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  1. Is there a definitive answer about when Tune Start works and when it does not? Mine hasn't work since the trial SXM stuff ended. I took the SXM 6 months for $30 plan and Tune Start does not work. Do I need to upgrade to the new Platinum plan or does the wifi hotspot need to be active to get Tune Start to work? Anyone know?
  2. Where is it coming from? My 19 had a front brake area chirp and it also had a chirp coming from what sounded like the dash but it was the drivetrain. The front brake area chirp was I believe a wheel bearing or something integral to the front hub/brake area. There is I believe a TSB for it but not sure. The drivetrain chirp was a wiring harness resting on the transmission housing. That was at low speeds through. I believe because of me (you're welcome all ;-()) GM put out a TSB on existing trucks and fixed the manufacturing process on new ones. So you likely don't have that one. I sold the '19 LTZ and bought a 20 AT4. No chirps so far.
  3. You won't get that same deal. With the new interiors and a likely price bump, you could be several thousand $$$ higher for essentially the same truck. Something to consider.
  4. I thought it one lifter in a bank went, they replaced that whole side? Other than that, it seems like they have everything else fixed. I haven't had any issues with my '20 AT4 6.2 (outside of lifter issue window) but I will definitely get an extended warranty if I decide to keep it past the 3/36.
  5. Yes, had it anyway. In Sound and Haptics settings, toggle off "changes with buttons". I have no clue why this works and why GM designed the system to do this.
  6. Doesn't most of this stuff slide into the rail "pockets" or whatever they're officially called? And those should be the same CP vs non-CP. I have a CP and have thought about getting geared up but keep reading questions like yours. As far as in-bed accessories, we're probably hosed unless you want to drill into the bed and customize it yourself.
  7. Same, mostly XM, never terrestrial (commercials galore) radio. I have no antenna and used a little plastic plug I bought at Lowes to fill the hole. Has never popped out even through car washes.
  8. It actually loads faster, doesn't blast you with ads (I use adblockers so I don't see them but it still takes a long time) and is set to dark mode by default. I wonder if when you get emails for new topics or topic updates, it includes the entire post or like this one, just part of it so you have to click (bait) through to read it? I shall soon find out.
  9. Right, but he bought it when it was not over the stated capacities. I disagree, it will be received here well because GM misstated the capacity which was a decision point for purchasing this truck.
  10. Literally the front page of this forum, all 222 pages (and counting) of folks with this issue. Good luck. Rear window leak - 2019-2021 Silverado & Sierra - GM-Trucks.com
  11. What are the wires running to the Bose amp? Any tips (colors)? I had the dealer install mine so I don't really know what they did but likely followed the GM instructions. Would switching it be difficult? In other words, for those with it already in place, what steps should we take to do what you've done above? I know that is asking a lot so I appreciate the feedback.
  12. I would look at the math for each motor. You drive X miles per year averaging X miles per gallon (guestimate) X the price of each type of fuel = yearly cost. If the difference is say $500/year = $41/month = $11/week, is that gonna kill you? You could include the motor price surcharge over, say 5 years (6.2 is ~$2500, so $500/year). Add that to the yearly cost. Is the additional $$ for each motor material to you? What are you actually saving by going with the 3.0 or 5.3? Also, consider the "fun factor" of a 6.2 which you can't quantify but is a factor. My .02.
  13. It's in the tech package. Do you have the 360 camera? Rearview mirror camera? If not, no HUD.
  14. Do you hear any noise when you turn them on? With my 2020 AT4 you definitely hear them. Likely the dealer will have to fix it either way but since it is both seats, likely something "upstream" of connectors on the seats. My .02.
  15. I've thought about it to keep stuff from sliding around but then didn't want to add weight or pay for something expensive, so I never did it. I also didn't want to get something I need to cut to fit. So, if you happen upon anything interesting, please share. Thanks.
  16. I recall there was a TSB about this, possibly a wheel bearing, can't recall. Search this forum and you will find it.
  17. Thanks for checking into it and sorry for being a bit harsh. The old site was easier to navigate, not so bright and the emails offered full content. This new software is a step back in all of those areas in my opinion. I'm sure it brought good stuff to you all though. Anyway, thanks for checking into it.
  18. Anyone know why emails now only show a few sentences of the comment and not the entire comment like they did last week? Is it due to the admins desire to make us click through to the site so we can get spammed with ads? This forum used to be about content and now with the "update" it is about ads and monetizing the site. Example screenshot below:
  19. 2 things about this new software. 1. No way to select a night mode. White is way too GD bright. 2. The emails I used to receive showed the entire topic, like FB used to. Now they only show the first few sentences, like FB does now. FB does that to bait you to their site to finish reading and get blasted with ads. I have to assume the same here. How f'ing annoying! Give us back emails with the entire comment.
  20. GM wins for their poor engineering. You bought 2 trucks when you should really only should need to have purchased 1.
  21. A cuppa points. I got the CP because the AT4 color I wanted (Satin Steel) had it. Wasn’t a selling point or detractor either, it was just a thing. Second, it also had the gray painted rims which I really like with the color.
  22. I had a squeak on my 19 LTZ. Was worse when cold and sounded like it was coming from the dash area. Turned out to be a wiring harness rubbing on the transmission. Crawl under there and give it a look.
  23. When you enter your VIN on the Chevy/GMC accessories site, it tells you which one you need. I have the Bose system and the Kicker sub comes with an amp and sub.
  24. Mine is with Bose. It seems to take the load off the crappy speakers and puts it on the sub. Overall it all sounds better.
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