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  1. Well, here we go again. Had one bank of lifters repaired at 9k. Tried to get GM to do right thing but no go. Now, 3000 miles later the springs go out! I’m done. Love the 6.2 but can’t just wait around till the next problem. Worked with my dealer and traded it in on a Duramax.
  2. Sounds like GM kinda keeps the dealer in the dark about parts availability. They show up when they do. $2k in on new lifters and it seems to be running fine. Still trepidatious on the other side 8 though.
  3. I kinda started the lemon discussion at the dealership. Tried to trade the truck but they didn’t have any available. My lemon law timeline was winding down to a few days. All of the sudden they had parts. Also got them to pay me back the payment for the month my truck was down.
  4. Thanks for the follow up. Im up to 1200 with no additional issues. Heading out tomorrow for a longer trip. Decided to trust the engineers and take a shot. Love my truck!
  5. Glad to hear they are making effort to do the right thing for you. Went to pick mine up today, only replaced one side. Service manager said they were going to do all of them. I guess with mileage over 8000 they will only do a side with a problem. SM said he’d ask GM if i could get others side and would let me know. Soooo….I’ll likely be back again. I’ll drive it a few days a see how it goes. Might go ahead and seek the reimbursement option. Only problem, no vehicles till late in year or next year most likely.
  6. Service called and said parts coming in today. Through around lemon law comments at dealer and explored trade options. No comparable trucks anywhere. Will be repaired by tomorrow. Hope it’s fixed.
  7. Been in for 21 days now. Just hear from dealer. Parts will be in tomorrow. Replacing all 16 and guides. Looking forward to having my brand new truck back!
  8. 2021 High Country, 6.2 with 9700 miles. Dreaded lifter failure hit me on the way up the pass. Take a listen to the attached vid. Stopped almost immediately. Roadside sent tow in about two hours so, not so bad. That was 20 days ago. Just heard from service department, said only one lifter was damaged. Replacing all cylinders though, but…..there are no available parts! Nationwide back order. No clue when they will be in stock. Will know more in 48 hours. SM did say trucks with build dates from Oct 20 to March 21 were most affected. Mine is Jan 21. Said new parts with new
  9. So...the SAME thing just happened to me. I have a 2021 6.2L High Country purchased in February. 9000 miles and Pop, pop, pop then tick, tick, tick, tick. Lifters crapped out. Had it towed to the dealer. Confirmed problem and now waiting for tech to evaluate damage. Can’t even look at it for 12 days! Sooo question is, is this a lemon? Will I continue to have trouble with this thing? Once this thing is fixed, will it stay that way or will it continue to have issues. Any luck in the buy back? I’ll move up to a 250O, anything not to have to go through the HELL of a crappy truck!
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