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  1. Well I finally pulled the trigger and had my install done after years of reading through this thread. It ended up exactly how I wanted it to thanks to everyone contributing here. 6'' BDS w/ Coil overs 20'' SCA Blackwidow Rims with 0 Offset Toyo MT 35x12.5x20 1.75 BORA spacer in the rear to match the front without cutting the studs. Instead of trimming, just took off the lower 1/2 of the valence and used Zone Trim Plates. No rubbing at all or even close now. It sits perfectly level, just have near 800 lbs of tires/wheels in the bed. I can finally vouch and say this definitely rides better than stock, even with the MT tires. The coil overs probably make the difference.
  2. He is just projecting his opinion in a dickish way. He is trying to state that trucks aren't made to be lifted, and that you won't have any power after doing that setup. Not sure why he even wasted his time to be honest. Regarding your question, I have seen a few people rock the Zone 4.5 Lift with Stock Rims on 35's and also BDS 4'' Lift on 35's with stock rims. They stated no rubbing/trimming. You might just have to slightly trim the plastic valence in the front. They are in the suspension lift thread. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/153202-seatimber/content/ - This guy has Zone 4.5 on some 295/65/20 and had no trimming needed.
  3. Thanks for the response man. How wide are your 35's? Also do you know the height of the truck to the onstar antenna? I have 7' garage, so I think i'll be ok.
  4. Hey guys, So I've been doing nothing but checking over these forums for the past 4 months. I am set on getting the Zone 4.5 Lift, with some 20x9 Fuel Assault +20MM wheels. I just had a few questions about tire size and rubbing. I want to get the 295x65x20 Toyo MT's, just because the 35x12.5x20 would just stick out a little too far for my trucks paint job safety. I am just curious if it's mainly the height or the width of the tire that makes it rub more. I'm sure both contribute to the fact, but I am just curious if the 295x65x20 would fit better than the 35x12.5x20. They are .1 inches taller, but .9 inches thinner. I also hope they wouldn't look too thin. Anyone know which tires would be the ones rubbing and because of height or width? Thanks!
  5. So If I bought the 4.5 Zone Lift without adding the AAL or changing the blocks, my truck would still have a slight rake?
  6. Hey All, just want to say thanks for everyones posts and information they've added to the forums. So now that I've been contemplating this for a few months and have read over 400+ Pages of Lifts + Tire/Wheel Setups, I think I am set on what I want to get. Just looking for some answers and even just peoples opinions on it. This is on a 2016 1500 LTZ Z71 Crew Cab 5.3L Midnight Edition I am just confirming that a suspension lift is much safer for the truck than getting even a BDS level. I want a 35'' tire on 4.5 Zone lift, but that's only if lifts are that much safer for your truck than levels. My ideal setup is the Zone 4.5 Suspension Lift on 35x12.5x20 or 295x65x20 (Thinner so it might not rub), on some Fuel Assault Wheels (http://www.fueloffroad.com/assault-d546-w-18791.htm) with +20 Offset. I know people have ran tires this size with a 4'' BDS without rubbing but they also had +7 more offset from stock rims. Anyone have any thoughts on if it might rub or not? And if those rims would look good on a midnight edition ? I haven't seen anyone with the rims driving around yet. The tire my heart wants is a Toyo MT, but my brain is telling me to do an RT due to the fact that I will rarely be going off road. I understand it's a truck and I will be taking a huge MPG loss, but the MT's just look much more aggressive than the RT's, which is what I like. I am also curious about Add A Leaf, Since I am doing the Zone 4.5 Lift, do I need to add it? I am not a fan of the rear being much higher than the front. I like a more leveled look. I know the Zone Lift pushes the wheels out 1.5 inches, so I will get spacers for the back wheels, but I read somethings about hub centric rings. I am not sure what those would be needed for. If someone could explain that would be awesome. I also will be doing the Fox Shock Add On if they are better than the Nitro that come with Zone, or would it be better to purchase 4 shocks for all corners? Options? Last thing, I'm assuming most people do a lot of their mods before their truck is paid off. I know I'll be doing this while I still owe on it, but just hard to swallow the truth. Thanks for reading/helping! Everyone posting in these forums has been a huge help!
  7. Thanks Wildchevy, your truck looks awesome man. Ill be going with 20x9 with 20mm offset so i dont think mine would be stucking out much. Just need someone to tell me to buy the 35s and risk an easy trim job.
  8. If you get a chance to get a photo from the side just to see how much the tires stick out, i'd appreciate it! I really want to get the Zone 4.5'' lift with 35's but I don't want to have a rub that I can't fix/trim. Also, you guys suggest the RT's over the MTs? Just noise level? Or ride comfort as well? Thanks!
  9. Nice man! Did they have to trim anything? Looks great!
  10. Any updates? Looking forward to seeing it!
  11. Nice man! I'm assuming you have 20'' wheels? Apparently stock 18's won't work with it.
  12. I went to Weber Chevrolet in Columbia IL, they gave me a hell of a deal back when 2016's had the huge rebates. Maybe they just gave me another good deal on installing the exhaust because I spent a shitload of money there. I'll still check around for ya.
  13. Thanks for the input Rully. I have no problem spending the money on the lift itself, it's the labor cost that I feel is not fair around here. $1000ish for install. I'm going with the Zone 4.5 because I read everywhere that is very similiar to BDS just a few minor adjustments, and I think BDS is the parent company.
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