Oh yeah and I love these mats in my Sierra so ordered three rows of them for the Yukon. Pardon the dirty truck, the dealership didn't wash it after service- they've furloughed half their staff including the guys who prep/ wash the vehicles. Just hoping this will all be over soon. Oh and my new blacked out Oil and Gas Texas plates came in but can't have them installed until I go to the Tax office so I can register truck but they don't open back up until April 7th.
  5. Hiley GMC in Fort Worth, TX now has the AT4 with the 6.2 and fully loaded (all options, nothing left) for $14k off. I got mine last month MSRP 65xxx for $12k off.
  6. barely and just for a split second if I am at full lock turning into an incline
  7. Nice! How much level on the Caddy? I have a 2" level in the garage for my wife's Yukon with the 22's but hesitant to put it on. Running 305/45/22 Falkens on it right now. I trimmed the front air dam on hers and it makes all the difference visually. Guessing you're in Austin?
  8. I have the 35x11.50 on my AT4 without lift although I will add a 1" up front in the future just for looks. Yes they are heavier than stock but they ride very smooth for what they are.
  9. So I thought my speedo would be way off like 65mph on the dash but doing 68. However, on the way down to our beach vacation a few days ago, i had my sister in law ride alongside me in her Honda CRV so i could gauge how far off I was. My speedo was at 66, hers at 65. Very surprising, yes I know it is not the most accurate measure but I am still confident I can set my cruise at the speed limit and not have to worry about being pulled over.... I have no regret with the size as I wanted something to fill the wheel wells since the street tires that came on the truck did not look right. Not sure why GM would lift a truck but not offer bigger tires.... Yes, still stock, but will eventually be adding a 1" to the front mostly for looks as the minimal rub I have turning into my inclines doesn't bother me all that much.
  10. They will fit without any level. I have that size on my 2016 Yukon with the OEM 22s no lift no level; the new body style trucks can fit even more.
  11. You'll be able to run 33s on aftermarket wheels, maybe close to a 34 if you have a close to stock offset. I have stock wheels on my AT4 and run 35s with very minimal rubbing turning on inclines.
  12. I always remove badges and stickers but I think these came out great. Look to be professionally done and match the truck well. I also second taking the door badge off. When I get back from the beach next week I will be removing the Sierra and AT4 from the tailgate, ordering the black AT4 badges for the doors, and blacking out my front and rear Sierra.
  13. Yes sorry i meant even during the day. However, the LED bars are illegal to run on public roads no matter what time of day it is and you need to be mindful of other drivers especially using bars that are meant for offroad use only. I know this because I was in the middle of nowhere in my old company vehicle driving to a drilling rig location around 3am for a callout. I had the LED bar in the grille on because two weeks prior I had three deer run in front the truck and well that didn't end up pretty. A trooper was posted in the parking lot of a little church and pulled me over for the light bar and let me off with a warning after I explained why I had it on. The other day it was a 95 suburban with LED bar in the grill, in the bumper, on the roof lit up in the middle of the day blinding people's rear views.
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