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  1. I have the same truck with the same kit and it did the same thing. I tracked it down to a bad bulb and then a bad blast. For good measure I also replaced the relays. Troubleshooting sucks cause of the air box you have to remove every damn time to swap items around. I got my kit from theretrofitsource and their customer service is awesome. Now my lights work, however whenever I start the truck on a cold morning the passenger side will not always fire. I drive a little while and turn the lights on manually and the bulb will fire. I suspect the problem is a short or loose wire in the main wiring harness since the light will work after things warm up. Good luck on your troubleshooting. theretrofitsource will tell you to swap relays around and see what happens. If problem is the same then swap bulbs between the two sides and see if the problem moves to drivers side. If it does not then swap the ballast from each side and see what happens. It really works down to relay, ballast, or bulb as you main items to check.
  2. I bought this one off of Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GV8O8OO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It does not come with the O-ring but they are easy to get. It fits perfectly and looks like the one being used on the new 2019's.
  3. How? It has a $30 rebate on the Z36 package and does not allow you to combine the rebate and discount? did you talk to someone at autoanything.com to get the discount?
  4. Man that is awesome!!! love the look of your truck and I agree with the N-Fab if you can get them.
  5. AutoAnything has the same bar on sell for 10% off right now. I think it works out to be $289 and change.
  6. Can you show a pic of where you mounted the led light strips under the dash on both sides?
  7. Those look great. Does the tire stick out past the fender with +18mm offset? Any pics down the side of the truck to show how far it sticks out?
  8. Did you lay out a sheet and cut to match or did you get the vinyl precut?
  9. do you have the part number and any pics?
  10. Heads Up Display! plus everything NOVA99 listed. " 1. Rear HVAC with vents for Crew Cab (like my 2013 F150) 2. More leg room for rear passengers in Crew Cab (like my 2013 F150) 3. Ambient Lighting with variable dimming/coloration (like my 2013 F150) 4. Panoramic Sun Roof 5. Key-Less Start - Remote Entry (having to re-train myself to use a key in the ignition) 6. Auto Up/Down for ALL the Windows 7. Surround View (bird's eye) Camera "
  11. is that price including shipping or is it local sell only?
  12. Luster - didn't you have the magnaflow 18" and 14" installed at one point in time. How did they compare to each other?
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