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  1. I have a 2020 RST ,3.0 diesel.today I stopped at a restaurant for maybe 45 minutes ,came and fired the truck up and got the “service power steering “ message.I had no per sreering though the truck appeared to allow me to drive.but the was no way I was steering out of that parking lot...Not Happy.i turned the truck off and google and found this thread among others...I ended up turning the truck off and on three more times.And like it never happened it went away and I drove off.This is not a characteristic of a dependable truck.
  2. I’m right at 10,000 miles ,this truck is really nice .Cant day enough about the great power around town.Easily the best 1/2 ton diesel.
  3. Just got my first oil change today.I had two recalls corrected.one for the seatbelt pretensioner N192270600 and ECM and Reductant Control modules N192282970. No one in the service department had heard of any emissions issues so far .
  4. Anyone get a service emission system warning message ? I did for 3 days,then went away..
  5. Update - 3 days later the message hadn’t returned. 1st scheduled oil change tomorrow AM.Need DEF fluid as well nearly out...this 3.0 truck is fun to drive !
  6. Started my truck after work , only to see a message “service emission system , restricted to 65 mpg”. Not sure what’s up but i’ll Be having the dealership have a look this Saturday when I get the first oil change.i will be towing a car on a full trailer Thursday so great timing..
  7. Top end power, the kind that GM delivers with the LS/LT engines is the very reason I’ve passed on diesel options in previous vehicle purchases.This 3.0 duramax IMO gives me enough highway hp, and all the torque you could ask for for towing or around town.Bottom line this is a quick truck around town, and sips fuel doing it.its the best 1/2 ton diesel imo..I drove the others,and wouldn’t consider them a “buy” solely for there performance characteristics . Just my humble opinion
  8. Closing in on 4500 miles.Truck is great around town, torquey powerband ..nice
  9. I like mine, and I came out of a 19 SS Camaro with the A10,which IMO had the best power plant period.So moving back over the a full size rig I thought I wouldn’t be able to”settle for a small displacement diesel.After driving the 6.2 , it did in fact make it hard.But this 3.0 makes better than good power.ive driven several 3.0 diesels in a ram,ford,vw, and they all fell short IMO.This mill GM put out is the best I’ve experienced.
  10. Few days ago at got in my truck after work.Temps were in the mid 30’s and the coldest my truck has seen since purchasing it.I suspect the coldest temps it’s seen yet.Anyway press the go button and I noticed a delay before firing almost 2 whole seconds, probably a ignition /heating event.So the question is ‘ anyone else notice a temp related ignition pause?
  11. I don’t believe these vehicle requires any special treatment whatsoever possibly in extreme cold weather situations you let it run for a minute or two before driving away without heavy throttle load . But that’s how I drive my gas vehicles as well . All in all I believe these products manufactured today are incredibly well engineered and don’t need a lot of special care or attention .
  12. Just bought an RST 3.0 . Drove and really liked how it behaved. I’d driven the ford and felt it was a turd.Night and day comparison.
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