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  1. I have a 2000 psi gas pressure washer. Was going to look into purchasing foam cannon for it. Is it safe to wash my truck with this or should I consider downgrading to an electric model? Was possibly looking at greenworks 1500 psi electric and the green works foam cannon, any recommendations ? Or is it better to use pressure washer only for foam cannon ?
  2. Update - cleaned maf sensor. Check engine light went off for about a day then back on. Has stayed on then once every few days it will disappear for half of the day then come back on. Going to check for vacuum leak fuel pressure etc. also wanted to ask if it is ok to run 87 super unleaded - that contains 10 percent ethanol I think? It's an 05 w 5.3 vin code t - not the e85 capable.
  3. I don't want to crank them all the way just a bit to make the front end somewhat level maybe an inch or two max? Not sure if that would still cause any issues?
  4. Check eng light came on 05 Silverado. MAF sensor , and the 2 lean codes mentioned above. Sometimes the engine light will go off for awhile then come back on. Runs good, no misfire. Would cleaning the maf take care of that code and any ideas on the others? Am I hurting anything by driving it until fixed
  5. Looking to level out truck a bit, is there any issues with adjusting torsion bars a bit besides a little rougher ride? Nothing crazy probably an inch to inch and a half at most
  6. Did you remove bed or just paint what you could get to?
  7. Is there any need to wire wheel away the rust or is por 15 designed to just paint over?
  8. Looking to clean up frame and undercoat 05 Silverado. Not going to remove bed or anything just going to work on this as time permits. What is the best way to go about this and what product do you recommend?
  9. How would I tell if it's bad? It seems to run good. Would it be a matter of just replacing the lifters if it goes bad? How much for an engine rebuild or used replacement? Is it possible it is still ok from afm issues?
  10. Looking at a 07 sierra 1500 nbs w the 5.3. If I buy I plan on buying a range to disable the afm immediately. Afm aside are these motors as reliable as the previous generation 5.3? It has 164k on it now, looking to get 3-4 good years out of it driving 15k a year at the most. Is that realistic and is there any other major issues with 07-13 gm trucks
  11. Found a 07 Silverado 1500 classic crew I'm leaning towards buying. Lower miles and truck is in pretty good shape with the exception of some rocker panel rust. Not sure I want to stick money into replacing them right away. What rocker panel covers do you recommend and is there anything I should do to the rust prior to putting them on? Also what is the proper way to paint these to match the truck? Then maybe a few years down the road I'll decide if it's worth replacing them or not
  12. Looking at buying a 2008 Silverado 1500 ls crew 4x4 158k for $9000. Rust free. Does this seem like a good deal and also is it realistic to a good 4-5 years without dumping a ton of money into it besides normal wear and tear. It'll be a daily driver putting on roughly 15,000 miles a year. Also it has the 4.8 so no afm issues to worry about.
  13. And you think a body shop wouldn't have a problem painting a new door to blend in with the two tone paint?
  14. Looking at purchasing a 05 Silverado. In pretty good shape with minimal rust minus rust hole at bottom of rear extended cab door surrounded by paint bubbling/breaking. What is the best way to go about fixing this since the bottom of the door has been eaten away by rust? Or would it be easier to find a used door and have it painted to match? It is two tone black/pewter.
  15. Looking at a couple trucks, ones a 05 Silverado 1500 with 175000 miles and the other is 07 nbs w 150k. Is it unrealistic to expect to get many more years out of either of these trucks without completely breaking the bank? Both reasonably good shape w normal rust for year. If something big does go wrong, tranny, engine problems etc are they reasonably cheap to fix given the large quantity of 5.3 l, parts etc out there?
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