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  1. Are the 1999-2002 pewter truck beds the same style/color as the 2003? I have a 03 light pewter metallic hoping to find a replacement bed already painted? Any ideas where to look and guess on how much to paint if I can't find one in pewter?
  2. Anyone have a rough estimate on cost to replace all fuel lines on a 04 Silverado with parts and labor - having a shop do it? Or is this a do able diy
  3. This is in regards to the 01 Silverado I posted about a few days ago. It is solid blue, paint is in good shape. Planning on replacing rockers in somewhat near future. Always have liked two tones, Would it look bad to just paint the lower half of truck pewter or dark gray after new rockers. Didn't know if it would like mismatched w original paint up top - which is in good condition- and fresh paint on lower half
  4. 2001 silverado

    Also it has the wide chrome trim above the rockers which I hate. What's the best way to go about removing this? Not sure how long it's been on there so I don't want it to look like crap after I remove it
  5. 2001 silverado

    Any suggestions how to remove it if I am not going to weld new ones in right away? Is it easy to cut out?
  6. Looking at a low mileage 01 Silverado. Looks to be in pretty good shape with the exception of the rockers. Not that they look that bad but the previous owner spray foamed the inside. Will this cause it to rust worse? Would you recommend taking all of it out for now and welding new rockers in the future? I don't really want to spend the money putting new rockers in right away but maybe within a year or so.
  7. Hello looking at purchasing a 03 half ton ext cab RWD w low miles, good shape. Couple questions I had. It has a msd super conductor - what is this and should I leave it? I want it to have the look of a stock 4wd. What do you recommend? 2 in leveling kit?
  8. Is 200,000 miles too much for a 03? It's rust free southern truck. Will be driving around 10,000 miles a year and plan on keeping 2-3 years at least. Anything to look for specifically?
  9. Recently purchased log home. Has log walls inside on outside walls with wood tongue and grove planks on ceiling and interior walls. Looking to brighten it up some while leaving the actual logs alone, probably. Can drywall be applied directly over the tongue and groove wood plank? Suggestions? Pictures?
  10. Considering buying an 03 Silverado from a concrete company. It has under 100k and was used the last 5 years or so by the company. The interior and exterior needs a little tlc as you could imagine. There is some concrete splatter on the exterior that I'm guessing has been there for awhile. Any way to remove this?
  11. Honda Civic hybrid

    Looking at purchasing an additional vehicle for work. There is a one owner 06 Honda Civic hybrid with 110k and a new hybrid battery for $3500. I know nothing about these. Would this be a reliable work vehicle? What mpg and how does the hybrid work? Price sound fair?
  12. What if?

    I'd do option 1. Cheapest upfront cost, cheapest repair and maintenance cost and best looking truck of all options in my opinion
  13. King size bed

    Anyone know a good store or website to get a good king sized bed? Looking to spend as little as possible while not getting a complete pos but also don't need anything special
  14. Soft personal loan

    Credit is average looking to consolidate about $10k. Didn't know if you can transfer that much to card. Dk if online personal loan or balance transfer card would be the better option
  15. Soft personal loan

    Consolidating high interest credit debt

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