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  1. Have been looking at chevy cars for a few weeks now. Decent cars in general are hard to find in the area and most are way over priced. I've come across a 13 nissan sentra s auto trans with 120k at a local reputable auto sales/repair shop. It is a rebuilt title - axle, tie rods etc, no body work or frame damage. The body and interior are in exceptional shape for a 10 year old car. I've never owned a Nissan and know nothing about them but this seems to be about the best deal I've come across in my search. Does anyone know much about this model year of sentras? I'm assuming fuel economy is good. Probably be putting 15k a year on and would like to get a good 5 years out of it. More wondering about reliability, common issues etc
  2. Now have it narrowed down to a 16 cruze limited 54k or 15 sonic LT with 87k. Both with the 1.8. Leaning towards the sonic because of the much lower price. And that one comes from reputable dealership that includes a lifetime power train warranty. Be using as a work commuter putting on 10 to 15k a year. Anyone have experience with the sonic?
  3. The malibu got sold before I had a chance to look. Now looking at a 16 cruze limited ls with the 1.8 and a 17 chevy sonic with 1.4 turbo. Both around 50k for miles
  4. Well nevermind on that one, it sold before I got a chance to look at it. But I may be looking at a 2011 malibu 2.4 4 cyl with 54000 miles. How would this compare in terms of reliability
  5. Looking at a 13 cruze lt1 with 87k for a work commuter. Are there any common problems with this model year or a generally reliable car? Will probably be putting on 10 to 12k a year
  6. Looking at buying a 11 equinox awd 50000 miles 4 cyl as a commuter vehicle. What kind of mpg can I expect? Also I've heard some bad about the 4 cyl in these but didn't know if that was just like every other engine you hear good and bad or if it is junk?
  7. Looking at buying a 04 Silverado 1500 4x4 ext cab with 140000 miles from private party for $2500. Body is in good shape for the year. Runs and drives good. Oil pressure is at about 20 psi at idle and 40 to 45 psi when driving. Owner also said burns about 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. Is the oil pressure about normal or low? Just debating on even if worst case scenario, the engine needed replaced down the road beings its a cheap truck in good shape if it'd still be worth it? Approx cost for engine rebuild or finding a used 5.3 and paying some one to swap?
  8. 2017 Silverado 1500 has a tick about every second at idle. Sounds like a grandfather clock. Not obnoxiously loud but can definitely hear it. Is this normal or cause for concern? 70k miles
  9. With this one being private party sale - is there a way to check history by vin number for free? If not, is it worth paying the fee to check and if so, what one is best? Autocheck, carfax?
  10. Well the 2010 turned out to be not rust free. Frame and wheel wells were starting. And the 2015 sold before I got a chance to look. But now came across a 2017 crew 1500 4x4 with 65k private party for 30k. Nada book value is over 37k. Would you have any hesitation buying a 5 yr old truck with 65k? It's seems like a good price
  11. The 2010 I was looking at was worse in person. A couple other options arose - a 2015 Silverado 1500 lt crew 4x4 with 40k for $33k - is the 2015 much different than the 2014? Any of the first year bugs worked out? And the other option a 2011 crew 4x4 LT z71 with 40k original owner miles with a bunch of extras installed - tow mirrors, aftermarket tires/rims, leveling kit, etc - very nice rust free truck for $25k.
  12. My other top option right now is a 2010 Silverado crew 4x4 with 34000 miles for $20k. In good shape besides rust was starting above rear wheels. The dealership had a locsl reputable body shop prep, treat and rust prevent before putting painted flares on. Obviously I'm sure at some point down the road the rust will spread, at which time either bedside replacement or new bed would be options. Compared to prices of 2014 and newer, I can't help but lean towards this one with the extremely low miles and decent price. Thoughts?
  13. It's a rare find around here to get a CPO 17 or 18 with 50k miles for $35000. I just found one the other day and was going to look at it but it sold same day. Maybe I'll keep looking since it sounds like the 17 / 18 are quite a bit better than the 14? Besides front end styling, what are the other upgrades that make it worth it?
  14. It is a crew 1500 4x4 z71. Looks very well taken care of. Are truck prices actually going to go down substantially in the near future? I'm not convinced they are.
  15. The truck I'm looking at, a 14 Silverado 1500, with 50k miles for $29,900. I've heard mixed reviews on the 2014 model year. Never know if it's just bad luck that some have had as with any other model year or legit. Can I expect the same reliability I had with my previous generation Silverado?
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