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  1. It doesn't work like that; the length of the studs sticking out from your rotor has hast to be smaller than the spacer you are installing, normally the spacers have to be 2" or more for the studs to hide inside the adapter. But you have some choices, install shorter studs, or cut the bolts. When you cut the bolts make sure you don't over heat them otherwise they will loose some of the temper and everytime you torque the bolts, they stretch until they fail. Spacers are a hot topic to lots of manufacturers, installers and others.. Patience required to read below; contains a LONG DIATRIBE OF OLD MAN MEMORIES... DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT OLD MEN STORIES... This is a story about spacers (true) Some of you were not even born then In 1993 I was looking to buy a 1911 porsche, it was year end for them. Porsche was shipping most of the cars with the widee body kit (think about 6-8" sticking out from the car. they used them mainly to install 11" wide wheels or wider... I looked at the rear of the car and it had like 5" or 6" spacers... wow... The a few years later I ran one of my Corvettes in the Silver State Classic, it's run on Highway 318 north part of the state. Highway was closed for 3 days. I was a (993) Porsche 911 with those big spacers running the 190MPH class, I ran 150 MPH class, it was a timed event so the only time you would pass anyone would because they too slow, if you start passing people you are going to fast and you will get disqualified, some places I was running 170 mph or so because there where places that you could run your bracket and you had to make time... But I talk to the guy on the Porsche and he was totally confident on the spacers... Google Silver State Classic.
  2. Yes, that's correct, In case the studs are too long there are two choices. 1. to install shorter lugs, just remember they have to work without cutting. 2. install spacers that have enough room for the factory studs. Most all have that unless you are installing a "fit all" And again on the danger of repeating myself and being ******, don't forget Hub-centric and Wheel-centric.
  3. Dude... baby steps. I'm into Corvettes and 1 out a 100 sold will be crashed coming out of the dealer.... LOL
  4. Sorry to disagree with you, if you run your truck in any competition, YOU are actually putting your life and the life of spectators, your competitors etc...in very serious danger. actually if the car or truck is entered in a race, you have to have it teched and a sticker is applied to the car showing that is inspected. if they see you don't have hub centric wheels you will not be able to race. Now if you run the truck doing crazy stunts then having hubcentric wheels are even more important. Studs are not high quality steel, try oover torquing them and you will see them deform. Even stock cars have Hub centric wheels, even tough the vehicle has conical studs. I have raced cars, both off road and on track and I've seen guys loose their wheels at over 100mph. there is no way to save the vehicle and unless you have a good roll cage and 5 point harnesses, you will not survive. Hub centric spacers are not that more expensive than hubcentric ones. My truck in the pictures has a big spacers because they are Nissan wheels and the lug nuts are not conical, they are flat with a washer like the old days. If one nut gets loose the car will feel it on the steering wheel. There are lots of things I don't know about, but spacers I know a lot about.
  5. Mine are 2 1/4 but 2 1/2 will fit, no cutting, or trimming. 4WP is the name of the company I bought mine, just to reiterate Mine are Hub Centric and wheel centric
  6. It's been my experience with LS motors with superchargers is the they need to be tuned. If you don't you run the risk of melting the motor if you run it too lean, you need replacement injectors and replace the fuel pump. Plus you need to re-tuned on a dyno. Then it will run like a spanked monkey....
  7. You state on this topic "Wheel Spacers rubbing" Did you put on spacers on the wheels or did you install a leveling kit on the suspension.. If you had to install wheels spacers, then that will be the problem. Installing leveling kits do not "usually"change the geometry of the front wheels. If you used wheels other than factory wheels, then that could be the problem. If the diameter of the new tires are larger than the stock wheels, then that also could be a problem. If they do not fit correctly then do not drive the truck like that, I've seen trucks that break steering parts and other suspension parts. If the offset is different than the factory wheels and tires, then a wheels spacer can help the problem. There are some wheel spacers that are too dangerous and can kill you and others. On my truck I ultimately installed 2.5" spacers to make the Nissan wheels fit correctly. The way to do this is to get spacers that are wheel centric and hub centric. I don't pretend that I know all, only difference is that I'm 69 years old and been customizing vehicles most of my life. I've made all the mistakes also... LOL If you want any specific info I would be honored to share my old man knowledge with you guys.
  8. I posted about this about a week ago, no responses... What I have found out is that GM is shutting off access to us. and giving customers a code to get in and a new website. I can offer some years of Silverados paperwork, but the one I need is the 2016 Silverado, it appears that some changes were done on them in 2015 1/2 and I don't have that info.
  9. https://www.gmupfitter.com:80/files/media/photo/661/2016_LD_FS_CK_PU_100915.pdf Been trying to access it at gmupfitters.com since friday, apparently the site needs permissions to enter. I have the 2015 and 2017, for some reason the 2016 is not in my archives. Anyone have a copy? I would appreciate it..
  10. Save yourself lots of headaches, go to the dealer and order one like newdude. If they have to program it, then the dealer will charge at their hourly rate. I would never trust anyone to cut one for me. But normally dealers don't like to program a third or fourth key. Now if your truck has a questionable VIN, the you have no choice eBay or Amazon. Make sure you don't blow any of the body controllers, because they have to be programmed to your VIN. I can go on and on with different scenarios, but you get the idea.
  11. Say goodbye to scratches and chips. I powdercoated mine, i bought them used, they were chromed, i had them coated semi dull black. I've never liked them shiny. It was about $30 dollars. the rubber/plastic i took off by pushing the clips from the bottom. your should have access holes, look at them fro the bottom. I've powdercoated my wheels for SEMA feature vehicles. Only problem was putting your car/truck on jack stands, and have the tires dismounted. Then have my painter draw a color line at the flat part next to the tires. Mine has a hub welded to jackstands, mount the tire and spin It as he paintstripped it, while turning. Any of you go to Sema.org and search under SEMA featured vehicles and search for lovecars.com. That website I used for sales. Now I use lovecars.co only for my email address. Maybe one day when I get off my a** and put up a real website. Stay safe you guys.
  12. The autodimming mirror is available on ebay, you can buy any mirror that looks like it, as far as the buttons on it. I bought mine that looks exactly like the one I took off. It was a take off form some kind of buick. There is no wiring on the truck for it. On the ones before I think 2014 and older they have all the wiring needed. I went to upfitters website for GMupfitter.com to get the schematics, the connector part numbers are listed Everything you will need, the connector pins and wiring, etc are available from WaytekWire.com‎ No programming needed.
  13. No performance mods. This is Kalifornia. They just approved the GM cold air kit but not their competition. I did install a K&N filter and i ordered with performance rear end gears. It burns rubber off the line, till the Nanny stops the fun. But there's no way I can put a programmer or anything like that.. Don't get me going.
  14. Sorry guys, long post. Haven't been around much lately, with engineering new equipment for mostly garment manufacturers, travelling all over, working 18 hour days. Now I'm retired. Thank God For those that don't know me, you are lucky? I've always modified my cars and trucks. My son and I built many cars and trucks that have been featured vehicles at SEMA. Some sponsored by GM an Avalanche. Some from Ford, An F250 Lifted. Both of those ended up in front pages of magazines. My son decided to get a real job, and I didn't want to continue by myself, the reason I was doing it so my son could learn mechanical electrical stuff. Since he always also modified cars, vans, mini trucks, etc. And wanted to learn from the biggest hacker in the world. This is my current truck and more likely my last, so I'm enjoying to the fullest. Her it goes.. It' a 2017 LT Graphite. Mesh grille black powder coating by Grillcraft 2" front lift to level it. (for those complaining about the pogo stick rear end when going through bumps or whoops, this will fix it.) Homelink from Mito (programable garage door opener) always on.. I hope no one breaks into my truck and gets in the garage and tries to rob old rusted bicyles, dog food, cat food, I forgot my 2002 Corvette Z06 with 30,000 miles. And my Carbonfiber Trek. ls forgot my pitbull that lives in the garage when we are not home. Auto dimming rearview mirror from eBay Auto dimming left side mirror glass with signals, right side mirror glass with signals out of an LTZ from Craigslist and a shifty individual. Left A pillar assist handle from GM 5 2018 Nissan Titan SD Diesel 18" wheels and off road tires from Bulletproof Suspensions in Mentone, CA. 1-1/2" hub centric and wheel centric spacers from Four Wheel Parts in Riverside, CA. Cargo Bed with LED lights GM from eBay Added 6 round eye load tie downs GM from eBay Wired a second 5 lead trailer plug hidden behind rear bumper to install 60" brake, turn signal and reverse lights from eBay. (dont buy them from an auto parts store, I bought mine for $21 on eBay) Black grille bowtie from GM - all other emblems shaved. 2 extra horns same as what the truck came with from eBay. Chevy center caps shaved off in the back and glued them to the old Nissan ones. People ask me if they are from the 2020 HD trucks. LOL I had them before GM I did all the installs, including wiring like GM would put. - All emblem removal by yours truly. 1. In the works... Katskin leather seating. 2. Replace all the POS speakers, one blown already. 3. Wire my Radar Detector Questions? PM Ernie previously lovecars.com now lovecars.co
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