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  1. No it's just the schematic, with no other info I can count all wires going into the ECM. And I can see that all those signals go to the display. But if there is a problem with for instance with the engine temp it goes to the ECM and then sends the info to the display So the first thing to see is the back of the display. Search you tube for a guy installing a Denali instrument panel and he shows how to get to it to remove it... if I find the type of connector and the wires I can give more info. If you are used to working on old cars these are totally different and what you think can go wrong it's not. All wiring on these trucks handle network wiring that send signals to and from to modules to do the work, if the module returns a fail then the computer either will try again or set a code. The trucks from 2224 and up will use ethernet network like all of office or home computers. There is a reason why, but I can write a.book about it...
  2. If the instrument panel is the only problem and everything else is fine. the truck runs, windows work, headlights work running lights work, etc... Then I would remove the instrument panel and check the connector, If I'm not wrong is just one connector that goes to the ECM, so there are not to many problems to check. I just looked at the GM schematic and it does show just one direct connector to the ECM
  3. You just might need to check your OBD2 codes. I think your throttle sensor might be the culprit. Throttle by wire. Etc...
  4. Check the plastic panel outside and below the wipers. they get full of junk and the overfill when rain comes it ends up in the passenger compartment
  5. Why not talk to the seller and or the manufacturer of this bar and find out how to hook it up where you want to? I personally would not connect to the factory fog lamps because they are engineered to provide a wide beam closer to the truck where you need it. Versus the LED bar on the bull bar that provides a wide (mostly straight) at a longer distance. I would not run both as I think they would be unsafe and the bull bar LED bar would blind other drivers. You can wire it to a switch inside the passenger compartment, then you can turn it on as needed.
  6. More than likely they are vinyl stripes with clearcoat over them.
  7. Yoiur truck doesn't have an external flasher. The body computer handles that. You need to install resistors in order to not get warnings when you start the truck. I installed Sylvania bulbs on my 2017, they are kind of weird looking but they work by directing the light to the sides instead of straight out, this way you get better dispersion of the light. Thay are very bright. Another way is to change the programming in the truck so it ignores the lack of regulare bulbs. First responser equipped trucks have that from the factory, but an upfitter can do that programming. Most dealers do not even know about this setting and I havve a Tech 3 to access the computers but the new ones have to be called in to a central GM rep that must give you a passcode to enter in the computer to turn that feature.
  8. I use Waze to tell me the posted speed and the curreent speed... but I'm going to order the Hypertech because has a Kalifornia approved sticker.. but i have to buy the one without a tuner...
  9. problem is if you live in the great state of Kalifornia you can't get one delivered here and the new cars will tell the computer at time of smog check that a tuner had been installed and removed.... talking about Big Brother
  10. You need tow resistors, on per light. they connect across the black and the blue wires
  11. They are not replaceable because LED'S last for the life of the truck and are soldered to a circuit board. therefore if they "burnout" you have to replace the whole assembly.
  12. It's much easier to go from the inside driver side fuse box. Go to gm upfitters. They let you download the electrical diagrams that show where you can grab power for auxiliary lamps. The third brake light circuit will not accept any other loads. Plus the harness only has power when the light goes on. I'm giving you a generic answer, if you let me know what kind of light you want to hook up I can give you more options.
  13. Sorry for the long post.... but I felt some things have to be said about the sad state of affairs at GM with their light duty trucks.. 1500-2500 On the soap box There is no better time to get rid of it. My 2017 that I owe 20,000 on it, is worth 35,000 plus. Of course there is no way to replace it in this market. But if you are willing to buy a beater. youll have money for a down payment on a new on next half of 2022. I've always leased my truck because I'm self employed and could write it off. Now I'm semi retired and the business can not afford the leased truck. So I bought the one I have now. I regret it because although I love chevy trucks, they are becoming total pieces of ******, specially the ones we get in the West Coast from Silao Mexico. horrible quality control. luckily I know my way around cars/trucks/computers/etc... so I'm not too scared.. So my recomendation is DO NOT buy another one, lease it if you drive less than 15000 miles a year. GM has been on rush to catch up to Ram trucks and Ford trucks. so instead of spending 3-4 years on testing and getting all the bugs out, from 2016 on they started selling trucks that were only road tested for 2 or so years. So we customers become beta testers for GM. Now as the newer trucks come out since the architecture has been the same for the last four or so years.. then the bugs have been worked out pretty much... The Achilles heel are the transmissions... Would you guys believe that a partership between Ford and Chevrolet worked on the new multispeed transmissions for three or so years.. Multi speed = 6 spd to 12 spd Ford came out with them 5 years ago, even the mustang had an 8 speed and I think now a 10 speed. Meanwhile the same F****g transmissions GM can't get them to survive 100,000 miles on the 1500's trucks. Most of the thing's I've mentioned are available on Google or on SAE.org (Society of Automotive Engineers. OK I'm off the soap box
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