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  1. When you open the door of the shut down truck do you hear the tank fuel pump run for a second or two?
  2. It’s really sad, but I don’t trust my dealer to properly change oil or rotate tires because as said above the personnel used are questionable. I’ve had loose plugs, loose filters, messy jobs done, and lost hub covers (which are expensive). Bigger stuff I’m forced to gamble, but oil changes and rotations I’d rather do myself. The risk of catastrophic error is high and the people doing the work are questionable.
  3. I did not like the suspension dynamics with the overly stiff front end from my 5600 lb rating camper pkg springs. Going over dips at highway speed, even when empty, the front was stiffer than the rear and the front of the truck would pitch up. It was even worse with my 2000 lb pop up camper installed (50% of payload rating, all but 100 lbs on the rear axle, gives the truck a 50/50 weight distribution front to rear). With the 5200 lb springs installed the rear is stiffer than the front when unloaded, and with the camper the front and rear response is well matched and the truck doesn’t pitch up going over highway dips.
  4. I can tell you from experience the front torsion springs for the camper package and snow plow package make a big difference in stiffness and in front/rear response balance. If you don’t need the heavier springs, change them out for the basic ones for your truck configuration. I did it on mine and it was a big improvement. 2 hours and $600.
  5. Also check the connections between the large battery negative wires and the truck body and engine. I think there have been issues with those negative connections talked about from that period.
  6. It’s a Phoenix pop up. See phoenixpopup.com.
  7. Me three. I wanted reliability on the road and longevity over everything else.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I called my local Discount Tire and they said just come through their air check line and they will do it. Took less than 5 minutes. I may just stick with that approach.
  9. Hi All, I just rotated my tires and was looking on line at inexpensive relearn tools. They all seem to have a lot of reviews saying they didn’t work. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable relearn tool to use after a rotation? I don’t need other programming capabilities as far as I know. I’ll get it done by the dealer or local tire shop this time but I’m thinking I’d like to have the tool. Thanks.
  10. The behavior you are seeing is the result of the voltage loss between the alternator and the trailer battery and the output characteristics of your vehicle’s “smart alternator” system. These two in combination with the trailer loads result in insufficient voltage at your trailer battery for charging except when your alternator is putting out high voltage to recharge the truck battery for a period after engine start. Ideally, what you would want to do to to solve this is 1) run larger positive and negative wires from the truck battery fuse block and a large ground stud in the engine compartment, respectively, to the trailer battery compartment, and 2) install a DC to DC converter/charger in the trailer battery compartment or very near to to it. A popular and versatile 30 amp DC to DC converter/charger is the Victron Orion Smart 12/12-30. Renogy makes a 40 amp converter but the ability to tailor the battery charging is more limited than the Victron. 6 awg wires from the truck are sufficient for the Victron because of its more sophisticated engine running detection logic. You probably would need at least 4 awg with the Renogy. One good thing about installing such a charger is you will be all set for a lithium battery conversion in the future, at least with respect to charging from the truck. I have one of those Victron chargers in my truck camper along with a solar setup. It works very well and can be monitored and controlled from a smart phone.
  11. Agreed, although I was more concerned about internal bypassing of the filter media with that particular dent.
  12. Yes, thanks for the reminder about needing to get a long flexible or bent funnel of some type. I made do with a plain funnel and vinyl tubing I had around last time, but it was awkward and slow, and I need to get something better. I added a picture of the dented oil filter that was on the truck at delivery.
  13. I was planning to do a first oil change at around 1000 miles. However, a couple of days after i took delivery I crawled under the truck to plan installation of my camper power cables, and I noticed the oil filter had a dent in it, I’m guessing from the truck portion of the shipping. It was probably nowhere near enough of a dent to internally leak, but why wonder? I asked the dealer to change it and they did it readily under warranty. I suspect they would have also done the next change for free but I didn’t ask them because I was past 12 months, wanted to use my preferred oil type, and it’s easy for me to do. I’m doing my first tire rotation soon at about 7500 miles. I have the equipment to do it myself.
  14. Another data point for comparison: 2021 GMC 3500hd gas cclb srw 7200 total miles on the truck, changed oil at 300 miles and 3750 miles so far, next change planned at 7500 miles. I have a 2000 lbs popup camper mounted in the bed that I only remove for maintenance. No towing of significance, so fairly light duty. At 3450 miles since the last oil change, no oil added since, I just checked the level with a completely cold engine and it is still at the very top of the range on the dipstick. So apparently no measurable oil burned or otherwise lost in 3450 miles.
  15. I asked the dealer service advisor to find out if a software update can add this feature. I’ll post what I hear back.
  16. I can ask about a software update. However, everything is working well on the truck and I am reluctant to let the dealer mess with it. When I have expressed that general reluctance to the service advisor, he actually agreed.
  17. That makes sense. Sheath’s and NWStever’s trucks are 22s. It’s not in my owner’s manual. Is it in the manual for your 22 hd truck? (Edit - I now see gemarsh said it is in the 22 manual. Thanks.)
  18. I have a 2021 GMC 3500hd SLT. I read on line about the lockout procedure for the upper tailgate, and asked the dealer and they printed out the same procedure: With key fob within 3 feet of the tailgate buttons, press and hold the upper button for three seconds until the tail lights flash. The upper tailgate is locked out and won’t open if the button is pressed. Repeat procedure to restore normal operation. Has anyone had success with this? When I try to do it the upper tailgate just immediately releases even though I’m holding the button. Am I missing something? Thanks
  19. Without those holes, when you open a wet tailgate that little handhold full of water dumps right on your shoes. Can’t have that. Get the drill out. And then the thinking stopped. That’s my guess anyway.
  20. Probably a few reasons, and I’ll guess at them. We had a two horse side by side trailer and its axles were pretty far back. So it’s not just large trailers. 1) it’s a live load that can move on its own potentially initiating sway. You want a lot of margin from a geometry and mass distribution where sway can occur. 2) in the case of three horse diagonal trailers, the designer probably wants to ensure no sway occurs even when improperly loaded with two horses at the rear. 3) when the trailer is empty and you go to load the first horse and all their weight is on the ramp, you don’t want a negative tongue load and a potential hitch release. These are just somewhat educated guesses. Fifth wheels and goosenecks tend to have their axles further back because the trucks can take higher pin loads, and because its a better geometry for stability and maneuverabiity.
  21. My truck is about 18 months old. I’ve had that happen two or three times, although my blanked areas were rectangular. Each time it was gone after the next start. I don’t know if it’s related, but i have disconnected my rear camera a few times taking the tailgate off when my camper is installed.
  22. Why is this spam bot willing to help Jamesh89 but not willing to help the OP with the same problem?
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