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  1. This is one of the better Silverado features for me.
  2. The dealer just put the new redesigned isolaters on my 17's leaf springs and re-torqued the bolts. I hope it stays fixed.
  3. The cab at the top of the door could stand to be a inch or 2 taller, the headroom is a little tighter getting in and out compared to the older Silverados and Sierras.
  4. The "WATER DUST GAS CAP COVER 2017 2018 2019 CHEVROLET" from Flea Bay works very well for me.
  5. Plus 1 on the Dee Zee rubber mat on top of the factory spray in liner and it is reasonably priced. That's what I'm using on top of my factory spray in liner.
  6. I use a 2x4 in the bed slots next to the tailgate that's cut to come within about about 2" of the bottom of the bed. The 2x4 is light enough for me to remove while standing at ground level. For small items in the bed, 5 gallon buckets works with the 2x4 in place and I have some buckets with a screw in lid attachment if needed.
  7. Technology isn't always reliable. Just think about sharing the road with automated, self driving heavy trucks that are in the works.
  8. All Ram regular cab trucks are currently in the process of disappearing, regular cab trucks are not at the price point they want their trucks to start selling at, per Ram (Fiat) trucks. I like and run regular cab trucks, usually the basic GM work truck.
  9. A work truck regular cab base model with a locking differential, trailer hitch/hookup, rubber cab floor covering and a spray in bed liner works for me in a late model Silverado.
  10. I kinda figured somebody might have done checked on this or actually tried it. This would be real easy if a Corvette was sitting in the garage beside my Silverado.
  11. The Heritage bow tie looks real good on that blue Silverado.
  12. Is there a GM oil filler cap part number with Mobil 1, Dexos & 5w-30 that will fit a 2017 Silverado with a 4.3L engine? I know some of the Corvettes and Cadillac's have them, but have no ideal if any fit properly.
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