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  1. My wife

    She is going to clean you out in the divorce. Get your man card back...then drink and hang with the brother in law. Dont roll your eyes...you are a man.....I am sure the brother in law has been thru things and your slight as to it was better to get a pedicure than hang with a guy.... Bud...You want that guy liking you when the day comes she moves on and cleans you out. Yer gonna need a place to stay.
  2. Knock sensor retarding timing? What can cause it....bad fuel....water in fuel.....oil getting into intake via valvecover hoses feeding into intake... Are they stock sparkplugs? ohm out the ignition coils?
  3. Running E85??

    I have the longbed with larger tank. Makes the 9 hour drive on 1 tank.
  4. Running E85??

    I have 9 hours of driving tomorrow and gas is $3 a gallon...E85 $2.27. Shes burnin alcohol on this run.
  5. The old fuel pump design before Direct Injection.....would be sitting in your fuel tank continuously pumping fuel to the motor where a fuel pressure relief vavle returned fuel to the tank....continuous circle that also cooled the fuel pump. New design...no fuel return to tank....pump sits there and gets throttled by computer to maintain fuel pressure to Direct Injection pump. Problem arises....if you are the kinda person who keeps their fuel tank on fumes....insufficient fluid around fuel pump to keep it cool. Kills em quick. Local garage a friend runs...when these things go he always asks the customer...”always run your fuel tank on fumes dont you?”......always been a yes.
  6. My HOA doesn't approve of my recycling...

    What kind of person buys a home where other people tell them what they can and can not do on their own property? ....Not an American Renters have more freedom
  7. Might be trading in

    The only reason they were successful is they did things people with ethics and morals wouldnt do. Business is Business. They would hire people on and require them to have X for equipment.....fire em after 6 months....buy the equipment those employees bought at the sheriffs sale for literally nothing.....real cut throat stuff to build an empire.
  8. Might be trading in

    Yes.....better to be your own business then. I have uncles who never graduated high school and own multi-million dollar businesses.
  9. Might be trading in

    I have been married and divorced twice and lost half a million on women. Going upside down a little on a truck you love......dont listen to the guys here....pretty sure they have gone thru divorces and lost much more on...ahem....”investments” they thought were noble. Buy the dang diesel and make her a part of your life..... I will be driving a diesel in exactly 13 months when I no longer have to pay child support on a kid that is not biologically mine....Gotta love justice in America.
  10. Porous casting....known problem. PIP 5498 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/201992-p050d-internal-coolant-leak-weird/?do=findComment&comment=1994420
  11. Best All Terrain Tire?

    Cooper Discoverer ATW. If you live in a ice-snow environment half the year. if not....there is a pep-boys Cooper Adventurer AT tire...similiar to AT3 but cheaper and made by Cooper just for pep boys.....best bang for the buck.
  12. Question about break-in

    You are in Mississippi and there was a EPA waiver to use winter blend fuel....less mpg....since august of last year. When they start selling summer blend fuel in mississippi again you will see a slight increase. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/08/30/epa-extends-a-waiver-on-motor-fuel-contents-to-apply-nationwide-not-just-to-texas/?utm_term=.09374a9001e3
  13. There’s the Grumpy I like.....
  14. LoL....you owned a Civic money pit.... Seem to be repeating history emptying your wallet on that Sierra changing all the factory suspension in pursuit of a Cadillac ride on a pickemup truck.
  15. Yes, they increased voltage over stock. BUT they also have a reduced dwell time and fully recharge before their magnetic field collapses to discharge again. By reducing dwell time, resistance, and increasing voltage to the plug ....may not be felt in the seat when you hammer it.....it can be detected at the dyno and 1/4 mile times....1/10th of a second shaved off.

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