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  1. Just do a “whois” search to see who owns this site. A High School principal. This business employs his son with a ..ahem..a vast criminal record...as well as that poor guy paid $30k a year to write articles here. Site employs 3 people. They have peeked my interest as they have no humor...adios
  2. You Canadian priks. You get a recall when Americans dont. Damn chinese parts killin us both.
  3. Wow. You have a good lifeline in that palm. Have you ever had it read? Only 2 littles hickups to overcome in your life, very minor.
  4. One guy tore his electric power steering unit apart and found it had a belt in it like a vacuum cleaner. I have no idea how you would fix a squeak in that.
  5. Ask Melling. They make the lifters. They say allllllll the failures are from oil pressure dropping below....read: https://www.melling.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Melling-tech-bulletin-on-GM-LS-Deactivation-Lifter-Issues-3.1.18-1.pdf
  6. I am calling shenanigans until you post a link where someone sells 6” front strut spacers. Ohhh Rick u got me...resurrected this old turd
  7. put it on Youtube and link it here so we can hear it. Your link does not work
  8. It was a stretch for the Airraid intake tube meant for a 2016...onto my 2016. It was short. Still holding together
  9. I get over 19mpg with a performance tune, Zone body lift, 2” leveling kit to raise the front, front air dam sawzalled in half..and V4 disabled. Computer lies and says I get 16mpg. Tire size is stock but a different brand. Don’t trust the computer. It lies, Speed signs along highway match dash display.
  10. GM 6.2’s were dying then on Europe diesel. Too dry. Would only restart if you poured cold water on the injection pumps. Pretty much neutered DoD...lucky we didn’t have a war then. Mechanics fix was 10 weight oil in the fuel tank. GM had NO FIX
  11. Don’t tell anybody but I loved Germany. McDonalds drive thru served beer. Doing 110mph on the autobahn and proud of myself...passed by a little old lady in a Volkswagon. First GM 6.5L Turbo truck hit Germany...my shop truck. I get called to service a truck...CRUISED at 110 with her for an hour on the Autobahn. Fixed the truck hauling bombs. 110mph back for an hour. BLEW every single gasket on the motor. KILLED IT. First GM 6.5 Turbo in Europe....hahahaha Air Force motha foka s
  12. I don’t know who is buying them. Visited a line on a factory floor last week and saw robots driving forklifts and thought how that will hurt the market. I do not believe there has been any increase in sales. I’d bet money on it.
  13. Italy is poor and will crash their car into you for insurance money if they know you are American. France, my god. I do not know how they are a nuclear superpower. Women are dirty, they have open warehouses with birds flying around and poopin on stuff for their “walmarts” selling things. Plus you have to pay some guy in a toll booth every mile you drive. I hated France. Spain...nude beaches. Women there shower and shave. Clean and cook to. But yeah...noses are high. Top pick to not get sick, stabbed, or poisoned as a tourist. Your safest bet. May I recommend the cheapest European destination...Amsterdam....could never go there. job in Europe was a drug tested job. Cheech an Chong vacation..heck yeah.
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