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  1. apparently Putco and others wont warranty their racks regardless of carbon pro having stake pockets -- apparently you have to drill through the bed for the lower clamps (GM did not put pre drilled hole access) so they say it will compromise the integrity of the bed if you drill!
  2. Has anyone attempted to instal decked drawer system into the Carbon pro bed? I watched the instal on YouTube and it seems tie downs should work with the only potential problem would be leaving some gaps between the bed walls and the platform which could then be filled with some form of trim? It’s tough getting any after market products for the Carbon pro bed! Decked told me it is $1m for new form so not likely to make a compatible version!
  3. Any advice getting accessories for over landing that fit the carbon pro bed? I am very frustrated with finding tonneau cover and bed accessories (deck drawer/storage systems) for rigging the truck for off-roading and Backcountry ccamping.It seems very few after market accessories are made for the carbon pro. Thanks, George
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