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  1. GM sent Truck owners a letter in May saying they know then Vacuum Pumps are failing, and that if it fails your Truck still meets Federal Requirements for brakes. Just got my FOIA request from NHTSA. Regulation says nope..Power Brakes are NOT a Federal Requirement: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=3e541919bea21da8cad5d4b8a7c5eb9f&mc=true&node=se49.6.571_1105&rgn=div8 But interestingly...the Federal Regulations DO say...Parking Brakes have to be mechanical. Guess GM forgot to get that regulation changed??
  2. Camaro and Corvette banned in European Union

    Ferrari gets a whopping 12mpg and is not banned.
  3. Worst day ever

    There’s much, much more to this story. Palau uses fish and plant toxins to poison you off and it can not be detected. China has been kicking butt using them against the US. Drug trade between China..Palau...ohhh they got them hooked. WW3 is NOT in our favor. We are about to have a National “Worse Day Ever” in the Pacific.
  4. Worst day ever

    Buy plants at NEX 2 on Guam an help the Navy support my out of wedlock kids... Divorce Judge was also Guam Army Guard Judge. Heard the daughter testify she does not have my blood. Prick still made me pay support. Got 2 more blessed years of punishment for other mens fun. He knew they’d never find the real daddies. Ever have a Flag Officer kill himself during your divorce and require a US Ambassador to visit a foreign country?
  5. Worst day ever

    My worst day ever was the wife crashing my new Charger and thinking crap..what if the kids need blood? Took them to the Doc to get blood tested...and found out...1 did not have my blood. That Divorce cost me half a mil....Involved NCIS going after Palau...Palau Supreme Court...Palau Senate President almost dropping dead and losing his political career...the State Department....US Ambassador sent to Palau to reassure we are still Allies....and Colonel Whelan of the 36th Mission Support Group, Andersen AFB Guam ate a bullet during my divorce when his wife found out he was boinkin my wife....To smooth things out she now has a Navy Contract to keep them voting for us at UN.. I swim like a fish in Liquor...but “Worse Day Ever”...Op is faaaar from. Shoulda divorced her when I came back from war in 2001 an caught her with another guy. Figured daughter was mine..man up. Then 13 yrs later...ohhhhh....daughter aint mine....That’s a worse day ever. Half a frekin mil. Kinda made me crazy.
  6. Spoiler or not... You will pop fuses and lose camper/boat tail lights when driving on the highway during rain as the plugs on the frame near the rear bumper short out and pop your fuses. We tried dielectric grease on those plugs and STILL popping fuses on the highway towing in the rain. Keep Spare fuses if you tow. 20 amp micro’s.
  7. I think you hold down the “Tow-Haul” button for 7 seconds to disable “Grade Braking” and stop the downshifting issue.
  8. Yes, the GM Bulletin says to only replace the bad side of the block. The lifter maker got mad at these lifters they make being sent back to them for warranty and released this: https://www.melling.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Melling-tech-bulletin-on-GM-LS-Deactivation-Lifter-Issues-3.1.18-1.pdf Blaming GM. Just a FYI, problem can happen again.
  9. It turns itself off when you stop. It reduces power to run Regen to clean the clogged CAT from the stop and starts that are plugging it up. You have to pass your exit on the highway and keep driving until Regen stops. Read the Equinox Diesel forums. It will use 0w20 oil and have a greater chance of engine runaway with the key off. With the engine sucking in oil from a turbo seal, as its fuel source til it goes boom. Currently only Fiat has a diesel in Italy running on 0w20 oil. I think that oil is a bad idea for a diesel engine that can run on its own oil, if a turbo seal goes bad. Achilles heal.
  10. Leveling Kit Gone Bad?

  11. https://youtube.com/watch?v=cwAmoPHnxG8 Ground wire by the windshield pillar. Factory shrink wrap blocking a good connection.
  12. Contact this lawfirm if you had brake failure and your vacuum pump replaced. Very few file NHTSA complaints and the Federal Class Action lawyer has no idea how big this issue really is. The Lawfirm is suing for Full Buy Back. https://www.corywatson.com/about-us/news/ca-couple-files-faulty-brakes-lawsuit-against-general-motors/
  13. Here it is: https://www.classaction.org/media/francis-et-al-v-general-motors-llc.pdf
  14. Universal Remote System

    Delete code from truck so it can not open garage. Buy this: https://bluemate.com/ $50.
  15. Worst day ever

    A replacement wheel can be found from a salvage yard scratch free and cheaper than GM prices.

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