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  1. I am debating on buying a 1400 psi electric pressure washer for washing my truck. I currently have a gas powered 2000 psi pressure washer which I do not wash my truck with but use for other tasks around the property. I would think the gas powered is a little too much for washing vehicles and don't want to damage paint. However I would like to buy a foam cannon for washing vehicles. Would I just better off using foam cannon with gas powered pressure washer to apply foam and then switch to garden hose - which kind of seems like a pain but I guess wouldn't be too big of a deal, or buy the electric pressure washer to do the foam and wash of the truck? Just curious what methods other people use with the foam cannon / pressure washer / garden hose. Thanks
  2. After removing running boards from silverado, discovered some rust behind them on the lower part of the rockers. For the most part the rockers are still in pretty good shape, no holes but there are a couple of small spots that the running boards were covering that look bad enough that they could be rusted through if I sanded down. Looking for some options. I will not be replacing rockers for the next couple years due to not wanting to spend the money right now and overall they are still in good shape minus the couple spots mentioned, so that is not an option at this point. Would I be better off trying to apply rust stop or bondo and make it look decent for the next couple years or I've heard of various rocker panel covers - randy redneck rockers, bushwacker covers, quick covers, etc? didn't know if one was better than the other? looking for any suggestions.
  3. Bought a silverado 1500 that came with Luverne running boards that I am looking to remove. They are the ones that are attached to the rocker panels. The mounting brackets and bolts are badly rusted. I tried soaking in pb blaster and can't get it to budge. Any other suggestions on removing these?
  4. I have a 2005 silverado 1500 crew. Rockers are in good shape but at the bottom of both front fenders there are areas where it is rusted, paint was bubbling and now chipping away. Trying to decide what would be the best option. To find fenders at a local junkyard that are already painted same color as my truck or ebay? Any idea average cost would be for this and how difficult is it to put them on yourself? Also if I decide to hold off on that for now, any suggestions on any cheap rust repair I can do myself to make it look decent for another year or so? Thanks
  5. Aesthetic. I like the look of the silverado half tons better when they have a leveling kit. I don't mind the front a little lower than the rear but not as much as they are stock. That is why I figured a inch to an inch and a half with cranking the torsion bars should give me the look I am going for.
  6. Great, I think that is the way I will go. I plan on leaving the stock tires on for now. Will this look bad with the truck leveled? Or since I’m not going more than 1.5 in will it look ok?
  7. Do leveling kits put less stress on cv joints/ball joints or are they going to wear out faster regardless if it’s a kit or torsion bars cranked? Just trying to level truck out easiest cheapest way
  8. Would I be putting any extra stress on suspension by just cranking torsion bars? That’s what I’m leaning towards beings only want to go 1.5 in or so.
  9. Wanting to level 2005 silverado out. Would a 1.5 in leveling kit be the way to go? Any cheap, decent ones that you can recommend? Or would it be just as good cranking torsion bars to achieve this? Didn't know if there was any real benefit to a leveling kit vs torsion bars if I am just going to go with 1.5 in.
  10. Looking to raise front end a bit on 2005 silverado 1500. Not a lot just to level it out a bit, thinking about a 1.5 in leveling kit. Is there any benefit to doing leveling kit vs cranking torsion bars? Price and recommendations for 1.5 in leveling kit?
  11. The power steering reservoir is full and there are no signs of leaks at all
  12. 05 Silverado whining while turning. Power steering fluid good and doesn't appear to be any leaks, anything else to check?
  13. Any guess on avg cost for body shop to paint white
  14. Have a clean 05 Silverado 1500, only rust at bottom on both sides front fenders. Debating whether to patch for a cheap temporary fix or replace both fenders. Any advice on patching? And if I go with replacing the fenders, any idea on cost? If I could find some used that match my truck color would they stick out ?
  15. I have a 2000 psi gas pressure washer. Was going to look into purchasing foam cannon for it. Is it safe to wash my truck with this or should I consider downgrading to an electric model? Was possibly looking at greenworks 1500 psi electric and the green works foam cannon, any recommendations ? Or is it better to use pressure washer only for foam cannon ?
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