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Found 23 results

  1. I'm wanting to upgrade my wheel and tire's on my 2022 Silverado Z71 Duramax. I've given it some thought and I don't want to go much beyond what's been factory options (33's). My stock tire's are the 275/60R20's. I've settled on these two tire sizes for the time being and would like some input from the community. The 305/65R18 does seem to be flirting with control arm clearance as I've read that my stock setup may even come into conflict with certain aftermarket UCA's (Camburg billet). I've attached some screen shots of an offset calculator that I've been using for comparisons. The aftermarket wheels I'm looking at for this setup do have less positive offset and there for the tire is less than a 1/4" closer to the UCA. I've measured my stock setup and it seems as though this would work as I currently seem to have at least a 1/2" to 3/4". Maybe my bigger concern is the added 1" added outside? I would like to retain the factory mudflaps and wheel well liner. Any experience with running this setup or information about clearance's would be helpful. I've also thought about running a 17" wheel as I really like the look of tall sidewalls. My other thought is to run a 285/75R17 on a 17" rim with a 0 offset. This would definitely help with any potential control arm issue's but it would cause the tire to stick out about 1 1/4" from stock sizing. Would this cause any clearance issue's? This may be my preferred combo, due to the taller sidewall and plenty of control arm clearance. Any input is appreciated. I do plan on leveling the truck. My current thought is 5100's or Fox2.0 IFP. Do I need to know anything about these working on a Duramax? Thanks for your time. PS...I've attached a screen shot of the two tire sizes in question as compared to one another. I would also be able to run the tires I’m wanting with a “C” load rating at 305/65 vs an “E” rating on the 285’s. Would this be helpful with dampening the harsher ride from the 5100’s?
  2. I have a stock 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 slt preferred package. Time to get new tires and the Mickey Thompson Baja boss at’s look promising. Can anybody tell me if the 275/60 will fit without a level and and real world reviews on these tires (particularly road noise)? It shows that they measure at a 33.4 which is a little bigger than other 275/60s. Pics also appreciated
  3. I'm looking too lift my 2016 4x4 3.5 inches. Will a 33x12.5r18 fit without rub? May trim liner back but no metal as the truck is brand new. If not what is the largest alternative size?
  4. Looking to replace my Goodyear Wrangler 265/65R18 tires with something that is more load rated - in the E range. Like the BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 Tire but would like to know if a larger size would work on my 18 inch rims. If I do not lift, is there a max suggestion? Or if I lift 2 inches - is there a better suggestion? Looking for ideas that will not rub or limit turn radius...... Thanks in advance for all your comments.
  5. For those curious about tire sizes... I ended up putting 275/60/20 Cooper ATs on my 2015 Sierra 1500. I currently do not have a leveling kit and do not have any rubbing issues. I was going to go with a 2" RC leveling kit and 275/65/20s, but saw some pictures where they were rubbing. I didn't want to risk having to shave back wheel wells for an extra inch of height. I may still put on a 2" leveling kit, but it is NOT necessary for the 60s. The pic is on a slant in a field. Will take a better picture on flat ground!
  6. I understand there are lots of tire threads on here as I have been through most of them on this forum, I am simply looking for anybody who might be running 285/65/18 Cooper Discoverer XLT's on a non leveled completely stock 14-18 Silverado? The tire size is only slightly bigger than what would be on the 285/45/22 option Chevy offers in these years so I am just looking to see if there is anyone out there who can confirm this setup would work. https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  7. I know there must already be a topic out there floating around about this but I figured I would ask. I am currently running a 2" RC level on a 2016 All-Terrain with the stock 20 "All-Terrain rims and have been looking at tires. I want a little more ground clearance on the truck too. I was hoping to run a 34" but then I am curious as how a leveled will look with a 34" tire. Does anyone have that or is running that? If so can you post a picture. Secondly if it won't fit I was thinking about throwing a 4" LIFT in and running a 34". Does anyone have any experience with that? Or running that setup? Any tips or information is helpful. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello... new to the forum. Got a quick question: I have a 2017 stock Silverado 1500 LS crew cab and I'm looking to upgrade my wheels and tires. I was wondering if Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/55/r20 (wheels will be +18 offset) will fit my truck WITHOUT a leveling kit?
  9. Hey yall i am a new Chevy 2018 1500 owner recently separated from my GTI and past ford truck owner, i am currently running 285/70/17s on stock wheels and am curious what the biggest size tire i could run once i get a leveling kit and spacers? i have plans to change out the wheels and as well as other mods.
  10. Good afternoon, I have a 2010 Sierra 1500 that sits on 285/70r17 tires on 17in×7 1/2in factory wheels. I'm getting ready to install the RoughCountry 2in leveling struts. I also have a set of 17in×9in wheels with -12 offset. Here's my question, what size tires can I put on the 17×9 wheels that look right, feel right and, most importantly, not affect the speedometer, odometer or TPMS? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thx, es.
  11. Good afternoon, I have a 2010 Sierra 1500 that sits on 285/70r17 tires on 17in×7 1/2in factory wheels. I'm getting ready to install the RoughCountry 2in leveling struts. I also have a set of 17in×9in wheels with -12 offset. Here's my question, what size tires can I put on the 17×9 wheels that look right, feel right and, most importantly, not affect the speedometer, odometer or TPMS? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thx, es. Quote Edit Qute this
  12. I'm wanting to put some nice looking Beadlock wheels on it with some 33-35 inch Tires, for my next upgrade. (220,000 miles so far) I would like some advice on what tire would fit while turning full lock to lock without Rubbing. I'm installing the big fender flairs from Bushwacker, that require cutting the fenders, these add 4-5 inches in width. Have a 4 inch lift in front and a 2 inch lift in the rear. (Rancho Suspension lift) I will drive this everyday on and off the farm (tends to get pretty muddy after a rain), as well as on and off road trips. Maybe even some storm chasing. I'm leaning towards these wheels: ATX SERIES BLACK AX757 CHAMBER PRO II WHEELS 17x9, 8x6.5, with the BF Goodrich KO2 Tires. Here is a link with the details. http://www.americanracingequipment.ca/wheel/33130/ax757-chamber-pro-ii How big of tire can I put on and NOT have any Rubbing? If the Tire sticks out no big deal the fender flairs will cover tires 4-5 inches outside the fenders. If there are better suited wheels AND tires for this Truck feel free to add that information. This is an expensive upgrade especially since the Drivetrain has also been replaced or rebuilt and upgraded. Looking for some well thought out honest advice. I need to run a Grade 8 Tire as I haul my Tractor for service, and I also want the ability to air down for more traction if necessary. The wheels are 17x9. (See Link Above) I would like a strong, capable long lasting Tire for the duties listed above. I will answer any questions you have of me. Thanks in advance, Texas Suburban Trucker Quote Edit
  13. I want to level my 2016 gmc 2500hd denali and put bigger tires on it, can someone please tell me the best height and tire size, plus what WONT screw up the magnetic ride control!?
  14. I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 SLE 4WD and just installed a motofab 3" front and 2" rear leveling kit. Looks like it opened up some room for bigger tires. I will be ditching the stock 17" wheels and 31" tires. Probably get 18" wheels. Does anyone know how big I can go for new tires? Hoping to get 34" without having to trim much. thanks
  15. I cannot decide between 275/60r20 and 285/55r20. I am looking at getting the 2" RC leveling kit for my 2015 Silverado regular cab. RC website recommends the 285/55r20 but it looks like the 275's should fit fine as well, but not sure. two main questions. Do the 275/60r20's cost less? will the 275's kit ok with the 2" RC leveling kit?
  16. Forum lurker turned forum FNG, so first question posted. It seems that some are able to do a 6" lift and run 35x12.5's without having to trim anything while others end up hacking the bumper and fender liner. I am going with a simple Zone 6" kit. The "Important Notes!" say "To reduce trimming on new body style HD's 20" wheel with 5 3/4" backspacing recommended." This has me confused since the wheel and tire sizing chart lists different wheel options with a max tire of 35x12.5. What gives - are they saying that what I really need is 5.75 back spacing but the only way I am getting it is with a 20" wheel? Seems odd any way I look at it. http://zoneoffroad.com/zone-offroad-products-5-6in-suspension-lift-kit-chevy-gmc-avalanche-pickup-suburban-yukon/c4 My plan is to run 35x12.5 Pro Comp AT Sport tires on 18x9 0 Pro Comp Series 32 wheels, which is about 5.25" back spacing. The "actual" tire size according to Pro Comp is 34.6" high, 11.8" section width, and 9.7" tread width. Do you think they are going to require me to trim the bumper and/or fender liner?
  17. Just for some that may not understand the size equivalent.
  18. For 2014+ trucks: I've been on the 3 major GM forums looking at leveled trucks and tire fitment for awhile now, but there is very little data on the sizes I listed. The 275/70r18 and 285/65r18 are known to fit leveled trucks, but neither tire looks that much bigger than stock to me. Would like anyone running 305/65R18 or 305/60R18 or 295/70R18 to post some pics and details. Or some links to other trucks that are running these sizes. From what I can tell, they will all fit on a leveled truck, but there may be some liner trimming required and the wider 305 will rub the swaybar. A 1.5 BL gives additional clearance for the liner but doesn't help the swaybar rub. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hello, First post here so take it easy on me since I know this question has likely been asked before but I'm having trouble finding it. So I have a 2014 Silverado and have bought 20s off a GMC. What is the biggest size tire I can use all stock. I have no plans for a lift at all, no level kit either. I was going to go with the stock 275-55-20 but saw a post about how they look small however the post only talked about sizes on lifted trucks. Thoughts? Thanks!
  20. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong area this is my first post. My question is would I be able to fit a 295/60r20 toyo open country at2 tire with a fuel 20x9 with a 0 or a 14mm offset? On my 2013 sierra with just a leveling kit. How much rub would i have if any? if it won't fit what do you guys think is a better size?
  21. I couldn't find the answer on a basic internet search so..... what is the largest tire size and width can i put on my 1997 GMC Safari? Safely, without having to do anything special other than swapping? I have the small stock 15 inch rims with the standard R15 tires on the van now. BUT i have 4 stock R16 tires with 16 inch rims just sitting in my lawn on a dead Toyota Highlander. Nothing special. Can i put those R16 tires and rims on that GMC safari? without any problems? Anything I need to watch out for? I know easiest thing to do would be to just do it and see, but the Highlander isn't mine yet, so i cant take the wheels off just yet.
  22. Did a search in this forum and didn't find the results I was looking for.. Have the stock tires on my 20 inch rims and after levelling the truck those big wheel wells look empty. I have a buddy who wants my stock tires and I'd like to replace them with a more aggressive looking tire but bigger with more sidewall.. Any ideas on what tire sizes I could go to without any rubbing, issues.. Appreciate your answers.. Thank you.. Alan
  23. I've been searching on here and google and cant seem to find any solid answers. Just ordered a 2014 Silverado with 18" wheels. 1.) What is the factory wheel offset? Someone posted it was +18mm for the 20 in wheels. So is it the same between the different size rims? (Also curious if GM posts these specs anywhere) 2.) Looking to put on the 2.5" RC lift and new wheels and tires. RC site says you can fit 285/70R17, 295/65R18 would be 2/5in taller and wider. So most likely no problem with rubbing? 3.) Also looking at the XD Rockstar 2 wheels. 18in they only offer 0mm offset, 20in they offer with 18mm offset. Changing to 20 in wheels is an option, but looks to be about $500 more than a set of tires and 18" wheels. So would there be no chance of making the 18in 0mm offset wheels work besides wheel spacers, which I've heard nothing but bad about. Also whats your opinion on the Rockstar 2 wheels? I know I used to see the original Rockstar wheels everywhere, but havent seen any of the Rockstar 2s yet. Or any recommendations for black wheels without any chrome? It's a black truck, and color matching the bumpers, grille, mirrors and handles as soon as I get it. Thanks guys
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