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  1. Also, I'm not sure what these are for, but one of those red clips was popped down in the position to disconnect it. I wonder if that, or something else is loose, and when it heats up outside they separate a little. That's the only thing I can think of since it only happens when it's hot
  2. I found the connector, but can't tell if anything's wrong. Here's what I'm wondering, I got a stereo system hooked up when I first got my truck. I'm not sure exactly how they ran the wires, but it looks like they went into this under my dash, because there's electrical tape on it. Is it possible that isn't getting a good connection when it heats up outside and messes with it? The radio doesn't ever cut out though
  3. Do you remember what year the guy is working on? There's a few videos dealing with the instrument panel, but each one looks a little different.
  4. Ok thanks! I'll look for the video and where to find the ECM. Is there a way to test and see what's bad?
  5. Will the GM schematic show me exactly what I need to look at? I'm at work, but I'll definitely check the suggestions when I get home.
  6. Fairly new to posting here, so please let me know if this question would do better in another spot. I have a 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT. About 2 years ago when it was hot out,I started my truck, and the dash started flashing through all of the warning signs(seat belt, air pressure, pretty much every warning). None of my gauges worked on the dash, but my infotainment system worked, and my lights, including blinkers, on the outside worked. After running it for about ten minutes, it like reset itself and the dash started working. It was under warranty at the time, but only happened once. Now, my truck is no longer under warranty, and it happens every single time it's hot outside. The dealership said they'd have to keep my truck for awhile to let it mimic the issue, and I know they will charge me out the ass just to find the problem, before asking for a couple grand to fix it. Considering it only happens when it's hot, I feel like something is expanding and making a connection issue. Has anyone had any experience or heard of this? I would greatly appreciate any advice on what to look for it how to test the issue. I did use a tester while it was doing it last time, but no codes came up. I'm really confused.
  7. So basically at the end of the day, 12mpg is just the life of having a big truck huh? I guess I'm just surprised that some people are still getting 18-20 with a similar setup. I was trying to read other conversations on different topics in these forums, but when I go into one, the conversations are like back in 2013. Are these discussions still going on from back then, and I have to skip forward to the last pages? Im brand new to this forum, and I figured out how to post a topic, but not find other new ones.
  8. Holy crap, it'll make that much of a difference to change the speedo? What's the easiest way to do that, take it to a mechanic? Are you getting this numbers with a similar lift and tires?
  9. Geez,I sure as hell hope I'm not getting any less than that lol. I've hand calculated it a few times, and it's been pretty close to the computer. I suppose that also depends if the pump is stopping at the same exact time every time I fill up as well. Here in Oregon, they pump our gas for us.
  10. I just thought of something (sorry to ask so many questions lol): are you saying it sounds like the previous owner "did" do some sort of tuning or adjusting to make up for the lift and tires?
  11. If I remember correctly, the full bumper to bumper expires around October of this year, but I'll have to check the exact date with the dealer. I normally change my own oil, because I don't like paying top prices for full synthetic and I get the specials at AutoZone, but I did go ahead and get the lifetime oil package this time, just because it's an odd number of quarts, and I figured I can justify the $850 it costs for that, although I'm never gonna need 4 changes done in a year. I'll see if I can kill a few birds with one stone here next week, and get the oil, any records they may have, and see if there's any recalls to check out all at the same time. I didn't expect to find many "experts" here, but it's definitely nice to have input from real world guys that aren't trying to sell me something, and the advice is greatly appreciated.
  12. Also BTW, that's a pretty nice truck you've got yourself as well?
  13. That's good to hear, and I feel a little better having it confirmed that it's performing as normal. As I said before, they may have done some adjustments, but I have no way of knowing without records. Hopefully the dealership will be helpful in that department. The speedo is of around 3mph at 60, but I feel like that's because of the wheel size? The one thing that has concerned me a few times, is the brakes. I've gone to put it in gear a couple of times, and they've felt tight, or almost like a grinding feeling. I thought maybe they needed to be upgraded because of the beefy tires (which I know couldn't hurt), but it's never been a consistent issue, and I just did a VIN search, and saw that there may be a recall for that problem. Have you noticed anything in this manner?
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