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  1. I used to have a custom exhaust with the exact same tip with a Corsa Touring muffler that exits before the rear tire, sold it some time ago and frankly wish I didn’t. I have a RCSB though, not sure if that affects the matter.
  2. Depends on what Corsa you have. Touring is perfect with headers/catless y-pipe from personal experience but Corsa Sport is just brutally loud.
  3. I’d suggest deleting the cats if you want a louder setup, or getting the Super 44.
  4. Hello all, So I’m currently running the 12909 Magnaflow 3.5” 22 inch muffler and have been eyeballing the Magnaflow 15278 catback system for the RCSB Sierra. The problem is that the catback comes with an 18 inch muffler rather than a 22 so I expect that it’d be louder, but by how much? I currently really like the sound of the 22” muffler while running LTs and a catless y-pipe but I’m afraid that if I decide to fork out money for the catback it would just be way too loud. Anybody ever used an 18” inch Magnaflow with long tubes?
  5. I didn’t mention anything about going cheap. I want to buy the cat back with the Touring muffler, I’d gladly pay full price for the exhaust but unfortunately Corsa doesn’t offer this kit with the muffler that I want
  6. That would cost a lot of $$ unfortunately. They don’t but there are some shops here in my country that do sell them separately, but they aren’t cheap either.
  7. So I’ve been looking around for a new exhaust system for my truck And I really like the Corsa exhaust that has a dual rear exit under the bumper (Corsa 14867). The main problem is that I have long tube headers and adding a Corsa Sport muffler would make the truck extremely loud for my taste. I talked to Corsa to have them replace the sport muffler with the touring muffler but they said that they don’t do custom orders. I have been searching everywhere for someone to do this so if any of you guys know someone who would actually sell me the kit with the Touring muffler I’d greatly appreciate it. What greatly annoys me is the fact that the sport muffler and touring muffler are both the same size and the same diameter, they look exactly the same. But yet Corsa seems insistent on not providing the kit with the Touring muffler.
  8. Hello all, I’m kind of wondering, has anybody ever installed this DRL kit from Diode Dynamics? It basically lets you choose between amber and white LEDs. Yesterday I came across a 2016+ Silverado with amber LEDs at night and it was sick!! Might be looking to make something similar but I want to see more pictures of this kit installed and hear anything someone might have to say about the quality. here’s a video:
  9. Do Kooks long tubes require upstream/downstream oxygen sensor extensions?
  10. This is my current setup (the only good pic I have). Summit Racing Corsa tips with a Corsa Touring muffler alongside catless y-pipe with Kooks LTs. It’s a lightning-style side exit that comes out before the rear tire. I’m looking to swap the muffler for a 3.5 Magnaflow.
  11. I haven’t checked the codes yet, but I can’t remote start my truck and there is a steady check engine light. What the electrician did was make an extension cable by splicing the original wires with new, longer ones.
  12. Well from my understanding is: OEM sensor wires aren’t long enough to be used on long tubes, which would require modification to said wires to make them longer. What the electrician did was basically create longer wires by putting the original wires with other wires he had in his shop, and covering them with electrical tape and over that with wire loom. I admit that I should have made a distinction between “sensors” and “wires”, my bad.
  13. Hello all, I have a question about the frontal o2 sensors because the problem that I’m having right now is driving me insane. I have a ‘16 supercharged 5.3 Sierra RCSB. I know that when installing long tubes that I have to modify the O2 sensors since the OEM ones aren’t long enough. I’ve already went through the turmoil before of having a rough ride/idle due to a faulty O2 sensor when I had Pacesetter LTs, and I’ve fixed it before by buying new ones, having an electrician helping me with elongating the sensors and then installing them at a local exhaust shop. Well, I’ve installed a blower recently and things were fine for a couple of days until about 1-2 days ago, when I noticed an annoyingly rough idle, and a choppy acceleration, and today it threw the check engine light on me. The guy who did the tune for me already emphasized on changing the oxygen sensors. My main problem is, where do I get those elongated sensors that would fit in once and for all?? I don’t want to fabricate something again for it to fail me after some time. Can I use regular OEM sensors on Kooks LTs, or do I have to buy a custom harness? I’ve tried searching on their website but found nothing in relation to oxygen sensors of Sierras/Silverados. I’ve read on other forums that people used zip ties in some way, but nobody explained exactly how. If someone can direct me where can I get something such as a harness that would fit in directly I’d be grateful.
  14. Hello everyone, I have a single cab Sierra 5.3, with the following parts *Pacesetter long tube headers *custom y-pipe *Gibson dual extreme cat back *aFe air filter The truck doesn't have any resonators and the only thing that keeps this beast quiet is the muffler from the catback. Currently, I am looking at options to sort of make this thing a tiny but quieter. Here is a Sierra catback from Varex (X-Force) that has an electronic muffler, I was wondering, if I had the valves open, will I the sound be louder or will it stay the same?? Where I live there are 2 other companies that make the same system as the one mentioned above but they run for twice the price, which is a price tag that I'm not willing to pay. Here is the catback system that I have my eyes on: http://www.xforceusa.com/xforce-products/cat-back-system-for-a-gmc-sierra-2011-to--with-a-stainless-steel-3-inch-cat-back-system-with-varex/productnr-ES-GM2007VMK-CBS/cid-1063040130/vid- Any suggestions for a good muffler? Thanks in advance!
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