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  1. Do not disconnect any yellow or orange plugs at all, after disconnecting the battery wait at least 30 minutes for the airbag modules to discharge internally. But I see no reason at all to disconnect this unless you are replacing an airbag. Lots of bad guys steal steering wheel airbags, and they have been knocked out by the airbag exploding... also they will explode even when you disconnect them by static electricity.
  2. You are right. I got all kinds of info at Curtmfg.com, has a kinds of info on towing.
  3. My 2017 Silverado 2WD LT with heavy duty towing equipment will tow up to 7,000 not the advertised 10,000 according to the GVWR sticker. To make sure look at the sticker in the body between the left doors in the bottom, it will give you the GVWR which is the maximum rated pull weight of the truck. I thought according to advertising of Silverados for year 2016. they could tow 10,000, to compare with the Ford 1500 and the Dodge 1500 then it was changed at the beginning of production to state that with 3:42 gears it could tow 10,000. But knowing GM with the crappy 6 speed they knew it would not be able to tow that weight. So they changed it lower again.
  4. Tires are not covered under warranty. In the bumper to bumper guarantee you need to take them to the a store that handles that brand and have them inspected for manufacturing defects. If they are then that particular tire dealer can contact the manufacturer to see if they will replace them for you. It's not advisable to run tires that have slow leaks, what ever caused them of is causing the will wiggle on each revolution of the tire and will damage them where they cannot be patched. Most of this info is listed in your service manual. and your truck warranty may be different depending on the state you live in.
  5. Just thinking out loud.... Most wiring in the truck is somehow monitored through or by the computer. That's the reason you can't find the wires you want in the harness. If you see any small thin wires they are computer network monitor wires, don't tap into them or you can possibly harm one of the computers. You can tap into the the box under the steering wheel on the left side of the firewall, if you remove it there are open wires taps that can be used for your purpose as long as you use them to trigger a relay connected directly to the battery with at least a 10 amp fuse. I went to hook up signal mirrors and found out that they needed to be hooked up to the under the steering wheel main body computer. Go to https://www.gmupfitter.com/ and find the schematics for your truck, and there you will find out how to hook up accessories. You have to get special connectors and a special crimper so you can insert the needed wires into the empty cavities of the BCM. I can help but will not be responsible for any damage. or errors, you will have to follow the wires that you need to use and plug the in where they are needed. Also you will need a copy if your option list because most diagrams are different depending on the option. Or you can wing it but be very careful and test the wires for 12v if they are 3volts and the ohm meter needle or display can't catch up then those are network wires that work like the back of your cable modem where the ethernet wire is connected. I forgot in some cases you have to install a diode to stop feedback into other circuits....
  6. depending on what wheel you are installing, the spacers width will determine the difference from stock wheels. I you are just trying to widen the stance then you have to be careful because most thin spacers use the exiting studs, thereby putting extra force on them and they sometimes snap off and your wheel will come off. Fix for these is to install racing studs, they are longer and stronger. I personally installed a set of Nissan Titan WD Diesel 18" wheels and I needed a 2.5" spacer because their offset, The spacer is hub centric and wheel centric, which means that they fit the hub like the stock wheels and they fit the wheels hub also. In that case if your lugnuts loosen the wheels will not wobble and break the studs. Also the spacer accepts the conical nuts like factory and you tighten those, then you install the wheel and the corresponding wheel nuts. So the width of the billet spacer holds the weight of the truck on them, not just the lug nuts. You can buy 1/2 spacers at any parts store, but I personally don't recommend them, get wheels with a bigger offset. I've built show cars/tucks for many years, mainly for SEMA where your vehicles may want to be duplicated by the car manufacturers or let dealers duplicate them and maintain factory warranties. The track on most GM trucks is wider in the front than the rear. If you put spacers the same width the track will be the same as factory
  7. Sorry long post Have had this problem with my 2017 LT 2wd, 1500, crew cab, short bed, has 25000 miles, 10,000 towing rear end ratio. Have had it at the dealer, at least 5 times, no fix, no TSB's, no oil change (same problem with 2500 trucks, fix was to replace the trans fluid because the one they put in was not the correct one. they had a recall) They wouldn't do anything, I wanted to do a Lemon Law complaint, in CA you can do it. some people think that this is only valid while the 36,000 miles or 3 year bumper to bumper. But the running gear is guaranteed to the 50,000 or 5 yr. So the problem I have is that the 3:42 rear end ratio. And I can't find that normally on a 1500 in california. When I bought mine it was one of three 2017's they had. So it was pretty happy with it.. I have also upgraded it myself to what an LTZ would have, signal mirrors, auto-dimming rear view mirror with auto-dimming left side mirror, programmable garage door opener, etc. Also shaved off all emblems, GM bed lighting, K&N filter, Nissan Titan XD diesel Tires and Wheels (5 of them). a second set of matching horns. big trailer connector extension to give me a 4 or 5 prong trailer connector to connect a below tailgate LED lights. Grillcraft mesh grille insert. GM running boards flat ones, chrome and powder coated semi-gloss black. So If I change the truck I would have to remove all this stuff, because I would not want to give GM the stuff that I installed.... At least I have a 6 year, 100,000 mile $100 deductible insurance. which would cover the tranny if it goes to hell. Good thing is that there are lots of Silverados with lots of miles with them with the exact driver train. And my truck will burn rubber off the line and surprises tons of other Silverado owners from Stop lights to Stop signs....
  8. I'm lucky that I bought an extended warranty to 100,000. I have a 2017 Silvy LT, I have only 24000 miles on it, I didn't drive it for 2 years. Meanwhile my truck ran out of the bumper to bumper warranty. About 3 months ago, I notice one of my rear shocks leaking, dealer wanted $367 to replace both with my extended warranty $100. I first priced two rear shock and the price was more than $100 plus labor. I can't believe the POS shocks on the truck that lasted just 24,000 miles. I'm getting sick and tired of the lack of quality that these trucks suffer from. Also, have you guys replaced the Vacuum Pump? there was a software update, but it made the truck turn on the ABS just backing up in my driveway. Suddenly I lost my power brakes... went to the dealer and they replaced the Vacuum Pump, no charge. They never informed me, but the warranty is extended to 25,000 miles for that part only..
  9. Febreze, before the ozone thing also put a box of Baking soda make sure it's the one with the mesh on the side or you can just work it onto the carpet and wait a couple of days, vacuum then repeat, tht lifts the smell right off the carpet. If you have a good steamer then you may want to try it before the baking soda. Next time do what do on my 2017 Silverado is to put in mud floor mats
  10. I hope this info will help. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2019-GM-UPFITTER-CHEVY-GMC-JUNCTION-BLOCK-CONNECTOR-AUX-SWITCHES-15547108/222378277124 This company will provide you with a complete solution. That is if you are looking for these parts, they connect from the switches to the connector box under the dash.
  11. SORRY - I sent it before I could finish the post.. The connections you are looking at are GPS plugs, GPS satellite signals are very touchy, that's the reason for two plugs, also it can search more that one satellite at at a time. The radio you want looks like any other radio antenna plug, except it uses the small plug that has been used for the last 10 years. And there are tons of adapters sold everywhere. As for splitting the antenna for a CB yes you can do it, make sure you are not running the stock transmitting power which is .05w. then it's not that powerful to cause damage to the finals. Being not matched or adjusted not adjusted for the radio wave is no problem, because everytime you change the channel the antenna is off already. Now if you are running 5w to 20w then yes, you will blow the finals off the transmitter and maybe other parts. The outside antenna connector connects to the real radio which is a box in back of the glove box. The screen is actually a display and converts touches to analog signals that the radio can understand. .
  12. How much for the rear shocks?? I live close to Ontario Airport
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