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  1. Lapoolboy. its really simple. you buy a new vaccuim from costco and the motor fails. you return for full refund and have option to repurchase or go elsewhere. this fail is not a window motor but the key component of vehicle. maybe you dont have a problem shelling out $55k and okay with engine failure before your first oil change
  2. See my post today. I too had same issue with 2021 Sierra 1500 5.3L V8. Had vehicle towed to dealership yesterday. Determined it is a damaged lifter. Wont know extent of engine damage until they dig in later this week. Mentioned this is the 4th one this year and two were complete engine replacements. Very disappointed. Looking at options if they come back with repair and not replace engine. I only have 5.370 miles on this 2021 and purchased it in October 2020. This may be a bigger issue than GM is willing to recognize.
  3. Had my 2021 GMC Sierra SLT 2 wheel drive 5.3L V8 towed to dealership yesterday as one of the lifters is damaged. Not sure of the extent of the damage to engine. Told by service advisor that they have had 4 so far this year and two required complete engine replacements. Very disappointed. Working with my sales advisor to discern options to have GM buy truck back. Very frustrating as i love the truck otherwise. Just don't like the idea that the engine (heart) has had issues already and will always have hyper sensitive concerns going forward. I usually keep my vehicles until at least 100k. Good news is i purchased extended warranty of 7 years or 100k so i should be good but still...really? Wanted to get this out in the public space to see if this is an on-going issue for other 2021
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