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  1. Motor Trend Sucks!

    You know media has it bad when Art Bell started doing Coast to Coast AM on Youtube to make ends meet.
  2. Where does it go?

    LoL..yer not as old as I thought. A Hit and Miss motor has NO CRANKCASE. NO OIL PAN. NO OILING SYSTEM...what so ever. Just grease and a handle you turn to push down more grease on tha spinning parts.
  3. Geico will “repair” a chip for free. But if you want a new windshield...must pay deductable. Mine was $500. Try to warranty it. If that fails park across a golf course and go over there screaming about that golf ball that hit yer windshield.
  4. Where does it go?

    Henry Ford was right. He envisioned America running its cars on Ethanol...but wrong on it being from the Potato.
  5. Where does it go?

    Think ya forgot to factor in 4 cylinders shutting down via contracting hydraulic lifters leaving valves closed and 4 cylinders going WHOP WHOP WHOP compressing air with no where to go and the resulting crank case pressure shoving the vaporized oil out the PCV valve cover breather hoses into the intake. Yeah, long sentence. Sorry. Switching off 4 cylinder mode and you don’t need a catch can. Now theorize why it became a National Defense policy to push GM to build an engine with 11 to 1 compression and direct injection. It wasn’t to run on unleaded. Days of oil are about over. Its to run on Ethanol. Its why GM has to use synthetic oil made from Gas Fracking wells in Pennsylvania and elsewhere around the country. Saudi is more of our Frienemy...than a Friend. When they told Obama they weren’t accepting US dollars for oil anymore...that man bowed before a King for you. Trumps pushing a fine line of the military being charged with war crimes as Obama did for you. Iran placing our military on a “terrorist list” means they and Russia-China won’t follow the Geneva Convention on our troops.... It all went to pot when we became bankrupt and ran out of enough oil and gold to function. The Zero weight oil that vaporizes easily is sprayed under the pistons now so it can also run on 87 octane Unleaded gasoline with 11 to 1 compression. You go back 30 years and tell a mechanic you want an 11 to 1 compression engine to burn the cheapest 87 octane you can find...his words would not have been kind to you. “knock knock knock” Only reason they now squirt oil under the pistons, reduce knock via reducing temperature. (with a whole lotta timing electrical wizardry)
  6. GM Lobbyists failed

    I’m a GM guy...so now lets rag on Dodge. Short wheel base Dodge cabbed cummins diesels created to tow generator carts to start aircraft....baaaad idea. Was a few years ago...but those Air Force ‘AGE’ guys used to tweek the Cummins injection pumps ....and pull wheelies and DESTROY the trucks front suspension when it landed. Dodge released a weld kit to reinforce the front suspension...this was a MASSIVE Pentagon joke. They wouldnt let any military guys weld these Dodge plates in...and CONTRACTED to let some retired E-8/E-9 retired mil...who couldnt tell aluminum from steel....weld in allllllll these Dodge retrofit kits. Needless to say....they all failed. NOTHING was sent to the Iraq War those guys touched...but ehhhh... GM’s let itself be neutered ....whatta they care. illegals will fix tha nation...bwahahahahaha... BUY FOREIGN CURRENCY NOW!!!!
  7. GM Lobbyists failed

    GM, this is Pentagon secret but...the Ford pickups used to run up and down the Air Base fllightlines working different projects on aircraft...driving at slow speeds can barely get 6mpg hauling nothing..(restricted to low speed so overdrive transmission means squat)...and the made in China Ford rubber floormats on these cheap base models wont last 12 months. The contracted maintenance says its because of the jetfuel on our boots ate the Ford rubber floor mats up.but we work air cargo... no exposure to jetfuel. This was of course a few years ago..Ford may have upgraded to Malaysia for manufacturing.... Ha!
  8. GM Lobbyists failed

    If you say its about saving money yer wrong. Opal (General Motors Europe) offered to give the military 100% free cars PLUS FREE SERVICE for its police force in the mid 90’s in Europe in exchange for a television commercial supporting their product. Pentagon said no. Policy of Pentagon, cant support a Company publicly. .......low and behold...the loophole. Leasing. Taxpayers are stupid bunch....easy to rob. Now...nobody will buy those .Gov lease returns knowing they got no regular maintenance..guess what happens to them all? Federal Debts gettin bigger boyz...
  9. GM Lobbyists failed

    Anybody remember back in the day when you could buy military surplus GM trucks from DRMO dirt cheap? (ex military). The contractor selling the military surplus-waste hasnt had crap for sale for quite awhile. A really long time. Nationwide. Why didn’t GM fight the Pentagon wanting to switch to “Leased DoD vehicles”? It wasnt cheaper. Now if America wants a military police car or truck for a fire Department...it gets leased..plus the .GOV pays to have it marked-painted...and pays again to have it alllll removed before it goes back to the lease...ahem...Senators funding private companies to build ‘military housing’ and pocketing millions...guess whats happening? Same has been happening to fleet vehicles. No more painting military markings on truck doors for quite a few years...the retired General with the contract for Government license plates started charging yearly for ahem....new annual plates.... Why do you think GM shut its mouth and let the Pentagon switch to leasing to rob us blind??
  10. My thoughts on vehicle ownership... We never had to give away money for car insurance. If you put a bond up to your State Treasurer they would stamp a paper saying it is your insurance. So when you got old you could cash your own bond and get your own money back if you never had a claim. I know...I’m a Debbie Downer to the party....but its true.
  11. Blown rear main seal

    Elite Engineering will get dragged out like Saddam, Kadafi, or Julian Assange. ’Merica been fining other countries Billions for their “pollutin” cars....they will get Arkancided exactly how the DoD contracter ended up dead after his contracts to inspect the deep ocean chemical weapons dumpsites. Was last seen carryin his shoe...ramblin nonsense before he was found dead in a dumpster. Right before he was supposed to submit his report to Congress. That’s an easy Arkancide to confirm..Record of Congress. No Report submitted...Congress paid for it...Hillary an Barry Soetoro. He was a vindictive Ball Player.
  12. Blown rear main seal

    Such a study would show GM’s PCV Emission system is not working with Zero weight oil. (pcv valve supposed to suck in and valve cover hoses by Patent and EPA are only supposed to provide fresh air to crankcase. A backwards workin PCV system aint a emission device if its feeding oil into your intake which retards timing from KNOCK sensor and pollutes more. No lawyer who doesnt want to get Arkancided will ever touch it. There WILL BE NO STUDY. Ever.
  13. Chinese posts

    If you want to see something worse watch the Youtube videos on the Tao Motors Raptor 200 atv that just reached America for sale for $1600. Things roll over worse than 3 wheelers. Gonna kill alot of kids. Guys driving it cant idle it in a circle without 2 wheels coming off the ground. Must be a Trump deal with the Chinese. Don’t buy your kids one.
  14. I didnt like my 2014 Ford F150 because it had Microsoft...wouldnt play my music. Yada yada copyright protection. Toyota played it. Some 20’s girl I was datin spiked my drinks trying to get me in her pants ....and I ended up jumping that F-150 over a berm blowing all 4 tires (factory low pro) and leading to Five-0 putting me in hand cuffs and a couple nights in the slammer. Wouldnt buy another truck with thin sidewall tires..yo

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